I have had wonderful pets. Each one with it’s own quirks and personality. I’ve taken them everywhere, nurtured them through illness and woken through the middle of the night to relieve tiny bladders. I’ve given them nicknames, told stories about their escapades to other pet lovers. I even sent videos of them being furry and adorable to my husband while he was out of town. They were my little family and I was their loving owner.

But…I was NOT their MOM.

I am a mom now. As in real humans with real dependency on me. So when I’m trolling Instagram and I see you posting pictures of your pet, which you’ve given both a middle and last name, napping on your lap with the hashtag #momlife I need to break the news to you. The minute you used those words you surrendered your ‘Totally Sane And Not A Crazy Cat Lady’ card to claim maternity status of an animal.

Because pets are not kids. You are not a mom if you have pets. You are a pet owner.

It is a modern trend that we crossed the line from ‘animal lover’ and ‘pet owner’ into ‘pet mom’ with ‘fur babies’. The Pet Moms have allowed for a new lucrative market of clothing, strollers, spas, exercise equipment and even entertainment for their four legged family members. I can see how the jump is quickly made when you are elevating your pet to human status, using all your maternal instincts to nurture them and spending all your time and money to give them the best.  However, pets weren’t “kids” forty years ago and they still aren’t today.

In some ways having a pet is like having a kid. Sure, sometimes we put our kids in pens, throw some snacks at them and yell one-word commands while they feign obedience. I’ll admit that sometimes my kid’s ‘tricks’ are rewarded with treats. I’d be lying if I said I never played fetch with a toddler. But I can’t strap my kids to a run in the backyard and leave them a dish of water and food for the day. I can’t feed my children the same thing for every meal of every day without a pint-sized mutiny. I can’t have full blown happy hour on the porch while my kids lounge in the kiddie pool contently gnawing on a bone. I can’t put them on a leash in public places and rub their nose in accidents, at least not without some major questioning of my parental abilities.

Even if I would like to do some of these things, a pet may be treated as a surrogate child but a child can never be treated as the opposite. Simply because the two are not the same.

Pets don’t come with curfew enforcement, mending tiny broken hearts and tutoring homework. Pets don’t yell that they hate you and make you question all the so-called necessary parental nagging on responsibility and wise life decisions. Pets don’t talk back, steal your iPad or complain that ‘Bingo’s Mom lets him do whatever he wants’ while slamming shut their doggy door.

So you keep taking pictures of your adorable labro-cock-doddle-hoo with some monogrammed iced collar. Share videos of their first stroller ride to the doggy amusement park.  Cuddle them, nurture them, set up playdates and know that this pet is fortunate to have such a great owner.

However, unless your ovaries grow fur, and you sprout a tail Rover is not your child.


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  1. YES!! Thank YOU! We had some friends over this weekend (whom I love immensely) and kept one up’ing our kid stories with their dog stories. I must have rolled my eyes a hundred times.. If they only knew..

    • Get over yourselves blunt moms. Pet
      Parents make many sacrifices on the daily. Pets will slwayalways be Dependant until their last breath. They don’t become ungrateful teenagers whom are ashamed to be seen by their peers or leave to make out with their boyfriends the first chance they get and leave you raising the grandbaby…good luck with that!

      • that’s the best argument you have… that they grow up to be ungrateful teens… lol that’s just sad… I can just tell you don’t have real kids and dogs cats die pretty fast… your dog or cat doesn’t love you it’s not capable of complex emotions… look it up… just cause you feed an animal doesn’t mean it loves you it means it likes you because you feed it… but love you… it will never love you… I’m still laughing about the ungrateful teen comment… be a good real parent and that won’t happen… having a pet does not make you a parent… and the sacral ices that come with a real child make owning a pet a walk in the park… when a child gets sick you can’t just put them to sleep… when your child tells you in their own free will that they love you there is nothing a dog or cat could do that is the same… so agreed not pet parents… pet owner…

          • pet moms ARE real moms and this blog is stupid, the person who wrote this is just butthurt cuz cats and dogs can love and her kids don’t respect her bitchy disrespectful ass.

          • So because someone doesn’t agree with you, you instantly label them a cunt? That’s classy.

          • Ew. This is by the dumbest post ever. Seems that she is a bit insecure with the fact she has been reduced to being nothing more than a “mom” for the rest of her life.

        • I must say, I heard from somewhere that money may buy a fine dog, but only love and affection will make it wag its tail for you. Look at animal shelters. They feed their animals, but do the animals love them? Do those animals even care for them? Those dogs or cats would bolt out first chance and not look back, and not even think about them at night when those people aren’t there. Those animals would rather starve than stay there. I would say that a dog doesn’t love you for food. In fact, I am in college. Out of state. My mother cares for my dog two months at a time. My dog may like her, but when I come home, and haven’t fed him for two months, haven’t even seen him, he is so happy to see me that his little butt wiggles to high heaven, and he doesn’t pay any attention to my mother for a week. Food DOES NOT make an animal love you. Your love and affection and play and friendship is what makes a dog love you. However, I cannot say the same for cats- sorry.

          • Anonymous

            You sound like you were terrible to your animals anyway. Tie them to a run all day? Rub their nose in their mess? I hope your parenting is more up to date with science than your treatment of animals would suggest.

            And what a thing to get wound up about. Is your motherhood mantle so precious to you that you feel threatened by someone else calling themselve Fido’s mom?

          • Anonymous

            Actually animals DO experience complex emotions and dogs are most definitely capable of love. There have been studies on cortisol levels (the SAME bonding hormone that humans have for their human children and children have for them) that BOTH dogs and their humans experience. If you think dogs would just run off – you are dead wrong on that point too. Unless you abuse and mistreat them, dogs are incredibly loyal and have evolved to enjoy and look for human company.

          • Really? Because after my cat was kidnapped, he came straight back home after a whole week, scratching and meowing to be let in. Typical of you to imply that all non-humans are selfish and stupid, despite that being you in reality, not them. You just want to feel smarter, but all you did was decease your IQ. We REAL animal lovers can’t stand fakers like you.

          • This is stupid. Not everyone can have kids. Some of us have tried & had 6 miscarriages. Some of us can’t afford to adopt. Some of us spend our whole lives wanting to be a mom & then we get animals are we become them. Don’t make other people feel like less of a mom. I will love my cat until her last breath, that’s more than A LOT of “real moms” can even say. Giving birth isn’t what’s makes you a mom. Loving another BEING unconditionally and caring for it does.

        • Nobody gives a shit that you sacrificed anything for your kids.. You made them. That’s your job! And you are truly one of the most dumbest idiots on earth. Dogs do have complex emotions. You must be one of those that believes everything the internet says. Because my two Fur children LOVE me. They both get in my lap and lay their heads against my chest begging for me to love on them. They both greet me with a shining teethy grin when I get home from work. News flash, having Human children does not make you a parent. It just means that you chose to have one. You want a fucking reward? Too bad. You are just another one lost in the crowd.. And believe me when i say that nobody cares. TRULY. Nobody does. Your kids will be added to the millions of others. I take care of my Fur children better than alot of Human Parents. My babies tell me they love me every single day. Actions speak louder than words sweet heart. So when you post pictures of little billy on facebook, know that nobody really cares about the little shit. LOL because people see in your kid what every other kid is. Just a another kid.

          • Anonoymous

            Enjoy your 7 to 14 years or “parenthood”….

          • Anonymous

            why are people so fucking ignorant? if you have a dog you are a pet owner not a fucking parent!

          • Anonymous

            You’re absolutely fucking right that we made them and it’s our job. You CHOOSE your PETS and therefore, caring for them is your job as an owner. You are not a mother. Get over yourself retard.

          • actual mom

            Something tells me you wanted kids but either no man wanted you or your parts don’t work. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid dog. It is not a child, except in your own damaged mind.

          • RealParent

            So I guess your idea of being a “parent” is putting bowls of dry kibble and water on the floor every day ? They might great you every day because you left them all by themselves to lick their balls and guess what after they wag their tail a couple of times they will go back to licking their hairy balls. I don’t need a reward of any kind, but honey nothing you can do with a dog makes you a parent of any kind. You are and always be a pet owner. Legally they are your property you paid money for, just like anything else in your house. Nothing more, nothing less. Make sure the bowls on the floor are full or Fido might bight you….

          • All of this has got out of hand. I do not have any children. No i cannot have any children. i was adopted, so i do know how that process goes. Mine did not turn out so well, but that another story. i can say this. No im not a mom, i have seen the struggles, the homework, the ball games, bullying, all that from my nieces. I dont know how they do it. it a lot of work, but rewarding work. Everyone is going to have a option about this and thats fine we are all entitled to that, it is america. Think about the women that cant have children, cant afford to adopted so they have animals and they give them all the love they can. whats wrong with that? no you cant compare a mom to a pet owner or what we see as pet moms. You have to realize though that there are several moms out there that gave birth to a beautiful baby and are not moms. These women are not there for the, they dont teach them right and wrong or there for the cuts the bruises, all the good or the bad times. so really these women are not moms yes they gave birth but they have not been their fro their child through thick and thin. As a pet owner we do have to teach pets right and wrong. Not its not the same as an actual human and we know that. But my 3 dogs are my kids because thats all i can have. if we say these things, terrible things about how people feel because we dont know what they are dealing with then doenst that make you a bully? isnt that somthing you wouldnt want to teach your child? so why do we do it to other people about their feeling and beliefs.

        • Proud Pet Parent Reply

          Who do you think you are to talk to people like that…Shame on you there are women out here who could not have kids and they have pets and they have all right to call them their kids…I have seven of them and my life is fulfilled with laughter and unconditional love…I am a proud pet parent

          • Anonymous

            You are a pet owner, to be a parent you need to raise a HUMAN. Does not have to be your own child, as in adoption. Sorry you could not have children, but honestly I am pretty sure it came down to your life decision. You can be as barren as the sahara and adopt. Yes your pet probably bring you a lot of happiness, they help people overcome loneliness, but please don’t delude yourself thinking you are a parent.

          • I am sorry that you are unable to have kids of your own. No one intends to be cruel to you for that. However, NO, your pets are NOT your kids. Until you have to deal with all the things that come with raising humans, like; sleepless nights, nursing, potty training, adhd, lead testing, teacher gifts, bullies at school, heartbreak, troubled friendships, homework, sports, college applications, SATs, drug education, birth control education, smart mouth teens talking back to you after years of sacrifice – you are not their mother…AND when you insist that you are, you are belittling the extreme sacrifice that it takes to be a parent to a human child.

          • @Lacey
            “I think you meant owner”
            No, you idiot. We mean our CHILDREN. My dog is not a lifeless object, therefore I do not own him, nor my cat. With that logic, my mother also owns me and I am her property. You make me sick.

          • Anonymous

            No right to call them children. Not being able to have children means you SHOULD NOT BE A MOTHER. It’s biology. They are NOT children. I have both. I would know sweetheart.

        • This is hilarious. You say to “look it up”, but if you do, it’s proven that your pets can show unconditional love to you. More so than any child. No dogs hate their owners, but many children despise their parents. It’s far easier (and healthier) to have a dog than it is to have a child. (That said, I am a child myself. I have a dog of my own, and he is my entire world.) my views may change as I get older, but not today. I would not be so upset had you not the AUDACITY to say that our pets DON’T LOVE US.

          • Who ever wrote this article is a useless human being. Also fyi stop producing human children. Too many in this world. Entitled first world useless people. Give an animal some love. They reciprocate a thousand fold. Useless human being.

        • You are one of the most ignorant person that I have ever came across…… I have kids, grandkids, and dogs…. we just lost our precious baby, an 11 YO Rottie, that we loved dearly, and yes, she DID love us as well…. she proved it time and time again….. We continue to grieve her passing, more than I have ever grieved for anyone else…. including close friends and both grandparents…. People like you are so mentally confused about reality…. a pathetic excuse for a human being…..

          • actual mom

            Have you had a child die? You could not have. If you did you would see that your dog and your child passing have no comparison whatsoever.

          • Jeff, I know your comment was 2 years ago, but I felt the need to respond regardless if you see this or not. I DID have a child pass away in 2015. He was 11yrs of age. I miss my son greatly, words will never be able to express what I have felt and what I have been through & am still going through daily. Now, having said that, I have a male bombay cat with whom I have grown fond of. After my son passed, my cat was by my side whenever I needed him. I truly believe he helped me through the hell I was going through at the time. He is the most lovable, friendly cat I have ever known & I could tell he sensed something was not right. Since that time, he has become our child’s buddy, as well as ours. He is priceless. I wouldn’t give him to the highest bidder! I also, adopted a Rottweiler and a Corgidor, whom I consider myself their Momma aka Pet Parent and/or Guardian. SO, I completely understand where you are coming from and I am so sorry that you are mourning the loss of your beloved Rottie. I too, have lost a pet and it devastated me. Most of us form a bond with our pets and they become a part of our family. They are so much more than something to look at our protect the home, etc. They are expensive and require a hell of a lot more than just food and water. I have had my Rottie for 9 months and she has already costed me about $5,000. SO TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE ON HERE SAYING THAT WE ARE INSANE, STUPID, DUMB, ETC. FOR CALLING OURSELVES “PET MOMS” SCREW YOU. WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT WE CALL OURSELVES? WHAT HARM IS IT DOING YOU? NONE. IF YOU TRULY LOVED AND CARED FOR A PET THE WAY WE HAVE, YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND. UNLESS, YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF FEELING ANYTHING EXCEPT HATE. GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN DISSECT A MINISCULE NAME. UGH, SUCH A WASTE OF TIME.

        • Fitzacarralda Reply

          ..Yep, they die way before you then you get another “baby” from the dog/cat shelter and your life goes from dog to dog, cat to cat… All this effort, love, expense will never be carried further into the world. A futile act of mindless self-gratification. You don’t really love animals , you castrate them, you deny them what their nature requires them to do, you breed them to make them “cute” even if it makes them sick. You never think that all this effort, time, money could give your child extra tuition, the practice of sport or music, you go to the park and you don’t play with your child, you keep throwing a stick to your dog. He comes back, gives you the stick full of smelly saliva, licks your face, minutes after licking a turd….The dog loves you and that’s wonderful.

          • I’m just gonna say this, look how much strife there is in the comment section! Over an OPINION!! You guys don’t even know one another and because of an opinion that you either agree with or disagree with, suddenly you all are name calling, hurling insults, shaming one another! It’s awful! Can we not state how we feel without calling each other cunts?! I mean, holy crap! I will never understand how this type of platform for expression makes people so hateful toward one another.

        • 100%, no make that 1,000%, agree!! iPad is a pet and will always be just that, a pet. They are not your children. So sick and tired of certain Facebook friends I have say she’s posting pictures of her kids. No they’re not your freaking kids they’re your pets.

        • As a landlord. I hate your pets. I will go out of my way to make sure you can not rent from me. Every pet renter stated how gosh darn perfect their precious dog is?
          Not once has any renter ever stated my dog is an asshole and will shit, puke and piss on your floors. They will never tell me my little asshole will scratch, mark, leave pet hair and a stentch on every bit of your rental home.
          Get a fucking life and wait to own a pet when you own your own home. I have spent over $15,000 in repairs for your stupid pets, That little deposit does not even touch the entire damage. After you and your little asshole moves out it takes 20 to 30 days to fix it all and that is lost rent we can not get. How can you replace doors, carpets, heat and vent systems and not to mention the destruction to the landscape in a few days?
          Anyone who is just out of school and gets a pet should have their fucking head examined. Dogs are social animals and working 8 hours a day plus commute can leave your pet alone and miserable. And nobody cares about your four legged shitting, barking and pissing machine. Your life will be altered to the point your entire life will be around this barking asshole. Events. travel, and just your free time will be dictated by this 15 year barking, shitting, pissing four legged fur baby. You will be intimately involved in every bowel movement for the next 15 years? WTF?
          Grow up and understand you think your pet loves you but you are an asshole for owning a pet right out of college and does not own a home .

          Oh and for those pretending to have a support animal when they ate not? All you that claim it’s a support dog and it’s not are the worst of all. You give a bad name for support pets and do harm to those that really have the real support animal. Fyi we are on to your false claims. You can not leave a support dog alone …ever! Fed up with fury assholes.

      • How is then, that you have worked for this designation? #havefunwiththat #dogsarenotpeoplestoptryingtosaytheyare #ihaveadogchildand3humanchildrenanditstotallyeffingdifferent

      • Pet *OWNERS. you mean pet owners because you didn’t carry you dog for nine months and push him out. Props for taking good care of your dog but you aren’t a parent.

        • So only people who birth children are parents? I’m not a parent because I adopted my child? No.

          • You’re argument is not logical. You are the mother of a human therefore an actual mother.

        • Enlighten me, you moo, how what you said does not apply to adopted children as well?

          • OutsideTheCity

            When you get a cat or a dog from a shelter, you either buy it or it is given to you after you fill out a few forms and have a half-hour chat with some summer student shelter worker. You cannot buy a human being legally. An adoption when referring to human beings in most cases involves interviews, several meetings with the child beforehand, psychological screening sometimes of both the parent(s) and child, criminal records checks, investigations from Child Services and a lifetime commitment with the assumption that your kid will live a lot longer than a pet will. So no, adopting a cat or a dog, and adopting a human being, is definitely not the same thing. If you like pets and want to view yourself as the pet’s “mom” I guess that’s your own business, but there is a huge difference between a human being with a complex personality, appearance, memory and set of emotions, and a dog.

        • By that definition apodted children are not your real children? You can be their real mom because you never carried them inside you for 9 months? I’m not saying people should pretend that their pet is a chold, I’m merely saying the definition of mom is not simply based on carrying someone inside you. And all of you who are using THAT as a argument point well your argument is now completely void.

          • Okay so you say that ypu can not just fill out a form and get a child that is crap i have had my son for 7 months hus entire life i just filled out paperwork today to make sure he stays home with me wtf is wrong these people anyone can have a kid but not everyone can be a mom when ypu have a pet you chose to take on that responsibility making ypu more of a parent that more then half these women who are having drug babies and walking away letting strangers raise them or leaving them with the neighbor for weeks in end sober peoples children i tell you

          • If you want to compare adopting a pet to adopting a dog, why don’t we go for real examples?

            For instance, when you adopted your child had they been surgically sterilized as a matter of course? Or if they weren’t, were you expected to decide on your child’s reproductive future during its infancy?

            Was the child you adopted removed from it’s birth mother as soon as it was weaned for absolutely no other reason than to sell it to you?

            What would the legal repercussions be if you were to abandon that child you adopted at a shelter because it had a behavior problem, nasty skin condition, or if you had to move and bringing them with you would be financially inconvenient or even impossible?

            The actions of a responsible pet owner in these regards would be considered child abuse. Not to mentions the responsible containment and control we exert over our pets throughout their entire lives. That the lifelong imprisonment our pets endure is pretty much okay with them should be a huge indicator of how different they are to human children.

            So, no. Adopting a pet is not the same as adopting a child at all. When you adopted a child, you are their mother for the rest of both of your lives. When you adopted a dog, you own that dog until you don’t anymore.

        • Wow, I’m having so much trouble deciding whether you’re an actual mom, or the kid. I know it’s neither,though. You, Amber, are an ignorant idiot. I can only quote in saying that “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” You’ve just suggested that everyone who did not push a child out of themselves, is a child “owner.” God forbid their is any man on this planet who has to call himself your husband, but if you do have one, according to you, he is your child’s “owner.” All those sterile women, who can’t help but not be able to have a child, they will never be moms, just child “owners.” “Oh you’ve adopted? Well according to an idiot’s logic, you are not a mom, you’re a child “owner.” I would say a lot more, but for the sake of the poor child that has to share genes with you, to never have to find out how much of an idiot their mother is, I’ll stop here. I’ve decided that you must be a woman with raging hormones, has never had a dog, just gave birth, is high off the feeling that childbirth means what you have just done, is harder than anything else in the world, and has postpartum depression that makes you feel like a special snowflake. May your child and nonexistent husband feel the sweet relief of death soon, because one thing is certain. They won’t have to be near you when you burn in hell.

          • Anonymous

            This was a horrible comment. None of that was necessary.

          • Vif you adopted a Human child then u r a mother. But Dogs are NOT human.

          • To the above anonymous commenter, you are hilarious. Well said! “everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it” aaaaaahahahahaha omg so funny, so true. I love u!! Hahahahahaha that was so awesome I really LOL’d!! So thank you.

          • Animal lovers

            Hello after reading your negative uneducated comments you definitely need a psychiatrist so please seek help at the mental institution. I also feel terribly sorry for your pets if you’re a pet owner.

        • Proud Dog Mom Reply

          You think just because Dog Moms don’t give BIRTH to our furbabies that we’re not parents? What about people whose bodies cannot withstand the process of being pregnant and have to adopt; are you saying that they aren’t parents because they didn’t give BIRTH to those kids?

          No, we didn’t make our furbabies, but we are responsible for them just as much as you are with your children:
          1) we take our furbabies to the vet when they’re sick; you take your children to a doctor
          2) we teach our how to behave through obedience classes; you enroll them in school
          3) we discipline them by REWARDING POSITIVE ACTS; you encourage yours to be

          and FIY: pushing an pet’s face in their mess is ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR–IT’S ANIMAL AB– USE and if you’d done that with your pets; they should have been taken away from you. You don’t don’t do that with your kids; than you DON’T do wit with your pets because that is A CRIME!).

          Our payout though: they are loyal, they are loving and they are respectful towards us.

          Unlike some self-centered children who’re disrespectful towards anyone they come across and who are entitled and ungrateful for what their parents done for them.

          You are a MOM because you chose to nurture HUMANS.

          We are a MOM because we chose nurture our ANIMALS.

          If you could remove your lips from your own parents asses, you could do research and find that there are so many cases of feral children who are LOOKED AFTER BY ANIMALS BECA– USE HUMANS DON’T DO IT. If you did research, you would find numerous facts that state that animals shore more compassion and understand than HUMANS EVER WILL IN THEIR LIFETIME. Being able to look after and love something has NOTHING TO DO WITH SPECIES!


          • Well said hun. Some ppl are just plain ignorant and rude. And guess because I cannot have a human child that I am what not a real woman same as those ignoramus ppl say we are not real moms because we are #FurbabyMoms. I think they need to get that stick they have up their a$$ removed and don’t fall too hard when they come off your #I’mArealMom high horse. And pets do lovery have unconditional love are loyal and protect. And some even take bullet for us.

          • Thank you! I have saved all my fur/scale babies from being killed. I took on the responsibility to love and care for them when no one else would. I feed them, house them, bathe them, clean up after them, teach them, love them and show them just how important they are. Just like what is done to Human children. Yes I may not get attitude or backtalking that’s a bonus. My animals give love they understand. When putting your kids in day care you look for the best one and only trust your human kids with certain people we do the same with our fur babies. I don’t trust just anyone with them.
            We are women why are we putting each other down so much. So everyone has a different view on being a ‘mom’ why not imbrase that person’s views? You’re an amazing woman for pushing your human baby out. You’re an amazing woman for adopting a child and raising it as your own. You are an amazing woman for saving an animals life and proving the care it needs.

          • Yes!! Well said @proud dog mom, ?well said. I absolutely agree

          • Another Proud Dog Mom

            Well put. I thoroughly enjoyed your response.

            I have a child and he is a young adult now. I have a 5 month old furson now. My feelings, having raised a human and now a pet, are no different.

          • Anonymous

            Please do not compare owning animals to having children. That undermines that our role as mothers and nurturers.

          • actual mom


        • Huh I guess that my parents are my ‘owners’ now. Seeing as my mother sure as hell didn’t give birth to me. #AdoptedKid

        • Just because you have a messed up vagina doesn’t make you any more of a care taker. What happens when your kids turn into adults and you no longer need to care for them? Yet a pet MOM needs to care for her dog through ALL STAGES of its life? Bet your kids end up overdosing on drugs with such a screwed up mother like yourself

        • So tell me about adoption… please. I’d love to hear your opinion ? #piece of work

        • Oh lord. There is a huge difference between an owner and a pet parent. First of all, the example you are using is horrible. Since the father didn’t push the child out of his nether area, he isn’t the father. The father of your child did not carry it for nine months either but he is (possibly) still considered a parent? Don’t be ignorant just because you are offended that some people like dogs and cats better than some loud, painful, ugly, babies.

        • Lmao @amber yes we didn’t , but our dogs won’t kill us for life insurances. There are many kids who did

        • I’m a better pet mum then half the mum’s with their kids. My pets behave in public are well loved and looked after. I suffer from depression and my house rabbit picks up on it, he sits with me with his head on my lap until I stop crying, animals do have feelings and can pick up on people’s. Your ignorance is laughable. Regardless of how you feel about it I am a mum to a gorgeous non judgemental cute little furball, who I would choose to be around all day everyday unlike some people’s kids that are just horrible

        • So couples who physical and biologically CAN’T have children because their bodies aren’t built for it for whatever reason, want to adopt a child…that couple are now that child’s owner?

          Wow, go back to your kitchen where you belong! Or better yet, go be a breeder and push out another entitled crotch goblin!

      • sounds like someone is bitter, but shes right your not a MOM to a pet , you are a PET OWNER. You may love them like a child but they are NOT YOUR CHILDREN.

        • *you’re
          I’m “just a pet mom,” but at least I know how to use proper grammar. Bitches.

        • I hate the term “owner” – it’s disrespectful to the animal who most definitely experiences complex emotions and consciousness. Humans can be so ignorant, arrogant and anthropocentric. Please, before you judge – at least do some research and know what you’re talking about. Even worse if you’re teaching your kids to be this ignorant too.

        • why the fuck are you so mad over a goddamn title? as if calling someone a pet mom is actually going to hurt somebody.

      • You’re a loser. A mom is someone who takes care of a child, a human and has birthed a human. You’re not a mom. You’re a pet owner.

        • Proud Dog Mom Reply

          What about people who CAN’T HAVE children and have to adopt? They ‘re not moms because they didn’t push that push that child through their bodies?

          • I just wanted to jump in and say that as someone who is only 26 and is completely sterile I wasn’t at all offended by what she’d said.

            In fact, I was more offended that you’d use someone like me to justify your bonkers beliefs…

            Pets aren’t children. A mother or father would sacrifice themselves to save their children if they had to. Honestly, would you jump in front of bullet for your pet? Laying there in agony as the light leaves your eyes and you face eternal darkness? If you would, I’d say “get help”.

          • ACTUAL MOM

            That is not why you are not your dog’s mom….it’ s because its a animal and you (probably) are not.

      • Pet Owners not Pet Parents Reply

        Seriously? You cannot be a pet parent, PERIOD. Your non-human pet has parents, and they are the same species as your pet. Please accept that because it’s the truth. The term “pet parent” is a poke in the ribs, a wink of the eye and nothing more. Chances are, your “dependent” pet would fare just fine hunting for it’s food and finding water, or even finding another human willing to feed it and allow it into their home. You cannot argue the facts of the matter with ANYTHING. If you truly believe your pet needs you as much as you need to have it’s companionship and love, then you are the one who is dependent. Cat owners learn this, and cats will keep you grounded in the reality that you are the pet’s companion as much as it is your companion. It does not see you as a parent.

        Is this a dog thing only? I think it is. And it seems to be mostly women who fall into this trap.

        • Animal lovers Reply

          puppies were taken away from their biological doggy parents so that antisocial people can buy them and raised them to provide them with emotional support and companionship. If you think about it, the animal actually own them because they have to pick up their doggy shit for the rest of their doggy lives.

      • On the flip side, by the time they ARE teenagers, your pets are already dead or close to dying. Your REAL kids are getting ready to leave the nest and lead their own lives, if you’ve raised them right.

        • What an unnecessarily cruel thing to say. Maybe when your kids leave home, they’ll never want to speak to you again because you’re so nasty.

          • Animal lovers

            What a brilliant respond let me just put you down and make me a bigger person. You will have to adopt/buy your dogs every 10-15 years that’s if you’re a good owner. But sorry doesn’t sound like you are one!

      • Perfectly put! Sounds just like a jealous bitch that regrets having kids instead of pets herself, why else troll pet moms’ pages and pictures and feel the need to write this article, just another jealous bitch with ugly stretch marks 🙂

      • I feel sorry for you pets and children. You clearly should not have made the CHOICE to become a mother if that’s how you truly feel and if that’s how you treat your animals (I.e. rubbing it’s nose in accidents) you should NOT be a pet owner. You disgust me.

      • Please, someone steals your dog…you are sad for a few days and you get a new dog…someone steals your child and you shattered for the rest of your life.
        Your dog dies…you grieve and get a new dog…your child dies and piece of you does with that child…Dog nuts…

        • My dog was stolen a few years ago and I still grieve and I have not gotten a new dog. She was family and a piece of me went with her. Your comment was dismissive and callous.

      • I’m both sweetheart. I have five pets and a child. My five pets are so much easier. Get over yourself. You ARE NOT a parent. I am. To my ONE childZ love my pets too though.

      • This is incredibly ungracious. Why is it a problem for you that some ladies see themselves as dog-moms? Why is that worthy of a blog? Pets are all that some people have/can have….particularly those advancing in age. Maybe you ought to look inward at why you lack empathy and stop criticizing people for filling their hearts with the love of animals. This article is sickeningly unkind.

      • a REAL mom Reply

        CLEARLY you are one of those “dog moms” she is talking about in her blog hahahaha
        Triggered just a wee bit are ya 🤣🤣🤣
        I got news for ya sweetie….. You are NOT a “real” mother pffffff A little scruffy that you claim to have to make sacrifices for don’t need you THAT much!!!!
        You can put his ass in a crate and leave him for 8 hours out of the day with or without a chew toy and he will be just fine! I bet you are one of those who get on social media every 4th of July complaining about your neighbors fireworks and how scared of them scruffy is, so how’s about everybody just stop and go shoot them off some where else because your life existence purely revolves around “scruffy” so everybody needs to respect that or you will start calling the police whom you also complain about constantly hahahaha
        Pet parents make sacrifices too 🤣🤣🤣
        What sacrifices????!!!!!
        Not spending the extra cash on name brand cereal because you need to buy your pooch name brand soft dog food bahahahaha
        Oh and btw Id rather deal with a disrespectful teenager ANYDAY than a damn some little sooner dog who shits all over the floor and pisses on the couch because it never really got fully house trained
        What a clown hahahaha

    • You can say things Reply

      To your so called friends their dog is their world and to you your child is yours. no need for the eye rolling.

      • I hate stupid people like you who feel like they’re better than people who don’t have children. News flash!!! Anyone can have sex and reproduce. Even the most ignorant humans can do that… It’s no big achievement.

        • Pet Owners not Pet Parents Reply

          Perhaps but it’s normal. People who have dogs and think they are parents and that their dogs are children are not normal, sorry. They are pathetic.

          • KristiMac

            Really, ’cause I’d say it’s “pathetic” that you’re apparently incapable of experiencing the supreme adoration of a non-human animal. It’s also pathetic to police people’s emotions when they have no negative impact on your life or anyone else’s… Or did your parents neglect you in favor of their other, smarter, kinder non-human child?

          • Anonymous

            Not “normal” – I think you mean not “average” – as in boring, unoriginal, like everyone else. You must have a very narrow view of the world to use terms like “normal” and think somehow your way of seeing things should apply to other people.

          • Anonymous

            First of all, people can refer to themselves as whatever they want. Why is “Pet parent,” a term that pisses you off? You seem to be wasting a lot of negative energy being mad about it and should find something else to focus on. Secondly, you “Pet Owners not Pet Parents,” are the pathetic one for having the mindset that people who consider a dog, cat, etc. a member of the family is abnormal. Would you treat a living thing with any less than the utmost care and responsibility It deserves? If you care for a living being, especially one you share a home with, you treat it as a family member. Thus, treating your dog as you would treat your child is not abnormal, it’s EXPECTED, and if you do not care for an animal the way you would care for a child you shouldn’t have one. Lastly, what is “abnormal” are people who get so worked up over others who are dog moms and cat dads, horse grandparents (make no mistake, a racehorse is worth much more than your child and is probably better taken care of than your child is.) in conclusion, if you are lucky your kid will fall in love with a partner who treats animals that well; it’s a sign that the person is loving, compassionate, and shows how they will treat their human partner, human children, and animal children in the future.

      • Why the hate? If my dtr in law finds comfort in labeling herself as her dog’s mom so be it. She has had miscarriages and a tubal pregnancy in trying to have a baby.

    • Maybe they don’t want to hear constant stories about your brat. Did you ever think of that?

      • And why are you assuming the child is a “brat”? Nobody said your dog or cat is a horrible creature. It’s always the pet owners throwing insults at the real parents’ children. We aren’t criticizing your pets; we KNOW you adore them. But they are not KIDS!

        • YES THEY ARENT KIDS YOU ARENT PARENTS. THEY ARE PETS YOU ARE OWNERS WAKE UP. I slept in my car for months to keep my dog I know what it’s like to unconditionally love an animals but I also have two children and know that it was still a whole world easier

        • So what? Nobody is messing with your motherhood, why do you have to screw everyone else who believes in nurturing a pet. Live and let live. Not everyone can conceive, what an ungrateful b… you are. At least people are helping animals who are in shelters waiting to be killed. What have you done to make this World a better place? Shut up!!!!

        • They aren’t kids. Ever get stuck in a car with children with disabilities that can’t control themselves? Yeah.

      • YES. Well said.
        I hate children. And “human-children” moms. Complete waste of oxygen. I hate ’em and I actually hate pregnant women even more. They completely disgust me. I actually tell most pregnant women straight up that they do not have “that beautiful glow” everyone tells them they have. No, that’s just what people say to make them feel less like a fucking balloon. I’m just honest to them and tell them that their belly looks disgusting and stretched out and that this is the moment that life goes downhill for ’em. That they will never get their figure back – but shitty children in return.
        Didn’t happen when I got a dog!

        I love it when pregnant women and “oh-so sassy” ‘blunt’ moms get upset about this because we all know its only because this is the truth.
        The more pissed they get, the happier it makes me!
        Come on, now give me your best shot fatso’s! Tell me just how much ‘better’ your ungrateful little new-pooped potato is compared to my adorable pup. Everyone loves kittens and puppies. Everyone hates your ugly reproduction yelling in the supermarket. Even you often enough hate it.
        Tell me! Come on! It’ll just make my day! 😀

        • Let’s be real. You never said that to a pregnant women in your life. Easy to type it on the internet but in person you would be to scared. And yes I would love to say this to you in person.

          • I have, actually. She was a homewrecker looking for her meal ticket. Not into the sock boobs, loose vaginas, or muffin tops. Certainly not interested in paying for her next little sperm donation when she already had kids from more than one guy. Reckless skank.

        • The above commenter is indicitive of the monstrous distortions taking place in regards to pet ownership. It’s why they give dogs to people as therapy: some people need additional assistance to function. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong in needing to hate other people who can function normally. There are normal pet owners. Then there are these people. They cannot stomach criticism. They are unable to see other human beings as equally as sacred as themselves. They are entitled, comfortable, narcissistic, and looking to get in a fight. They genuinely cannot bear that anyone else out there thinks differently than them. Maybe the reason they hate parenthood so much is their own parents did a pretty horrific job. Understandable cause, but at this point it’s time to grow up and stop being such petty, spoiled brats, and projecting that hatred onto other children.

          • Heather L Mims

            My dog was stolen a few years ago and I still grieve and I have not gotten a new dog. She was family and a piece of me went with her. Your comment was dismissive and callous.

        • You “animal” lovers are freakin delusional. They ain’t children. They will eat your dead rotting corpse in certain cases and some will eat you alive. They are animals.

          • Don’t condemn dog moms

            Yeah, or they’ll stay guarding your grave for the rest of their damn lives. I haven’t heard of a story of a pet eating/killing/hurting a kind owner, but there are a shitload of stories about them giving their lives to protect them. Would your child do that? Would they give their life to protect you? I thought not.

          • So do people like Jeffrey Dahmer and serial killers lol. Let’s thank their mother’s for having such monsters.

        • Yeeeaaaah, well just go ahead and say that to your mom, i’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Or…did you forget that you were once one of those “ugly reproductions” as you called them? What kind of inconsiderate jerk just hates mothers? We…kind of need them to exist as a species, which also includes dogs as well. Did you just oh so conveniently forget that just in general, reproduction is necessary for a species to exist and continue existing? If it weren’t for pregnancy, you wouldn’t exist, dogs wouldn’t exist, cats wouldn’t either, and so on and so forth. Honestly, if i were your mom, i’d be ready to beat your ungrateful ass to the moon and back.

          • My mother was trash.

            Lady, why would anyone care about your choice to have kids or life? Are you a stay at home mom that doesn’t get enough validation from your husband?

        • You were a child once that got on everyone’s damn nerves. What makes you better or any different than the next? Did your mother look like a fat bloated ass balloon while pregnant with you? You sound like an old envious b*tch for whatever reason. Pregnant women are beautiful and they are carrying a REAL baby. Old delusional ass claiming a damn dog as your child.

    • What I know is I am sick of having to pick up the slack for moms at work. You chose to have a child so I don’t want to hear your oh is me how hard it is to be a mom.

      • Your mom must be really proud of the child she raised. Someone picking up the slack for her, because it was hard raising you. Get over yourself

        • Just a bunch of assumptions there. Your logic – because you ASSUME “someone” had to pick up the slack in order for this person to be raised (which you have absolutely no way of knowing to be true)…. they now owe someone else? All kinds of broken logic going on there. None of us asked to be brought into this world and we certainly don’t owe anyone anything because someone else made the choice to raise us. You make the choice – YOU live with the consequences – don’t expect special treatment.

    • If only YOU knew!
      -they were truly terrified and/or bored of your “kid” talk since that’s all you breeders have in your lives.
      -they were trying to find some way to politely connect with you, drawibg similarities of thier cute fur babies to your furless, ungrateful spawn.

    • A lot of people that don’t have kids and have dogs are never trying to “one up” your kids! They’re trying to relate to you in the only way they know how! They are just as proud of their dog as you are your child! I love seeing and hearing stories about my friends children because that’s the path they chose for their life but they also give me the same respect for the path I have chosen since I can not have children my pets mean the world to me. You are a terrible friend and if they knew what you said about them they’d be heartbroken.

      • This is very well expressed. Much appreciated by someone who is a dedicated human parent and multi-pet owner.

    • I’m sure they roll there eyes at your crotch dropping stories. I’m sure that just like you don’t like hearing stories about their animals they don’t like hearing about what little Timmy did at school yesterday.

    • Furrbabbies love Reply

      I have to say after reading your article I find it SUPER hilarious how PATHETIC your life must be to worry about this!!! Haha all you dumb blunt mothers out there NO ONE CARES!!! If a women wants to call herself a mother for her furrbaby yayyyy to them let them be who are you to judge anyone??!! Besides there are plenty of women that can’t have children and some of them feel like a mom when they have an animal. Besides all you mothers that sit there and talk stories about your kids ARE SUPER ANNOYING!! Wow all you bitter mothers out there really have NOOOO LIVES!! ???. Whether you have a child or animal it’s still a form of mothering. You BLUNT mothers REALLY REALLY REALLY have to get over yourselves!! Soooo pathetic and crazy judgemental you assholes are. What if you couldn’t have a kid and can’t afford to adopt?? Honestly you women make me SICK!!! HOw heartless can you be?? TO ALL YOU FURRBABBIES MAMAS OUT GOD BLESS AND KEEP CALLING YOURSELVES MOTHERS CA– USE THATS WHAT YOU ARE??!!

    • GetOverYourselves Reply

      People with kids are the fucking worst with their pathetic kid stories. I had one random woman (who I didn’t know mind you) waddle her ass up to me with her crossed eyed toddler and shouted boastfully “isn’t this the most adorable baby you have ever seen!”

      We get it, you are proud you found a poor sap to stick a dick in you and now your life is complete because you squirted out a baby. Some people (me) cannot stand kids and never in a million years will want one. Then you have other people like my best friend who are not fortunate enough to have kids.

      Let people call their pets babies if they want goddamn is it stealing food from your kids mouth? Is it threatening to take motherhood away from you? Causing your man to file a divorce?

      Honestly this is the biggest bunch of shit I’ve ever read. You all sound like that excuse of “You shouldn’t be able to gay marry because it ruins the sanctity of marriage.”

      Newsflash: the world doesn’t revolve around you and being “blessed” to have a child doesn’t change that. Your single minded path in life is now complete, congrats, don’t shit on other people who don’t have that option or don’t want that option.

      Sincerely, a MOTHER of 2 dogs, and 1 cat.

    • Yeah I do that to annoy moms when they won’t shut-up about their kids. I do it on perpose so they can see how they annoy me. Lol glad to hear it works.

    • Some of us in this world are unable to give birth….
      Cancer…birth defects…
      We hold our children with fur close to our heart…
      How long did it take you to think of all those words of hate??? You should be ashamed 🙁
      And YOU are the role model for our future????

    • Perhaps your friends were happy to listen to your parenting stories and were inspired to share their happy “parenting” stories with you as well. If your stories made them want to share their own with you, maybe it was from a sense
      commonality, and maybe not trying to one up you?

    • If only YOU knew that you need to know your audience! They probably did that because as a child less not by choice woman, there’s nothing worse than being told all the amazing things about parenthood. No shit. Thank you for pointing out the obvious, society. If you are a true friend, you would bite your tongue and ask your friends something that you both have in common.

    • You probably are one of the people who only talks about their kids. Trust me, you are the only one who finds them interesting.

    • I think they did know. They’d rather not hear about your kid stories, so they gave you a taste of your own medicine. Atleast that’s what I do when people talk about their kids ??

    • Maybe that was their way of telling you they didn’t want to hear stories of your kids…

    • maybe they did that cause they were tired of hearing about your kids you ever think about that? of course not, why, cause your a whiny white entitled breeder. But its all good your kind are going to be the minority soon 🙂 white motherhood = white supremacy

    • Childless people hear about nothing other then people’s kids. You can suck it up for an evening, we deal with it all day everyday!

    • You’re not welcome, you waste of air.
      And honestly, I would have told your friends that you rolled your eyes at them. Personally, I would be wondering why I’m friends with an idiot.
      No you do not love your friends nor do you love animals. You are an anthropocene and you only care about your own kind.

    • Stop acting like you’re a queen for doing something millions of women have done. Does that give you the right to define anyone else’s relationships with their pets? No. The whole woe-is-me crap is really annoying. Did someone trick you into parenthood? No? You knew that it was going to be really hard and did it anyway? And now your child and the struggles of raising it are the only thing that matters? Guess what? If your friends are trying to “one up” you with dog stories, it means you won’t shut the hell up about your kids. Other peoples experiences matter, too, ether they have kids or not. Get over yourself

    • That was defensive action on their part. Who wants to hearing the litany of your kids doings? An adult gathering have adult conversation and topics other than kids, grandkids, pets. Art? Lawn mower repair? ANYTHING else.

    • Stop raising humans. There’s too many and they always end up reproducing self entitled shit stains like all the “real mothers” on this blog. Humans will always be more hateful sacks of shit than animals. I hope all of your human children see how entitled and selfish you are and leave you asses in the dust. “No visiting the grandkids for you, Karen. Why? Cause you can’t understand the concept of love!” Maybe your children will show you their “appreciation” by leaving you in some abusive senior home. 🙂
      I on the other hand will be living my golden years exploring the world with my awesome pet.

    • Eydie J Sanders Reply

      Thank you! This makes me so mad. Unless you have given birth to it or legally adopted it from a human adoption agency, you are not the parent. This extends to people calling other humans they haven’t birthed or legally adopted their children. No. you. are. not.

    • FUCK YOU to the person who wrote this article and anyone who agrees. We are juat as much parenta as human parents. I treat my dog better than moat humans treat their children. They are just as much work and very expensive. You have NO IDEA. rot in hell.

    • Your pets are not your family either.
      Also you won’t ever spade or neuter your child or a”put them to sleep” These two tell how yo really don’t see them as equal to your kids or to humans

      • Also, by calling pets your babies and calling yourself theie Mom, you are being selfish to them and to their mother. It is taking away from them their true animal nature, their previous experiences, and their real Mom and family. The ones that they were as a puppy snatched from their Its like they want to forget that they had a past or a Mom before you You want to make then into a little human who doesn’t need anyone but you ans does not need to mate or have their own children

  2. I agree having a pet doesn’t make you a “Mom”. However, sometimes just as much as parents are tired of the pet stories; those without children either just want to try and relate to their friends and their pets are the only way they know how or they are equally tired of all the stories of your children. Maybe change the subject. Our lives are more than just about children or pets.

    • I also feel that some parents often forget what it was like when they had no children. Those hurtful spiteful words from parents to those without children are somehow forgotten, Then they in turn begin to spew those hurtful words. Just because a person has no children does not mean they are ignorant of what it is like to have or raise children. You can speak hate but are those words you speak really true and are they really telling people something about you and not those who consider their pets to be their children?
      For some of these people maybe having pets is a life style choice or maybe because they never married, or can’t have human children of their own. Whatever the reason is they all care for and love their fur babies in similar ways to a human loving their human child. All living creatures need the same care. Ans pets are in as much need and are as vulnerable as a child.
      Maybe you’ve forgotten what is was like to be on the other side or treated your pets less than what they were deserving of. But whatever the case is many here feel you need to reexamine yourself because hate begets hate and why you choose pet moms to pick on is only truly known to you. But whatever is festering those hateful words needs to be taken care of before is consumes you completely.

      • Oh please, Your love for your children is unconditional! yea my daughter said some spiteful things to e before but I still love her and it doesnt make me love y doge more than her

        • My mom told me she doesn’t love me. She’s a narcissist. All of her grown kids, hate her. You were saying…?

      • You’re being very unrealistic, if someone has not raised children and had children who were their sole responsibility what could they POSSIBLY know about raising them. Before I had children I watched many children even siblings who I saw and watched 24/7 sometimes, I wasn’t dumb enough to think I raised them or that I knew anything about children. You don’t have to have everything in common with a friend. I would be completely irritated if someone had pets and someone kept bringing them up when I brought up my children. That’s a no. People are truly insane to call their pets children. It takes an insane to think that having a pet is being a mom and the people who have them are quite selfish. You claim to “love” your dog but you would sell their puppies??? Or put them to sleep?? ?You have to the humans you love suffer through pain until they are taken away you can’t just have them put to sleep. Grow up. There are too many actual children out there that need parents that are in foster care, if you can’t have children why not adopt some?? Then you can have something to say other than that, why not just listen when you’re friends want to talk about their children instead of feeling inadequate because you don’t?? You don’t need children to be relevant or important. And if you feel that way, adopt some but don’t adopt a pet and get upset when people say it’s not a person when it’s not.

        • Here here!! I can’t believe how much trash talk has emerged from a tongue-in-cheek post! I’m a pet lover, but pet parent I’m not. Pet parenting is a billion dollar business that relies on people to “buy in” to the pet parent model. No disrespect to people who can’t have kids or choose not to but unless your dog is waking you up every single night for 2 1\2 years, it’s not the same…

        • Um, your perspective is totally narcisstically based. I guarantee you there are people who have been nannies to children for years, siblings who take on parental responsibilities when drunk parents or disabled or handicapped parents (emotionally, physically) can NOT pass the bill, and THEY HAVE taken to the task of children – especially as they age. Newsflash, they might even be better at it than YOU, as they have been ‘rearing’ them since EARLY age – it is NATURAL/second hand mentality for them – work, buy clothes, make sure they get on the bus for school, go to school themselves if able, etc etc!

        • Sorry I don’t want to sit there and listen about little whoever for 3 flipping hours and then receive an eye roll when I say ONE THING about my dog.

        • “Would you sell them?”

          1. Foster care
          2. Adoption

          Yes, many parents would “sell” them lol

      • I could not agree more. Pet “owners” are moms, just not to humans. My aunt had cancer. She can’t have children. She has a dog she loves unconditionally and her dog loves her too.

  3. When pets are that severely spoiled I imagine it’s alot more ‘motherly’ than people who simply own a pet!!

  4. Throughout high school and college, I worked at doggie daycares, dog food stores, and a dog boarding kennel. I was completely dog obsessed. But “fur baby” brought the vomit up my esophagus quicker than an in-flight barfer, as did the owners who insisted their dogs be spoon-fed, given cereal and milk before bedtime, pushed their dogs in buggies for reasons other than medical, etc. Believe me, I could fill a book with the crazy I’ve seen.


    p.s. “However, unless your ovaries grow fur, and you sprout a tail Rover is not your child.”? Dying, laughing.

    • Nonny Mouse Reply

      I’m sure “fur baby” didn’t bring the vomit up as much as it came up my esophagus when I saw your pic. Yuck!

    • But why do you care? Do you stay at home all day doing nothing except watching kids you selfishly chose to make?

  5. Nicole Robertson Reply

    Dear Bluntmom,
    You might be a “mom”, but you are also a bitch.

    I hope your children grow up to learn compassion for others, despite your lack of parenting in that area.
    Not everyone is fortunate enough to grow babies inside their bodies, and why you decided to spend your free time writing this insulting bullshit is beyond me. A “good mom” would have spent her time appreciating and loving her own children instead.

    Just because a human pushed its way out of your vagina, does not make you a better “parent” than the “furmom” who wouldn’t dream of leaving her pet outside in a run with a bowl of water for the day. That’s just wrong, period.

    And by the way, let me speak for all of your human-less friends: everyone is sick of constantly hearing about your brats, so we shut you up with stories about our pets. Deal with it.

    • Someone missed the category as being a tongue-in-cheek “being funny.” Exaggeration is one of the most frequently employed tools of comedians–a highlighting of the absurd. It’s an unfortunate truth that not everyone gets a joke: on some audiences, humour falls flat. Because of that, I also would ask that you refrain from speaking on the behalf of anyone but yourself, as I happen to have a sense of humour and was raised to be generally polite even if the subject isn’t interesting to me. Fortunately, I find outraged trolls to be fucking hilarious.

      • Not always true Reply

        “tongue-in-cheek” can also be insulting. and not always funny, often times it is used as a guise to insult people.

        • I was gonna say, tongue in cheek implies partial belief and validation – the ‘humor’ is used as a tool to convey underlying issue – which given the intent of the author is rather opinionated as well.

          I can imagine 75% or more of that frustration being authentic, hence why the I was thinking, gee, here’s another one of those ‘loony I’m a real woman, because I’m a mother (to humans, goddarnit)!

      • Comedian? You should keep your day job. Mom-blogging doesn’t count. Do you stay at home all day and not work? Is that what this validation article is really about?

    • Name calling is never constructive. The post was clearly written tongue in cheek (or tongue in beak, if you will). All the best to you and your family, be they furry or not.

    • Nicole, you said it all for me As a childless, possibly-barren old hag who might never have babies without fur, the condescension in this author’s post is just another reminder of the superiority that breeders have over us non-moms. Luckily for me, I have my very loving FURBABY sitting on my lap to console me as I type.

    • That is really rude. Is that kind of language really necessary? This person has an opinion, and believe it or not, its a valid one.

    • You are so ignorant. Dog owners are out of control. Until you are capable of understanding the intense love, struggle, suffering, sacrifice, and joy that comes with being a mom, just keep your mouth shut. People like you make me sick. Equating walking a dog to child rearing is so offensive. Don’t ever think that being a pet owner is anything equatable to being a parent. You make me laugh. You’re like an ignorant child. Have fun “raising” your dog

      • Again, you’re children will eventually be able to take care of themselves, in every sense, the ‘Mom’ title is emotional and supportive in EVERY sense ALL the same. They may not be moms to humans, but they ARE moms! They have enough compassion and energy for ‘two year olds’ that never could* survive on their own. And some of these dogs aren’t fre*king poodles, they have LOTS of energy and DEMAND constant attention. Yes, try having a dog with disabilities or an aging dog!

        • I have you all beat then because my kid with disabilities will never be able to live on her own and live a human lifespan. Yay me. Winning! ?

      • Seems interesting that someone “capable of unconditional love” can write such excluding, compassionless and unloving things. REAL unconditional love is not about feeding your own sense of importance. Giving a child in need a loving home would display unconditional love more than adding to an already over populated and over burdened planet.

      • Doggie Mommie Reply

        The word: “Mother” ISN’T a noun. Anyone can BECOME a mother; just takes a girl spread her legs to an immature boy to pretend that they’re adults just for the moment. And when it gets too tough, the ‘Mom’ either lets the Grandparents raise it or drops it in the System so they don’t have to deal with it anymore and they can go back to their life of partying and responsibilities.

        But BEING a mother is a verb–an action one takes to take care and nurture something that’s breathes. It’s a responsibility ones takes when they are ready to do so. It takes time, patience, finance and effort.

        Responsibility is responsibility. Whether; that thing that breathes is HUMAN or ANIMAL.

      • You sound super offended. Why? can’t you just enjoy your life and let others enjoys theirs as well? All of these people seem to take such offense at the love shown to pets by their human parents, why? Why does the love we have for our pets make you feel so invalidated that when you write about your parenting experience it sounds as if you want recognition and perhaps a trophy? (Ok the trophy comment is “tongue in cheek” as we are calling it.) Obviously our little fur babies are never going to need dating advice, or homework help. But these little creatures rely on us for their ENTIRE lives. Your kid can probably open the fridge for herself at some point…or maybe not, which is why you all sound so stressed and angry about parenting?! Sorry, tongue in cheek moment again! Lol lol
        Seriously though, how does seeing this affection make you people so upset? Your role and title as “Mom” means something different to you, just as it means something different to everyone who has a mother.

      • Don’t condemn dog moms Reply

        Ah, but we DO know how it feels. Now, do you know what it’s like for your child to die in your arms?

      • If you haven’t had cancer, you don’t know anything about suffering, dumb fool.

    • Thank you! That’s what I was thinking, having to listen about soccer practice or ballet isn’t exactly EVERYONE’s cup of tea either! And some of those people who don’t go into such topics, ARE moms!

    • That’s funny coming from someone who’s commenting about ANIMALS. A bitch is a female dog. Stop demonizing the females like that and favoring the males or a real bitch infected with rabies might bite you one day.
      And by the way, rabies has NO KNOWN CURE. Perfectly fitting for all speciesists like you and the idiot who posted this page.

  6. Unless of course you are unable to have children and pets are the only family you might be able to create. Let others create the family they want/are able to create and you can mind your own you are lucky enough to have.

    • I have a friend at work, she was born in China, her parent are Canadian. You can adopt, stop bullshiting, even gay people can adopt now. The only reason people don’t raise children is because they are either lazy or have a hard time having a stable relationship(myself included). Stop with the delusion.

  7. Hmm. I totally “get it” and trust me, I see the difference between my kids and me pets. But before I had kids, i did spoil the crud out of my two dogs. I was in dog clubs (oh yes) and during a divorce and then challenges getting pregnant with my current husband, those “fur babies” were there for me. The kept me distracted and showed me unconditional love.
    I say, spoil who and what you can, ever moment you have.
    And now, with 3 kids… I have “feather babies”. Those damn chickens have a way of working themselves into your life.
    I say love who & what you want…

  8. To the sad and bitter woman who wrote this, Reply

    I find this article appalling and insulting for a number of reasons. Not everyone chooses to, or has the ability to have children. Whether they choose to nurture a pet, or adopt a child, they are no less of a “parent” than you. In fact, your choice to sit behind a computer and insult the general public instead of spending time with your family makes me question your own parenting capacity.

    “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    • I don’t find this insulting at all, Anon. I had cats for 10 years before I had kids. I loved them like anything, and they most definitely are members of the family, but they aren’t my babies, and I’m not their mommy.

      Nowhere did Shawna suggest that you shouldn’t love your pets. The post was intended to be funny, but there’s a serious point. Regardless of whether you have dogs, cats, or chickens, treating them as you would a human baby can range from humorous, to an annoyance to the pet, to hazardous to your and their health. We should never forget that as members of a different species, they have needs and expressions that aren’t the same as ours.

      Case in point, the sad story about the family who abused their kitten by feeding it a vegan diet…

    • The author of this post is neither sad nor bitter… the author is funny. In the same way dogs in strollers are funny and invite mockery. Small groomed ferrets in vests with elf hats are also funny.
      And if this piece made you all verklempt and got your panties in a twist, I suggest you don’t read any of the other posts on this site. We sometimes throw a box of raw kraft dinner at our children, while we drink wine and post funny stories. You wouldn’t like us much.

  9. I love my pets – all four of them – but although their love for me is comforting and satisfying, it is unconditional. I work hard every day to nurture and groom my kids to become exceptional human beings who are kind, empathetic and educated, but earning their love, respect and gratitude is not a given. They will continue to evolve and it is my role as their mom to guide them towards maturity.

    Animals need our love & protection, but my cat will never go through puberty. The dogs will never be tempted by peer pressure. The gecko won’t be bullied on social media. I’m grateful to have these wonderfully unique and innocent creatures in my care & we do our best to keep them happy & healthy.

    I don’t think that there is any paragraph in the post that insults those who are unable to have children of their own or chooses not to, but it is unfortunate that so many chose to read it that way.

  10. That Cindy Girl Reply

    Ouch! I have been a lurker for a long time and have for the most part enjoyed the posts. Lately there seems to be a lot of angry women around here. Can’t open a post without someone all bent out of shape. I found this article funny and VERY true. As a mother of two lovely kids and owner of two wonderful dogs I can assure everyone here kids and pets are not the same. Big difference.

  11. First of all, if you’re going to use “being funny” as an excuse for being a judgmental jerk, shouldn’t you…y’know….be funny?

    Second, the main argument appears to be that pet owners can’t claim the hallowed (cough) status of “mom” because having kids is more difficult than having pets. That’s nuts. Calling oneself a mom has nothing to do with degree of difficulty. It’s a word that connotes nurturing and caring for something that depends on you. Some people have that relationship with kids, some people have that relationship with pets, some people have that relationship with both kids and pets. To borrow a tired, hacky line from the article, you don’t have a “Tell Other People How to Define Their Relationship” card.

    And yes, before anyone cries foul, I have both a dog and a baby.

    • Love this comment, so true. Live and let live, and let others label themselves as they please. As long as they are loving and caring for the living being in their care, who cares what they call themselves. We should be so lucky as a world to have more people care for the animals of this planet like they were their own children.

  12. Gotta go with Nicole Robertson on this one. I don’t want kids…never have. I love my animal babies and it is parents of the tiny humans that need to denigrate other’s people’s choices in an effort to make their own choices seem not so bad. I listen to the women at work and I hear nothing but complaints. Kids sick, yelling, causing trouble, driving them crazy. I also hear the pet moms…and it is calm, funny stories about their loved pets. Until the moms of the tiny humans change their perspective on momhood then I’m all for the fur moms. If being a mom of a tiny human is so much better then stop relating to anyone that will listen how much of a pain the tiny humans are! This blog post is full of the “I’m a mom and I love it if only it wasn’t for having to have a kid!” attitude that makes me glad that I’m a crazy cat lady.

  13. I used to think that too. But now in my 40’s, and a mom, I have some friends who haven’t had the good fortune of becoming a mom, despite their desire for motherhood, be it because of cancer, not finding the right partner, etc. So they get a pet! Let us have more compassion and less scorn! 😉

    • Thank you.. I didn’t think this link was a big deal, until I read these comments… so self-righteous!

      I know women whom have children, some of them love their kids, some of them loathe their kids and won’t admit it to their kids, but will to their friends. Point is, if you get the right to complain, tie up every female’s time (and the office, frankly) with your stories about your hate/hate relationship, then why complain if someone loves their PETS that much? They’re only referring to themselves as ‘Mom’s’ in the same sense anyone with children does!

      And believe me, not only do the ‘human parents’ drain on you, but you realize not all of you really figured out child-rearing, cared to, or sometimes you bred what sounds like bullies and you sound proud – I am not saying this to the poster her, I can not phraise differently at the moment it would seem..Anyway, many caregivers figured this out a LOONG time ago, we nurture others, we take care of step children, etc etc.. I mean, I have seen such POOR parenting, and such LOVING attitudes from pet owners sometimes…

      Does it really matter how much work a ‘human mom’ does if you sound self-congratulatory over an effort that you DEMAND everyone else notice as extraordinary?? I have seen the human population today, we all have, the high rapes, homicides, terror threats, violence, school bullying, etc etc… PET owners aren’t breeding that. So let love be the winning category here, because unless you just bred a ‘saint’ if you will, we’d never know, all we’re left with, is the impression just another female bred humans and she’s letting the world know she values herself worthy of setting some record straight that totally invalidates anyone who has ever considered themselves passionate, worthy, or loving enough to care for a helpless animal, PERIOD.

      I really didn’t get the feeling the author’s chief complaint was ‘the loons.’ Who is a loon? EVERY pet owner I know, takes pictures, and refers to their babies* as their ‘babies.’ My answer is, there are people here who do not understand the nature of these pet owners – this is the way they give love back – and if it’s in excess to you… MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I have pictures of pets more than humans as well – I love both groups. But the pets are more demanding forever – the chlidren, you can manage to get them to do for themselves in the future – unless they are also disabled. That’s why these owners call their pets – babies/children. They essentially ARE! And they’re certainly less arrogant in the workplace – I agree with that ! Many women discuss their children as the most essential asset/responsibility in life – lets’ not even go there. As I personally stated – I’ve seen some of these kids… no thank you, although I hope to god I have done a good job with my own siblings. They can hurt you, but they grow up!

  14. I have an opinion: anything that is not in the best interest of an animal or a child is an issue. Strollers for dogs, unless the dogs are disabled, are not in the best interest of the dog.

    So, barring pet/child abuse, I am left to wonder, what’s it to you if I love my pet like a child? Why is this so important to you? I am not asking that meanly. It just always sends a red flag when indignation enters the room. How does it affect your life when someone else loves their pet in the way you love your child? Is it harming you in some way?

    I would want to save a pet/child if they were being abused. I would then feel okay about making it my business. Otherwise, well-loved creatures are good for everyone. The parent, the pet/child, and the planet. Love is love.

    • This. Unable to have children and have had pets all my life.
      The author has essentially defined herself by diminishing others. Juvenile and divisive, and not particularly “motherly.” As for this article being defended as merely tongue-in-cheek, that is just being cruel in the guise of humor. It’s the coward’s way. The author then doesn’t have to take responsibility for her words and can simply label the insulted masses as “too sensitive” when they call her out. The sneering mockery from the mommy-mob who agree with the author rendered the tongue-in-cheek excuse moot anyway.
      Why did the author feel the need to write this article? Dumbing it down into snide insults doesn’t hide its premise: she believes pet parents’ experiences are unimportant, their emotions pathetic, their choices (never mind options) ultimately meaningless, and that only “human mothers” get to decide what love, nurturing, and motherhood are for 7 billion people. Guess what? That isn’t the real world. None of us can truly understand or appreciate all of the “whys” of even our closest friends and relations, never mind those of strangers.
      Pet parents don’t need validation from human parents. For the author to insinuate that we do need it – and will never have it – only reveals that she’s in a bubble of petty bitterness and arguing with her own diminished reflection.

    • Fur baby momma Reply

      Many diseases are fostered by taking your pets in nasty places. The stroller keeps them clean and dry until you can get them to a safe clean area. Also strollers are more acceptable in stores, and etc.
      I had five children, that I ended up raising alone, but they are grown, have their own lives, and rightfully so have their independence. I am retired, alone, save for the love of my fur babies that go “everywhere” with me. I would never leave a dog on a run, in the yard all day.
      After my children grew up, my fiance left for the love of another, I was forced to retire, my three elderly dogs , died one at a time, in a year, I found out I had bladder cancer, my depression and anxiety grew in epic proportions. I am not ignorant, nor uneducated, I Q of 148. I have helped others as much as possible in my life. I adopted a dog on death row, he saved me. I also added two puppies of a smaller breed. My nurturing feelings and creativity in dressing them , is remniscent of my days with babies. Btw, I have no grandchildren, and don’t know if I will. My babies, are keeping me alive, they are there on lonely nights , as I rock them to sleep. I make special nutritious meals for them that are chemical free. I always , do what is best for them, and would not consider leaving them ever, if it were not for small minded people, who get upset, if I bring them along, the small ones, in a stroller, dressed better than most people.
      Who is hurt by my clean , well behaved fur babies, in a stroller. Be it in a movie, restaurant , plane, or museum. They make less fuss than children , in fact none, usually , I put a blanket over the stroller, it looks like a baby stroller, my dogs take a bottle, when needed, less messy.
      Anyway, I said that, to say this. I sacrificed so much for my children , that some will never appreciate, face my demons , without complaining, don’t interfere with their lives, but I am still there for them when needed. What is the problem if I enjoy the childlike love of my furbabies, they are hypoallergenic, don’t shed, (with clothing , nothing floats around). They get exercise, the stroller protects them from strangers stepping on them, or children grabbing them, they are discreet, and safe , enjoy being rolled.
      People just need to be more understanding of those of us who need the added support of our babies.I have had children, raised them, not easy or sometimes healthy children. I have loved and love them with my whole heart. I KNOW THAT MY DOGS LOVE ME! THEY ARE CAPABLE OF EMOTION AND LOVE, IF TRULY LOVED……
      If you treat your dog’s like a dog, that may be all you ever have is a purchased dog. If you love them as you love your children and treat them as such, you will have a fur baby forever.
      There are studies that show that a pet can be as loved as a child, family member, or close friend. The emotions connected with the loss, can be tantamount to loosing someone close as family.
      Don’t be so quick to judge others as pathetic, who have the love of their furbabies.

      • The article was not related to adress your situation. Pets are GREAT to help people overcome depression, but they are not children. This is the point of the article. Of course pet are awesome and bring us companionship in times of solitude, but they are not children. Therefor you are not to feel targeted by this article since it does not concern you.

        To make myself clear ; do you agree that your children were more of a choir and challenging to raise than to have pets? Do you see there is a huge difference between the two? If you were to lose either one of your child or all your pets, would it be the pets? If you answer yes to all of the above you certainly agree with the article. Once again this was written to confront women who mistake pet owning as being the some to parenthood.

  15. My cats are my babies, period. Who are you, or anyone else for that matter, to decide whether I am or am not a mom because my “kids” have fur?

    I know you meant for this to be funny and I am usually not the type to get easily offended but even *I* find this insulting. It’s just one more thing for moms of human children to attempt to claim superiority over those of us without kids. You moms hate the mommy wars, us non-moms hate it when you try to put yourselves above us because your kids are human and ours aren’t. To that I’d say get over yourself. I know this doesn’t apply to all moms but the ones who think like you it most certainly does.

    I am a fur mom and I am proud to be one. While my cats are not completely spoiled, they are very well taken care of and loved. Human or fur, doesn’t matter. At the end of the day each requires care, nurturing, love and respect.

    • I love your response. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Women are forever competing with each other and trying to prove that they are better than the next girl. Stay at home vs. working moms; women with children vs. women without. I get so tired of hearing about it. Why do some women have to act like they are so freaking superior?!

      • That’s what I was just thinking… I think I might be sorry I opened this link, but it’s rather informative as to how women hate women, men hate women, your human children act like they hate women… where do these women think it comes from, exactly, you know?? Just learn to accept people because guaranteed all the slick talk in the world makes some of these posters sound like conceited whatever’s to someone else in their (heartless, I gather) lives.

  16. Dear Bluntmom,

    1. You are NOT funny. Self proclaiming that your blog is funny, giving you the excuse to publish nonsense, does not, in fact make it so.
    2. Agree with a lot of sensible women commenting on this blog post, which seems to be a written by a self righteous Know-it-all
    3. Cat – lady, have you ever had a puppy? They are no less work than a baby, including the diaper pad change and the pooping several times a day. Maybe because cats are an independent species, you have not been exposed to being a guardian, parent, caretaker to other species, who need love , companionship and caring just as much as humans, if not more.

    Word of advice.. before you go making a fool out of yourself through more blog posts.. do some research, curb your enthusiasm about your motherhood..(it is extremely annoying) , do get a heart and maybe an additional dash of understanding.. very essential to parenting.. oh.. but if you claim to be as good a mom as you think you are.. wouldn’t you already have it?

  17. How about a thought from the male perspective? This article to me was not funny at all and never came off as so. The tone was “because I have a mini human I am a mom and you aren’t because you don’t”. My wife and I have cats and are actively trying (with difficulty) to have a baby. Our cats are our babies and even my mother in law refers to them as her grand babies. And quite frankly pet parents tend to add the word fur in front of mom or dad to differentiate that they don’t have a human baby anyway. Come off your high horse and see it from another perspective.

    • Love it. Well stated. I hope they will take the *enormous* comment I just wrote out of moderation soon so you can read it, Kurt. Best to you, your wife, and your fur babies!

  18. Sandy Ledesma Reply

    Pet parents are moms and dads as much as human parents are moms and dads. With your reasoning you’d actually be saying that parents who have adopted children are not real moms and dads because they didn’t actually give birth to the baby they’re parenting. The same could be said for foster parenting. I have to say I’m glad that I don’t live within the confines of your narrow mind.

  19. I came across your “funny” article the day after Mother’s Day… In fact I came across it the 4th Mother’s Day since my husband and I decided to start our family. Each year it hurts.
    While you my find humor in people treating their pets as children I have found comfort in knowing my pets need me. I have not been as lucky as you.
    I also try not to poke fun at people I do not know.
    I hope that you never experienced the pain my husband and I have for the past four years. I hope that one day I’ll be able to look back and even laugh at myself for how spoiled my pets were.
    But today, your “funny” article is not funny.

  20. Your little rant is not cute and it’s not funny. Why do you care so much if women with pets want to call themselves “moms”? There are plenty of women out there that take better care of their pets than some women take care of their children. So are you saying that the women that abuse & neglect their children deserve the title of “mom” more than the women that love and pamper their pets? Get over yourself.

  21. I thought with the name blunt moms that I would enjoy this, but this was a waste of data.

  22. Your pets only love you to the extent that you supply them food. As a matter of fact, if God forbid you lived alone with your dog and you died, your “fur baby” would eat your dead carcass if it couldn’t get food otherwise. Pretty sure children would NOT.

    • Yes Jonas, that could be. However, would you find yourself in a similar situation, let’s say a plane crash were you die and your children are the only survivors, you may find comfort knowing they’ll probably will resort to cannibalism until they’re rescued 🙂

      Also, the whole thing about animals being incapable of showing complex emotions or deep love and loyalty has been debunked several times. Educate yourself. BTW, what sick reason did you have to express what you did? Are you THAT unsatisfied about your life with kids that you feel the need to be plain mean to those who can’t or don’t want to have them? Do you have such a low self esteem that this is the only sad way you could find to rise your spirits?

  23. Have you ever thought about the people who are unable to have kids? So they will never be “moms?” You don’t have to give birth to someone to be a mother. Being a mother is about caring for someone other than yourself, loving unconditionally, and so much more. You’re tired of hearing people say they are dog moms? Well, some of us are tired of hearing you moms piss and moan about how hard being a mom is. Get over it, you chose that life, not us.

  24. Raising a newborn pet is a very hard job, long nights, bottle feeding, constant care. Watching them grow is also great. Not as hard as a new born because the process is a lot quicker, but I still did it. My cat is and always has been very dependent on me and if I want to call myself his mom, I am.

  25. Maybe some people can’t have or don’t want to have babies and enjoy their fur babies. Petparents are for our babies throughout their life through sickness, grief ( when they lose a sibling ) and are heartbroken when they pass away. If you can’t understand that you have no heart. You sound like a negligent parent otherwise you wouldn’t have time to be online criticizing pet parents. You would be spending time doing something for your kids.

    • How is a person a negligent parent by commenting on a website? Does your comment make you a negligent ‘pet parent”? Shouldn’t you be spending time giving all of your attention to your pet?

      • Um, but she’s implying that this article is biased – hogwash. Didn’t we all click on this thinking it was something else? I know I did. And realized the comments towards loving pet owners/parents/whatever was even worse and more superior than the article writer. I mean, wow, there is some real loathing in there. I sincerely doubt she wants to hear from certain pet owners, PERIOD, then. Anyway, whatever, as her target audience is either so heatedly in favor or against, you gotta figure right? She got her concealed anger/arrogance through, either way.

  26. Just Someone Reply

    So, using your logic if someone adopts a child they’re not really a “mom” nor is a wild animal that “adopts” another animal is not a “mom” simply because they did not give birth to it? Go away. I don’t like you.

  27. Stephanie Degenhardt Reply

    You suck! You think I don’t know that I’m not a mom! I have gone on for years facing the fact that I cannot have children. Everyday is a reminder when I go by schools on my way to work, seeing parents dropping off their children. For myself, my animals, in a small way, give me a chance to nurture and care for a life other than myself. Just because you have a human child, it does not give you the right to define my life. I am tired of heartless b@#$&es telling me that my care for another life is not mothering. Mother is another word for caregiver, which I have often practiced in both work and in my personal life, for both human and pets. The next time you decide to tell a woman she is not a mom of an animal, remind yourself that she could be suffering the pain of infertility.

  28. You have ‘real’ kids. Well good for you. So do a billion other people. Its not a miracle and it isn’t a talent. Its something pretty much anybody can do. I knew from an early age that I didn’t want any kids, and at age 42 I’m so glad I didn’t. Because a human came out of your vagina doesn’t mean you have a monopoly on feeling love or are enlightened. You are satisfying a biological imperative, that is all. That being said, I have two cats. One adopted from a friend and one that I rescued from the woods in the winter time. Where he was dumped by a superior human parent with kids no doubt like he was a bag of trash. He would be dead if it weren’t for me. So go back to wiping snotty noses and dealing with yet another ear shattering temper tantrum. Drink some more wine and pretend how happy you are. I’ve got a purring cat to feed.

  29. I’ve had all types of pets since I was a little girl and am an advocate for adopting, rescuing and rehabilitating animals. Now in my thirties, I have 10 wk old little boy and two rescued dogs, all of which I consider myself a mom to. Caring for and loving my pets over the years has helped me become the great mom I am to my son. And having pets will make my son a better person.
    Not impressed with this article or bluntmoms.com. You’re not funny.

  30. U r mistaken. Some may not be able to conceive human children. That does make the 4 look legged precious a child. Quit being so closed minded

  31. How dare you criticize people you don’t know. There are women and men who are unable to conceive “human children”. They rely on the precious 4 legged furry children to fulfill life. And, I must add, the furry ones are a lot more obedient! Happy mother’s day to all four legged babies!!

  32. I’m not a pet owner, I didn’t bought my pets. They’re adopted. I’m a pet guardian. You’re not so smart as you think you are lady.

  33. I understand that this article stems from the fact that having a pet sometimes get commercialized. you can have a pet as a part of the family or as an overindulged accessory. A lot of people bring up their kids in wholesome ways and then there are some who spoil their kids rotten. Now before you get aggravated at me for saying the above, I am not comparing Kids and pets; only the human behavior.
    I myself rescued a puppy from a puppy mill and yes I am his mum. I got him when it was the darkest hour of my life. after 6 years of trying to get pregnant, I was given a baby boy. unfortunately I could not carry the baby and I lost him when I was 25 weeks pregnant. the pain I felt was too much to bear and I got over it by giving all my love to my pet. He got me out of depression and I always thanked God for this ‘little miracle’
    I am not judging, I am saying that I understand the love people have for their pets and spoiling never did an animal or a human any good.

  34. Ashley Lewis Reply

    Mothers think they are so special because they have a child or children. The ability or want to have a child does not make you special. Having a child does not make you special and you know what? Those of us who do not have kids are rolling our eyes each time you change your profile photos to a picture of your child. Just goes to show us that you no longer exist. Everything you do is for your child, about your child, your life is run by your child. Maybe that is why so many of us would rather have a dog than a child. My dog doesn’t run my life.

  35. “But I can’t strap my kids to a run in the backyard and leave them a dish of water and food for the day.”

    – You can leave your kids at home to watch tv or play video games all day with the food in the refrigerator for the day.

    “I can’t feed my children the same thing for every meal of every day without pint-sized mutiny.”

    – Seriously, how can you NOT feel bad feeding your pet the same thing everyday? Pets will not rebel if you leave the same food everyday, but they will get bored of the food and stop eating.

    “I can’t have a full blown happy hour on the porch while my kids lounge in the kiddie pool contently gnawing a bone.”

    – You can definitely leave a 14 year old in the pool contently listening to his/her iphone.

    “I can’t put them on a leash in public places and rub their nose in accidents.”

    – You certainly have to hold the child’s hand while you go to public places, because I’m pretty sure the dog will not let you hold its paw.

    “Pets don’t come with curfew enforcement, mending tiny broken hearts and tutoring homework.”

    – Some responsible pet owners understand that letting their cats or dogs out free to roam all day and night is a huge risk. They can get attacked, run over, catch disease, or get food poisoning. Mending broken hearts? Have you ever adopted an abandoned cat or dog? Better yet, a senior pet whose family just left it after years and years of being in a home it is comfortable in? It is heartbreaking and those type of pets have to learn how to trust a human again and it does take time and patience. Tutoring homework? Eh..how about training dogs or cats to do new tricks, they are achieving goals right there. 

    “Pets don’t yell that they hate you and make you question all the so-called necessary parental nagging on responsibility and wise life decisions. Pets don’t talk back, steal your iPad or complain that ‘Bingo’s Mom lets him do whatever he wants’ while slamming shut their doggy door.”

    – I agree that animals do not have the same language that humans do. But I know if I ask my cat to leave our room or off the couch because I’m cleaning, he complains and talks back every single time with his continuous mad meow as he walks out discontentedly. And I’m pretty sure that there are pet owners here with naughtier pet children than mine…

    • I get barked at. I am currently having problem with setting the ‘no bark’ thing to work. She was abused, sheltered, and has anxiety and issues with being pet, but LOVES to walk and generally be outside – which means constant companionship and attention – and getting barked at, apparently. 😉

      Am learning to turn my back but her claws need to be kept short – and THAT’s a chore. Lol, point being I think, yes, they are kids in their own senses. Sometimes we’re not getting a pet for our own selfish reasons, as people would seem to believe. We WANT to provide, nurture, or rescue a helpless ‘child’ in that sense.

      BTW, she’s an energetic pit/german shepherd mix – heavy girl too!

  36. Umm… wow. What a hate-filled post. I am a mother of two human children, I run a corporation, I am married to a SAHD because I am the breadwinner, and I spend hundreds of hours a month blogging and writing articles for high-end publications and offering reputation management.

    I ALSO have six RESCUE dogs, four RESCUE cats, a gaggle of RESCUE chickens and one RESCUE parrot. I’ll be honest, I’m not close with the birds. But the dogs and cats I absolutely consider my children — why? BECA– USE I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MENTAL WELFARE JUST AS I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE SAME THINGS FOR MY HUMAN CHILDREN.

    Now I know where the pet-mom-shamers are going to go next: “Well, miss perfect, would you save your rescue dog over your own child in a house fire since you consider them both your children? Hmm? Would you take food out of your own kids’ mouths to feed your cats? After all, you just said they’re all your children, so what now? Contradiction much?”

    Here’s my reponse: Don’t be a daft piece of human rubbish. Of course if I HAD to choose in a life or death scenario I would save my HUMAN children — not because they came from my body and all that maternity rhetoric, but because they are humans who will hopefully one day be contributing members of society who will help and not harm based on what my husband and I have taught them. If I had to choose, of course I would choose my human kids — we are inextricably linked and they are my blood, my life, and frankly, one of the main reasons we have rescued so many animals and moved to a 3 acre property.

    See, here’s the thing: you’ve drafted this paradigm as though there cannot be a win-win scenario in which mothers can love both their children and animals. What silly, vacuous thinking is that? Get out of the box. If you don’t like animals and don’t want them as part of your home or lifestyle, that’s fine — it is absolutely your right to choose what kind of environment you create for your home and for yourself and your children. But putting down pet parents and telling them they aren’t as good as you speaks more to your need to be recognized for your contributions as a mother than it does about any of their potential eccentricities.

    So, instead of bashing and hating pet parents — both those who have kids and those who don’t — consider that you have no idea what kind of road they have walked, what they have been through, or why they consider themselves as much a parent as a “real” one.

    I am literally bottle-feeding a three-week old puppy that was dumped in an orchard and left for dead as I write this. I have to feed him every two hours. I am exhausted and still working. And tomorrow, I will rise, have breakfast with my WHOLE family (humans and animals — well, not the chickens, they make terrible breakfast companions) and do it ALL over again without one regret. Because I love them all. And they are all my children.

    And yes, I am vegan, so don’t try to go there about how legit an animal lover I am.

    I genuinely hope my comment has been helpful. Don’t judge — be part of the solution, not part of the problem or the gossipy hate-machine.


    • Pet Owners not Pet Parents Reply

      Reading your post just gives me the shivers to know you are out there….somewhere. Such hate for human children and actual parents, and such delusional attachment to the animals you think are your children. Really disturbing.

      • Um she also has two human children and clearly expressed that she would choose them over her animal children if it came to that….Did you actually even read her entire comment?

        “If I had to choose, of course I would choose my human kids — we are inextricably linked and they are my blood, my life, and frankly, one of the main reasons we have rescued so many animals and moved to a 3 acre property.”

    • Well you’re selfish if you would save your human children and leave the animals to die instead of CHOOSING THEM BOTH. You shouldn’t be allowed to have pets.

  37. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and as a respectful woman I see nothing wrong with what this post says. I see these comments and it’s sad to think individuals can be so inconsiderate towards one another. I have no ill will toward you “bluntmoms” but I would like to ask a few questions…

    1. Have you ever sat at home and gotten a call from your best friend saying that she’s pregnant from a man that she’s barley knows…and they your been trying for years.

    2. Have you ever been to an infertility doctor just to hear the same thing over and over again “miracles do happen”.. “we’ll keep trying”

    3. Have you ever went to family functions and been repeatedly asked when you’ll have children? Knowing the answer but having tho say…”no time soon”

    4.Or had to watch the look in your dad’s eyes, knowing your his only girl, get so excited when telling him you have news… knowing it will never be what he’s expecting to hear..we’re pregnant… the word “grandpa” Will never be screamed from across the baseball field or from the other side of an auditorium after a ballet performance.

    5. Have you ever been at Disneyland and watched a child be so excited to see Minnie and Mickey mouse for the first time ever…and yet want to watch the face of the parents.. so happy and looking like they have conquered the world…knoqing that question child’s happiness, a childs wonder, imaginatio will run free and Always wondering what it’s like to see all the dreams of a toddler come true knowing that’s it’s just a man and woman in costumes.

    I have.. there’s so many questions… I could ask…but have you ever had a dog.? Have you ever cried, vented and yelled. Disclosed every single secret, angry thought or plead with God in front of a human.. without getting judgment.? My dogs.. are my family.. and I’ve read “when you child gets sick, you can’t just put it to sleep.” Well, “bluntmoms” neither do I. Some say that a dog can’t “feel” but I beg do differ.. My dogs all know who I am.. I am a “dog mom” and some of you may disagree with that.. and mock me but that’s okay.. because at the end of the day it is my belief.. My husband’s belief that I know.. with my dogs ill be okay. With the depression, self loath, imperfections and anger I have.. there is pure love for my dogs.

    I share my stories of my dogs..just like parents share stories about their kids… because they are my ‘kids’. They are disciplined, they know right or wrong, they know the difference between yes and no good or bad..

    While I’ll make it perfectly clear.. a child is not a dog. Nor is a dog a child. my dogs are my family. I do everything a normal mother would do to her kids.. feed them.. nurture the…teach them.. rescue them when in need.. disipline them when wrong..
    But before you make preconceived judgements about those who choose or not choose to live their life that way…just put some thought in what your words can do to someone.. a “parent” regardless of it be of a dog or a human needs love. And who is anyone to say a mom is only to a human..
    I know my dogs have a better life than some kids have.. and that. Is a tragedy all in its self.

    • Your comment brought tears to my eyes, thank you. I have struggled with having children and decided to focus on work and my pets and my happiness. I feel the pressure everyday from family and see the eye rolls when I talk about my pets. I love them and they are family, I will share stories and call them my fur babies all I want.

  38. Phew, thank God you’re here to tell us this “Bluntmoms”. I honestly thought I’d birthed my cats out of my own womb – it’s just lucky there are people like you to put me straight!

    Honestly, just get over yourselves, get off your high horse. Furbabies are what they are and a lot of us who have them prefer them over kids any day! Unconditional love, cute 24/7, never going to scream “I hate you” when you’ve given them everything, there for cuddles whenever you want them… to the moo who said animals are incapable of complex emotions, I just feel sorry for you. And for the kids you’re raising to view animals in the same pathetic, very incorrect way you do.

    Some of you are SOOOO angry and bitter and all twisted up with hate. It actually makes me think there’s jealousy there… regretting your life choices are you?? If not, why be offended by what people you don’t know call their animals!?

  39. Step up your game. Reply

    You are the single most idiotic person I have ever encountered on the Internet. What’s it to you if someone calles their beloved pet a fur baby? Who fucking cares? I feel pity for you, because it seems like a 14 year old like myself is more open minded and smarter than you. Step up your game, because at the moment, you sound like a horrible mother and an even worse fur mommy.

  40. If you did the things you listed above to your dogs (most of which are NOT acceptable things to do to pets or children, I highly doubt you’re a fit “real” mother either. A lack of judgement & an ignorant mindset is most terrifying when displayed by people who also wield false senses of entitlement or justice. This isn’t bluntness… It’s cringe material.

  41. I would kick my own pets out of a 10th story window to save the life of a child that I didn’t know. That’s the difference people. I love dogs as much as anyone but they’re not even close to the value of a human life.

    • Dear annoymous that would throw your pety out of a building- That is fucking ridiculous. What makes a human life more valuable than 100 animals, or just one, let alone your own? What the hell is wrong with you? I feel such pity for your pets. Fish, bird, cat, dog, whatever. If you can give me a reasonable argument, something that might actually make some sense, any actually, I might not think you are a nutbag. What makes a child so much more valuable that your dogs? You know, my dog, my last dog, and any dog I have ever known, has never, ever, ever shown me any hatred or rudeness, or not cared about me. They have always been there for me and loved me forever. To be completely honest- NO JOKE- I have not met a single human being- young or old- that has not pissed me off so bad that I want to smack them. A dog is your friend, your partner, your defender! Loyal till the last breath! They would never turn on you! Your their life! You owe it to them to worthy of such devotion! A human being- every single one I have ever known has made me want them out of my life at some point- and you can’t tell me that you are much different. No dog should ever show you any love- for you to just throw what they give you out a 10 story building for one child that you do not know ( it could be the brat of the century that wouldn’t even be grateful for it) is bullshit.

    • That is fucking ridiculous. What makes a human life more valuable than 100 animals, or just one, let alone your own? What the hell is wrong with you? I feel such pity for your pets. Fish, bird, cat, dog, whatever. If you can give me a reasonable argument, something that might actually make some sense, any actually, I might not think you are a nutbag. What makes a child so much more valuable that your dogs? You know, my dog, my last dog, and any dog I have ever known, has never, ever, ever shown me any hatred or rudeness, or not cared about me. They have always been there for me and loved me forever. To be completely honest- NO JOKE- I have not met a single human being- young or old- that has not pissed me off so bad that I want to smack them. A dog is your friend, your partner, your defender! Loyal till the last breath! They would never turn on you! Your their life! You owe it to them to worthy of such devotion! A human being- every single one I have ever known has made me want them out of my life at some point- and you can’t tell me that you are much different. No dog should ever show you any love- for you to just throw what they give you out a 10 story building for one child that you do not know ( it could be the brat of the century that wouldn’t even be grateful for it) is bullshit.

    • What a coincidence Reply

      I’d light you on fire if it meant saving any stray animal.

  42. Sure I’m a Mom to my dog… because I want to be. Because you say I’m not, doesn’t change a thing. I’ll always be Mommy to my dog. Because it’s between my dog and I…you have nothing to do with it and your opinion doesn’t matter to me in the least bit. You’re not changing any minds here, but I respect your right to speak your mind. I hope you’re a really good Mother to your kids and a great pet-owner to your pets. I know I’m a great Mom to my dog 🙂

  43. I’m a guy and a dog owner, and I have no issue with this article. We’ve had our dog for 7 years and he’s loved and well taken care of, but at the same time, he is not on on the same level as our kids. He doesn’t wear clothes or get home cooked meals, he doesn’t get taken everywhere we go, and we don’t alter our lives that much because of him (i.e. not taking a vacation or something like that). People are free to love their pets as much as they won’t, but let’s be honest: Owning a dog makes a lot of people lose touch with reality.

  44. I agree with this. Nobody can be a parent of an animal unless they are the same species as their pet.

  45. Nice person who does not care what people call their pets Reply

    Written by mean Moms. Get over yourself.

  46. I’m pretty sure those people you see on Instagram are very well aware that they are not the “real mom” of those fur babies. I always think the word “mom” or “dad” used by pet owners are just affectionate terms to use instead of “owner” or “master” that sound too technical and distant.

    And no, I don’t have any pets (or kids). I’m just so damn tired of having to listen to my friends’ stories about their kids (yawn yawn). You won’t believe how many eye rollings I do in a week just listening to those boring stories.

  47. I can’t tell you how much it annoys me when my husband and his brother call these dogs their *kids*. Infuriating. They try to humanize them but don’t discipline them when they behave like brats…. the special snowflake treatment. I don’t even give my own human children that sort of treatment, because I don’t want to raise spoiled rotten children. I’m glad I read this, and that I’m not the only one.

  48. Jamie Gaskin Reply

    Would you tell this to a woman who could not conceive? How about one who miscarried? Or whose child died?

    • kuldeep singh Reply

      your comment is laughable. i will tell that woman to adopt a child instead of a dog.

      • Your comment is daft, she’s not just talking about the dog bit genius… She’s talking about the fact that the blog poster said that anyone who hasn’t birthed a child isn’t a real mom. Which is honestly quite disgusting. Some people in this world don’t want to have a child or are unable to, get over yourself.

  49. The major difference between being an animal mom and a human one is simple: animal Moms don’t need a holiday designed to show gratitude to us—-we get all the honor, love and gratitude handed to us on a daily basis, every time we walk through that door, or cuddle on the couch or go for walks.

  50. Pet parenthood comes without “Mending tiny broken hearts” huh???? ignorant at is finest. What do you think ANIMAL RESCUERS do????

  51. babies_and_gsds Reply

    Being a mom is a choice. Having a pet is a choice. In a sense, you are a mom to a pet as well. I have a kid and 2 dogs, and the dogs came before the kid. I still feel extremely responsible for my dogs, who I have cared for from 8 weeks of age. However, being a CRAZY mom is a different ball game all together. There are micromanaging moms to HUMAN kids and moms who treat their dogs as babies. Both are wrong, and for different reasons. A dog (and this does NOT apply to all animals) needs engagement with his/her human. You are never viewed by the dog as a MOM or a parent. You are viewed either as a master or as a pushover. Being a master does not mean you don’t care and love your dog deeply, and it is not a question of more or less than your human kid. I love my dogs in a very different way. I can teach my kids self-reliance, but I feel a stronger sense of protection around my dogs because A) they are my shadows B) human beings are less understanding of an animal’s pain than another human’s pain. There is deeply primal sense of devotion that I feel towards both my kid and my dogs, however, I will not talk in baby-language and do the coochie-cooing with my dogs. People who treat their dogs like babies, need to have kids. And there is an element of mutual respect and loyalty between a dog and his/her master – that is really the only bond that must exist. You took in an animal, and you need to commit to protecting and caring for him/her till their dying breath. You gave birth to a child, and you need to commit to arming your child with the best possible tools, knowledge and self-confidence to be independent and successful. This argument here is silly.

  52. Dear BLUNT MOMS,

    May I be BLUNT with YOU? I am not an idiot, I get what you are trying to say here, but unfortunately I think you wrote it poorly, and a little offensively. It’s not hilarious, nor is is constructive. It’s true that there is hardly a comparison to taking care of a pet vs. taking care of a child, but I don’t see any of these nutty pet owners on Instagram trying to make that comparison (including myself) by using the ‘mom’ title – they are simply enjoying and sharing the love they have for their pets and consider themselves moms because there is most certainly a care-taking aspect to it, and major commitment and responsibility involved (or should be) when one decides to have a pet. It’s not a competition. You seem to be saying that the REAL definition of being a “mom” has exclusions and that no one else should get claim to that title unless they have pushed something out of their vagina and given up girl’s night out. Does sharing the mom title with a pet owner really upset you that much? You are obviously passionate about this subject, but I kind of think you are getting caught up in semantics, here.

    Oh, and please don’t ever yell at your dog and shove his nose in his pee accident. That’s fucked up. And NEVER works.

    Sincerely, CRAZYDOGMAMA

  53. I would LOVE to have a child. I have prayed for a child. Endured expensive fertility treatments to have a child. I am looking at fostering and adoption so I can have a child. During this time I started to become very depressed every month when my cycle started and I wasn’t pregnant. I woule obsessively search the internet for suggestions, vitamins to take, diets to try, anything. Every moment was spent focusing on this. One day I went to a local humane society and adopted a dog, a senior dog at that, so I would have something else to distract me and give my attention and love to. My dog saved my life. I don’t call him my baby to others but I often will call him my baby when I’m talking to him. Then one day I realized in a way God has answered my prayer for a baby just not in human form. I’m still praying to have a child in my life but am so thankful for my dog. He saved me from dark sadness and depression. Your article is very insulting and insenstive to women all over the world in my situation. I’m glad you are able to have a family and enjoy that experience but please stop devaluing mine. #nationalinfertility week #startasking

  54. I had my baby boy and my fur baby both die within 2 months of eachother. My dog was 15 and I was equally sad about both. You a just a heartless bi#@h!! And that is all.

  55. I hate those social media moms who think because they had unprotected sex and squeezed out a kid they are somehow accomplished at life.
    Meanwhile 14 year old teen moms manage to give birth to kids in a bathroom stall on prom night and continue partying like nothing happened.
    Giving birth isn’t a miracle anymore with today’s medical care.
    Sure some babies can be cute and all but don’t get angry when someone else endearingly calls their dog that they adore and love a furbaby.
    The world won’t bow down to you and put you on a pedestal for doing something billions of women have done before you.

  56. Brianna Angove Reply

    I find this EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!!!!!! So I’m not a MOM because my baby has fur?!? That is complete BS!!!!! I am a fur mom because I can’t have babies of my own!!! My FUR BABY got me out of the harmful depression I was going through because I can’t physically get pregnant!!!

    • That’s great and fine, but it doesn’t make you a parent, and it is offensive to the parents who put in the work, time and commitment to be one. You don’t know what it’s like to be a parent, so don’t claim you know what it’s like to be one because you own pets.

  57. Wow, what a hurtful thing to say. For whatever reason, God chose for me not to have children. But I can give my dogs a good life, and what they give me back is immeasurable. I am in awe of all mothers, but your words cut deep.

  58. Insensitive to infertile couples…. just saying. Don’t rub your ‘Mom’ status in to those who would give anything EXCEPT their fur babies to experience all the heartache and difficulty that come from having a “real” child. Some might say you’re not a mom if your child doesn’t have a disability… “I can’t leave them alone in the living room while I make a sandwich without fearing they’ll self-mutilate themselves to a bloody mess.” Don’t judge the level of love and devotion of others for the living beings they’re responsible for without considering their personal struggles. Thank you.

  59. Get over yourselves. You need to have respect for those who can’t have children or never get to experience motherhood for ANY reason. You sound like a bunch of self-absorbed narcissists. I have seen many pet MOM’S & DAD’S make sacrifices for their animals.

  60. Oh waaah. Boohoo. You define who is family and what role to you, but like it or not, you don’t get to define anybody else’s family, who they feel that way about. Being a mother means being a nurturer. Any woman who puts her mothering instincts to work to nurture another, regardless of age, race, species, or anything else, is a mother. Get over yourself. You don’t have anything that anyone else doesn’t. Nobody cares if you’re butthurt.

  61. Animals adopt and raise little ones of another species all the time, and everyone is all awwww. It’s exactly the same thing when a human being does it. Whether you like it or not, it’s still mothering. Get over yourself. The only thing you have that they don’t is that you gave birth to yours. Mothering is a God given instinct that all women have, and any and all women who put that instinct to use to care for anyone in need of mothering, regardless of age, race, species, or anything else, is a mother. Just as much as you are.

  62. Mommy of the Year Reply

    Sorry. I disagree with you. I’m a pet mommy and I love my puppy. You can love your human baby all you want but us pet moms are here to stay and we’re celebrating Mother’s Day. You’re just gonna have to get over it because you can’t stop us! PET MOMS UNITE!

  63. Screw you, you insensitive, holier-than-thou witch. You need to walk a mile in a childless woman’s shoes before judging.

    • You should walk a mile in a mom’s shoes before calling yourself a parent.

      • Cool, what kind of parent? One of the many millions who abuse or neglect their kids? The ones in prison? The ones living in third world conditions whose children die before their first birthday? Or is it just people like you that get the title of parent? Would you deny it of others?

        Honestly – when you think more deeply about it, outside of your own narrow view – being a parent alone doesn’t make you special for any reason. You may be a VERY special kind of parent though – but only because of the things you do as a parent, not because having that role makes you special by default. Also – I think when people with pets call themselves a “fur-parent” – what they’re referring to is the level of care involved. It seems weird to call yourself and “owner” of an animal you consider a family member, who you have a real two-way relationship with. Friend or companion might be close, but for those who’ve raised puppies, been up during the night, toilet trained, experimented with diets, ensured they’re entertained, take on trips and outings, taught, cared lovingly for, worried about their needs etc. – parent actually feels quite close to the mark too. I highly doubt anyone is suggesting that they are an actual biological parent in any way, and anyone who can’t see there are some pretty big differences is a bit concerning – but that’s not about the “title”.

        The biggest thing I don’t understand is – especially if it doesn’t compare at all in the minds of parents – how it is any more skin off anyone’s nose anyway? Why does it matter what other people call themselves – especially when it’s all about love anyway?

  64. M. Morales Reply

    There where two gift shop cashiers working in the VA hospital. One always assumed they would to join the arm forces but due to medical reasons was rejected, the other cashier respected military life but never wanted that life for themselves. Both cashiers paid there taxes, voted in every election and proudly display a US flags that where in pristine shape on their residential property. They were friends with a veteran patient of the hospital who had come back from his 2nd deployment. He had missed his son’s birth while deployed and suffered some serious injuries while serving. When Veterans Day came around, the cashiers felt upset that unlike their veteran friend, they weren’t honored. They felt that working in the VA hospital, voting and displaying a flag was exactly the same as actually serving in the military and dealing with all that comes with it.

  65. Just because you spirted a human out of your vagina, like billions of humans have been doing since the dawn of mankind, doesn’t mean you are superior and special. By giving birth to a human, you are CONTRIBUTING to a very real problem….HUMAN OVERPOPULATION. Because of your selfish need for a mini-me, you are causing the world more harm than good. My cats see me as their caregiver and provider. They love me. You can take your superior attitude and shove it back up your vagina.

  66. Please don’t forget about those who cannot have children. Their pets are their children and they help to fill a void that is not understood by most.

    • That’s fine – pets can fill a void, but it is not the same. You have not earned parental status.

      • Pissed off Reply

        You know what? Screw your parental status and your little snobby club. I bet you were a fertile Myrtle and never once had a single moments trouble.

  67. I have a 1 year old, but I also lost my 9 year old shih tzu to a horrible auto immune disease 6 months ago after watching her beat it 7 months prior to that. She was my emotional support dog, and my furry baby. This author needs to learn to think before they speak. I struggled through infertility and at one point thought I would never have kids, so I opened my home and heart to a bunch of furry babies, and the unconditional love I share with them, is much the same as the love I have for my son. I give it freely and without pause, so please, go be a grumpy, rain on our parade puss somewhere else.

    • Fur babies Mama Reply

      One of my fur babies, my youngest, toy sized miniature schnauzer , w h O has been raised as my baby, gIves me the greatest c ompliment, other than laying his head on my shoulder,bringing me his favorite toy, or never leaving my side, says Mama. He is learning to say it when prompted, but at this time says it everyday. A true miracle.

  68. Please, get over yourself. Who are you to say that people that consider their pets their kids aren’t moms and dads? Exactly, you are nobody. I personally can’t have children and so consider my pets my children because that’s the closest I’ll ever get. Think before you type and shut down an entire group of people when you don’t know their story. It’s just ignorant and rude.

  69. So great for you that you have kids but what about women who cannot have children and have found solace is their fur babies. Who are you to judge them? It fills a void in their hearts and they treat this pups like their children, but by all means please go on about how they are wrong for wanting to heal a piece of their broken heart with a fur baby.

  70. It must be terrible to be so bitter. Rather than wasting your time writing this blog, since you are a real mom, you should be focusing on your humans with real dependency on you. I feel sorry for them, for they appear to have a mother that limits who they can love. I have fur babies, and I’m a dog mom. I post about them, and they are my four-legged children; they have been for over ten years. And you know what? How dare you judge me. You don’t know my story, but let m share a crucial plot line with you. I can’t ever be a so called real mom. I was dealt a hand called infertility. So have some compassion and let me be the best dog mom I can be.

    • Being a parent is an earned title, you’ve paid the dues and made the commitment. Regardless of your circumstances, at the end of the day, you are a pet owner, not a parent. It may not be what you want to believe, but it is reality.

      • It is most definitely NOT an earned title – it’s one you get by default (unless you make the unselfish choice to adopt). More than half of pregnancies are unplanned. There are plenty of awful, abusive, absent etc. parents out there…. and guess what – they are called “parent” too! Yes – just like you. Not so special and most definitely not earned. You could earn the title of “good” parent, but IMO, you’d have to be more thoughtful and open minded than you currently seem to be for that.

  71. You are brave. Write whatever you want about kids but apparently people seriously freak out if you dare to write or speak about pets.

  72. Hon, it’s time for you to learn what the definition of a mom is. A mom isn’t someone who shoves a child out of their body, a mom is someone who commits their undying love to someone, no matter what their genetic code is. I love my cat more than I love my kids! Being human doesn’t give my children the “upper hand”, living with my cat for years and developing a bond with him did. And until you realize that, then you’re just a shitty person.

  73. JustCurious Reply

    I’m curious why this is such an important issue to you. Is the pet mom issue harmful to the plight of “real” moms or are you just being mean? Women can be a bit nasty when they are feeling insecure and this seems a lot like that. Are you trying to validate that your choice to raise children has more value than women who chose to pursue other interests? Are you just cranky cause you don’t get enough sleep and haven’t been on a date with your spouse since the kids were born? Or did you just see that someone else was happy playing with their dog and it made you hulk rage because you secretly hate your children and the havoc they have reeked on your life and you don’t feel that other women should get to have any joy?

    • Whoa! You hit the nail on the head! Marriages suffer with the birth of each child. Dates with their spouse? Doesn’t happen very often. In fact, many don’t even want it. Their children become their world. Divorce is usually eminent once they leave the nest. She’s a foolish woman. And you are so right in your assessment of her.

  74. Ashley McCabe Reply

    What an asinine article. You can love your children, you can love your pets. If you have to write an article defining the boundaries of what a mother is, I have to wonder why you’re so threatened and insecure. Or maybe you’re a bored house wife.

  75. You are stupid. I feel sorry for your kids being raised by you. Hopefully they move out as soon as possible and meet some good influenced.

  76. You know your article was very well written and Blunt….no surprise there!
    Personally I disagree and I say I am a parent to my fur babies! I raised two puppies, they are pit bull/boxer mix and they are the sweetest dogs I have ever been around! I taught them to potty train, I take them to the vet to get their shots and medicine which by the way is very expensive! I feed them and yes they may eat the same food three times to twice a day, but lady have you heard of dog treats and peanut butter with bananas as a snack?? I feel the reason we should be called parents is because we invest our time to these fur babies and actually have a connection! Yes they may never go to high school and experience prom or a broken heart ache, but they get to experience life with a person who actually loves them, takes care of them and makes sure their happy! Isn’t that what you would do with a baby? You connect with it and it grows! I teach my puppies tricks and right from wrong….I do not just throw in a kennel and leave then with a bone to figure out it for themselves!
    Have you also considered the fact some couples can’t have kids? Yes there is the option for IVF and adoption (which are great things by the way) but adoption is very expensive and sometimes there can be a 1-6 year wait to get that child! IVF isn’t that successful either for a lot of couples and it can end in heart break! Yes a dog will never turn human but it can try and replace that empty hole in your heart! So before you critize us and all of our post about our fir babies, just make sure you understand their story first before you think your right!

  77. Have you by chance heard of “before you have kids, get a dog to practice??” I think that is so true because especially puppies, they are very hard to train! I potty trained my puppies, I take them to the vet, oh did you know it’s very expensive! Oh and also did you know they have family insurance where you can have insurance for the dog?? I teach my fur babies right from wrong…yes they will never go to high school and learn about the presidents of the United States, or go to prom or have break up, but they will have a chance to live with someone who can teach them that they learn everyday from! Have you also thought of that some coulples, even though as hard they may try they cannot have kids?? Yes there is IVF and adoption (which are great things!) but with adoption comes $50,000 + and also IVF is not successful and can end with heart brake! If you cannot kids why can’t you get a puppy and call them for babies and let it fill that hole in your heart and make you happy!! Isn’t that what life is about? Being happy? If your neighbors talks about their dog all day and tells you stories just go with it because if you are annoyed of them telling you stories they are probably annoyed of your stories about your kids! So if someone calls themselves a mom to for babies don’t judge because you don’t freaking know their story!!!

  78. The mere posting of this article is actually really brave because “pet parents” are missing a few marbles, and absolutely refuse to accept the difference between raising a human baby and their animal of choice. Without even glancing at the comments I can predict the sheer wall-to-wall ricocheting outbursts of rage at your suggestion that dogs are not and never will be the same as human children.

    They might go to great lengths to explain that they *do* know the difference. However, as soon as your co-worker is in an accident where their child was severely wounded, and that child was taken to the hospital, the ‘pet parent’ in the office will be the first to sing out ‘Oh god! If that happened to my baby I would faint! I would not come in to work at all! For a week…at least.’ The ‘baby’ in question? A German Shepard.

    I’ve noticed “pet parents” also tend to give “human-ish” names to their pets so that when they discuss them in public, someone who overhears might mistake the animal for a human child. Names like ‘Dylan’, ‘Sophia’, ‘Nancy’ etc.
    And I think they get a kick out of that aspect of it as well. Like ‘oh, this stranger will imagine how caring I am, because they think I’m talking about a baby. Just think if they realized I was talking about a dog! They would think I have a heart of gold!”
    This isn’t to say that these people aren’t over-the-top completely attached to their pets, they usually are, to an almost horrific degree.

    It’s basically a sad attempt to legitimize how “loving” they are as people. “I don’t see a dog! I see a naughty adorable child!” The primary connecting theme seems to be that most of them are trying to “prove” their ability to love.

    It comes down to this, a dog (or pet of choice) can’t reject your love, because it can’t actually process “love” as an idea. What owners choose to interpret as “love” are usually biologically built in responses the animal has built up based on upbringing, genetics and conditioning. You can literally teach a dog to be your obedient, subservient, will never exceed you or reject you, baby.

    There’s a lot more I could say about this, and actually I think there should be tests done to gauge the mental condition of people who identify as ‘dog moms’. However, I will just leave it at, THANK YOU for writing this article.

  79. Thank you. Finally a sane person. I’m getting really sick and tired of retards referring to themselves as “mom” when talking about their cat or dog. Get a life, Jesus. Women really do go bonkers if they don’t have a child, in majority of cases, anyway.

  80. Wow. You sound like a bitter old bitch. Who cares if someone calls herself a dog mom? Clearly she gets the difference as she refers to herself as a “dog mom” and not just a mom. More importantly, you’re clearly lashing out about a ridiculous subject because you’re not getting the attention or recognition you think you deserve for raising a baby. Millions of people do that every day.

  81. I must say, I agree that people should not call themselves dog moms, but for a different reason. I personally could care less if you birthed the pup or not, or if peoples’ stories bore you about their pet. I think that no one should call them self a dog mom purely because they are not your child- they are your best friends. You are not their mom- you are their best friend. And to debunk the child theory, dogs are actually full grown adults by two and half years of age- no longer children in any way. However, although I halfway agree with you, you did put it rather offensively. It is different to be blunt and honest than offensive and critical. And sure, some people may not see their pets as their friends, but their kids, but I must agree with you there- a child must be of the same species. And yes, animals do adopt another species’ child as their own, but it is not the same. A dog does not look to you as a parent as animals may to each other. However, there is some proof that a dog may see a human as their mom. If you look at a dog and her puppies, you may see that the puppy will constantly lick at the mother’s mouth for food, and if you have ever had a large dog, and they jump on you licking, that is what they are mimicking. A small dog will simply do if you hold him/her. Another is that the pup will cuddle to the mother for warmth and protection- dogs that are frightened of thunder or fireworks may display these qualities, although some may not. Although these are just two examples, there are many more that say that a dog may see it’s caretaker as a mother, but I still disagree with it. You may see this post as helping ones who call themselves moms of dogs, or you may see it as vice versa. Whichever the case, I think that dogs are friends, not children.

  82. Darrilyn Cartwright Reply

    Love the post about dog moms…wouldn’t dare share it as would alienate many of my friends…I have been a pet owner of a hamster…cat ….and several dogs. BUT I am a Mom to 2 lovely human sons. After the birth of son #1 and the aggression my yorkshire terrier showed towards him it was my pet that had to go ! No question…luckily my sister [who has no children]…took in my pet Bonzo….but sadly in my opinion only……puts animals care before her only nephews …..she wouldn’t secure or remove Bonzo when we visited even tho she was aware of the issue….Animals versus people….I know where I stand !

  83. Why does it bother you so much it sounds like you have no talents or skills and use being a mother to make yourself feel better. Get a hobby ? Having children isn’t a skill, loser.

    • Well said. Before the internet I was sick and tired of has-been journalists in daily newspapers who had nothing to write about except their children who they invariably got an au-pair to look after. Talentless hacks who were once covering weddings and other trivia in local newspapers until they went to Fleet Street and wrote about fashion and celeb gossip for the women’s pages.

  84. I am a mom to my furbabies n purr babies. I am a crazy cat lady n IDGAF. I cannot reproduce like other women – yea that’s the body I ended up with. I see my pets as toddlers, even as seniors they require special care. So kudos to u for squeezing out a crotch goblin. I can’t do that but I can foster, adopt & parent my pets till death do us part.

  85. I never thought I would say this but GO F#CK yourself. Not all of us have can have children!!!

  86. If you are willing to write a full blown article on this topic, you should own what is yours. I cannot find a name to whom this article belongs. I have been told that I cannot have children and so my little dog was the closest I have come to motherhood, which has been a lifelong dream, as it is for most girls. I am happy that you are able to have children. A wonderful gift not all are granted. I hope that as a mother, you find yourself more consumed with caring for them than writing articles condemning women for being “mothers” to a living creature, even though it may not come from my womb. You are a fortunate woman.

  87. Who gives a sh*t what they call themselves? Don’t like it, don’t do it.
    Stop being such a killjoy.

  88. Some people can’t have kids and choose their dogs to be their “kids.” I can’t stand how people who become parents think they are so much better than the people who aren’t parents. My husband and I have been trying to have kids for a year and 8 months. We love our animals deeply and have decided that if we can’t have children that our pets can be our “kids.” So next time before you put down a group of people think about why some might call their pets their kids…..

  89. rachel farina Reply

    I can’t even believe the ludicrousness of this article. Of all things to be upset about, especially a group of privileged white Americans. Bored?

  90. Someone please call animal services on this lady! She clearly has no idea of how to care for a dog or cat. You made the choice to be a mother to a human child, but many of us made the choice to raise a dog who requires as much love, attention, and care as a child. Stop judging people, who are you to judge anyone.

  91. Maybe instead of writing articles you should pay better attention to ur own kid bcz u took time away from ur child to start conflict bcz ur a drama queen.

  92. Your right, I have never had a child. Obviously I have no clue what kind of bond that can be developed between two living beings unless I have. You spend sleepless nights because your newborn wakes up constantly. My husband and I slept on our dining room floor for a year because our dog couldn’t make it up the stairs. You are exhausted working and trucking your kids back and forth to activities. My husband was exhausted working and driving my dog back and forth to vet appointments every single day. Cleaning up bloody diarrhea because of radiation is nothing compared to the blow outs you have cleaned up. You child running up to you is nothing like my dog greeting me at the door take wagging and staying by my side constantly. And if you don’t think dogs talk back, you obviously never met a dog like mine. Hopefully your children grow up (I assume that you will eventually let them at some point in their lives stay in a house alone allowing you to go have your happy hour??) move out on their own and start their own families. I loved my dog with all of my heart and soul knowing that I would eventually have to say goodbye to her and go on without her. Forgive me for evidently demeaning the sacrifices that you have made to become a parent. I only hope that your children are able to understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If I say that dog was my kid, you should understand that means I would do anything for them and that the love I feel for them is real in my mind and heart. Although I have many friends with kids, thankfully none of them are as judgmental as you seem to be, or believe that they are somehow superior to me simply because my child has fur.

  93. Someone is bitter they made the wrong choice 😉 cats > brats

  94. By that definition foster, adoptive and step mothers aren’t mothers either if they have never given birth. But often as not they make better mothers than mere breeders who accidentally get pregnant as they were so careless, get pregnant so as to trap their boyfriend into marrying them or so they have an accessory to boast about in real life and on the internet. Some ‘mothers’ spend so much time online and gossiping in coffee shops I wonder how much time they actually spend on their children and on housework and cooking. I read an article about Eastern European au-pairs in London and the Home Counties telling the truth about their employers and how these poor au-pairs were working as unqualified nannies/house-keepers/cooks but paid as au-pairs as their employers preferred to do fun things when not working and ignore their children. They would have still be running ragged if their employers had no children.

  95. Vika Annefors Reply

    Well, “pet” moms don’t contribute to human overpopulation, don’t increase the number of mass murderers and terrorists. Just to name a few random problems human animals cause. And you think you are better than us?

  96. This is one of the saddest articles I have ever seen.

    I am not an idiot, I get what you are trying to say here, a child and a dog are completely different. But some people either don’t want or can’t have kids. It is very offensive and hateful. Us “pet parents”can still love and care for our “furbabies”. Some of us have seen the struggles of having kids and hear our friends complain about their children. So we choose not to have kids. My dogs help me through hard times and love me unconditionally (it has been proven that dogs can love and that they have more emotions then you think they do). This article is so hateful my eyes almost were watering up. Please think before you speak/write.

  97. Becoming a parent is the greatest sin there is so I’m very happy to not be one of you. I’m adopting dogs on death row, not bringing more death and suffering to this planet for no good reason. You breeders are so entitled. You think the rest of us need to give you some kind of reward for being so irresponsible. Newsflash, all of the pain your child will experience in life is your fault. All of the pain your child will cause others, is also your fault. Your child’s death is entirely your fault. Being a Mom = being a real jerk.

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  99. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that pet lovers consider themselves better people because they didn’t push out a baby. It has nothing to do with that, it’s kind of obvious. I, as an animal lover I do consider myself a furry mom because it is I who care for my pets. If you have children, fine. If you have pets and love them. Fine. Why the Hell do you need to belittle those who decide to spray their motherly love to pets? Why would you do that? Do you think you are better?

  100. I love this. And I agree to an extent. Whether it is adoption or natural child birth, that is what makes a mother. Owning a pet does not compare in a lot of ways. Yes, the responsibility aspect is the same, but at the end of the day, a child is the next generation of human to walk the earth. Your pet grows old and dies. Granted humans do too, but they’re meant to produce, create, contribute. It’s really kind minimizing to say that a person who owns a pet only is equal to a parent. Children have different needs, disabilities, ailments.

    Simply put, you can’t compare pet ownership to parenthood.

  101. I agree completely, but people will be so offended and angry about this. It feels like this pet obsession has gone so far overboard. Yes, we love them and they are “like family” but they are not people, or equal to people. When I hear “furbaby” I could gag. I just read about a couple who make a gigantic bed to fit their numerous dogs, which I find extremely gross.

    • Fur babies Mama Reply

      Why is that gross? If it makes the pet happy and their pet mom happy, why do you care?

  102. For someone who suffers tremendously over infertility and has come to the conclusion that I will never be a “mom”. My dog has taken that void of longingness of wanting a child. Though it may not be the exact same thing I do look at my dog as my “child”. You may want to consider that before speaking out on this topic for those who may be going through the same thing as I who consider themselves “parents” their loving pets.

  103. I wsa gonna say… she must not even have a real dog… even the picture is of some pint sized creature.. I have a LARGE animal. It’s like having a two year old, science behind their needs already exists. You have a two year old, FOREVER. They need their daily walks, more exercise, and they don’t always listen either… barking has to be controlled/monitored, I NEVER leave my dog alone and he NEVER left me ALONE! So pshaw! at the writer! You must be thinking, CATS, lady!

    Please, say this to my best friend, she’s gonna tell you to your face you’re one disconnected self-important ****.

  104. Honestly who cares by now, it’s a dumb discussion because who really actually cares. I mean the person who wrote this probably is a wine mom and has too much time on her hands so she just complains about pointless things.

    • Hey Anonymous, did you make it into the Troller’s Secret Club yet? Because I would hope that you at least have something to show for being an asshole, otherwise you’re also a loser.

  105. Aventura j. Reply

    Wow, the comments here are horrible…. Seriously. And some of you took this way too personally, to the point where you felt that being “blunt” meant to be condescending and cursing. The essence of what you said, your pain, and your experiences were totally lost from the moment you started to personally attack the author.

    Personally, I’ve had pets longer than I’ve had children, but I know what the journey is like with both. I also know the journey of loss, infertility, struggle, and the like, through my and others’ lives. People– They are two different experiences, and you can’t pit one against the other. No, no one will ever know what it feels like to know you want to love and have a child and you can’t. And no, you will never know what it’s like to sit at the hospital bedside of your child after you’ve been given heartbreaking news. Respect that there is a difference. Yes, the author could have conveyed that a little differently, but for the love of God, put away the damn pitchforks and think for a second.

    The people who have gone as far as homelessness, who’ve gone through natural disasters and lost everything, including their pet- it’s devastating and hard. And the ones who struggle to keep a job and feed those children, who can’t afford to pay rent and daycare, who have to struggle to make ends meet, who spend countless nights losing sleep and worrying about the extra pressures of bullying, grades, and their future– it’s HARD, and maybe harder. And it’s okay. Why in heavens name would you take that personally? One is not “better” than the other, and choice is irrelevant. Your experiences are just that- *experiences.* They allow you to view the world and connect with others in different ways, because that’s what makes the world wonderful. Can I understand where pet owners are coming from? Of course. My cat was my saving grace when I had postpartum depression. I believe God made him for me, he has to be an angel in fur. My cat is the sweetest and most patient animal, especially with to my child with special needs. I don’t know of life without him. But do I understand the author? Totally, because my cat is my cat, and raising children is HARD, especially when many of you fail to take into account that there are so many other variables than just being able to “birth” or “adopt” a child. I have a kid with special needs, and It’s not so easy, and you’re just as rude and hurtful to assume that all is well just because someone can give “birth,” ignorantly and blatantly ignoring all the other factors that can happen along the way. You’re just as guilty as the author, if you assume so. And you’re just as rude and as guilty if you’re screaming from the rooftops as to “why do you care if they call themselves pet parents? Eff off!!!” Because you don’t know how many times the author might have met pet parents who were rude, condescending, self-centered, thin-skinned, taking every word as a personal attack on their inability to have children or wanting their dog to be treated at the same level as her child (believe me, I’ve met many) when she sincerely wanted to share the struggles and exhaustion and the personal challenges of being a parent, and only wanted people to know, hey, they’re not the same. Apples and oranges. It is what it is.

    Please realize that just because I see you as an “owner” doesn’t mean I think less of you or that I’m better than you. Those are MY experiences, and you have no right to scream at me to redefine them simply because you take offense to the fact that I don’t see you as a parent. The bigger picture is that you’re a great person who, in spite of your heartaches and trials, has this wonderful ability to deeply and sincerely love and care for all of God’s creation, great and small, human or not. THAT is what connects us, not the word “parent.”

    Wish some of you screaming from your righteous soapboxes and throwing stones at the author would stop and take a look at yourselves- It’s a shame.

  106. bluntpetmom Reply

    I am a caregiver. No matter what you want to call it, it is a fact. ( I have cleaned animal bm and human bm). However the word “baby” is just a word. If you dont want to use it to describe something that is dependent on you (and yes animals are depended just like children) then dont. If it offends you then get over it. I could call you many different words be them offensive or not. But Mommy im sure yourhusband has called you baby a few times if were honest and you do not look like a baby any more than my dog. So woof woof baby.

  107. Hot topic!
    I have a child (human child) and I also have pets. Call me crazy but I love them the exact same way. My son (human) is a sweet person, compassionate and who loves help other people. My pets are, obviously, adorable!
    The main difference is that my son (human) may or may not leave me to raise his own family or eventually send me to an old age home and my pets will never do that to me.
    Other than that I love them all so much and yes I feel like a pet parent for the pets! They are my kids, always will be. The fact that I did not spend 18 hours in labor to have them, if anything, makes me love them even more.
    I see many parents raising their kids to be spoiled, impolite and noisy brats. If that is what they want so be it, but shouldn’t they be more focused on raise their kids to be good and kind people instead of wasting their time criticizing people who love their pets as much as parents love their children?

    • Wow, Sandy, your post scares me. Or makes me feel really, really sorry for your poor son. You love your son and the animals the same? Really? I hope you never tell your son that. That’s emotionally abusive. Here’s a newsflash for you: pets are not people. Your son is supposed to take the highest spotlight, the main role as far as your concern, devotion and love. Do you love your goldfish as much as your son? Please dear Lord let this boy have another parent who values and cherishes him as he should be. Let Sandy attend to her pets. Hopefully this is the saddest thing I will read today.

      • Jessie – your very narrow minded assumption is that she does not have enough love to share for both her children and animals. It sounds to me like she loves and values them all VERY MUCH and what’s wrong with that? Honestly he sounds like a lucky kids to have such a kind and compassionate example set for him. Who says the child should take top spot? Why if she loves them all deeply? Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t make it wrong. She seems very loving and dedicated and tbh it’s your children that I fret for – an example of a presumptuous, narrow minded and judgemental person as a parent.

  108. This is fucked up, I bet she worships the devil and is going to vote for Hillary Clinton to! You monster!

  109. Jesus. I have thought about this for a while. I will first say that dressing animals and try to make them something that they are not is horrible. It’s all wrong and can actually make the pet sick.
    A lot of women can’t have babies. I maybe can’t have babies. My dog has Always given unconditional love to me and when he past away last year it broke my heart. I have lost a lot of close people but it was with no doubt the worst thing ever happened to me. I miss him so mutch.
    A dog is not a baby and your ignorant comments about treating a baby like dog it’s ridiculous. How can even someone think like that and take time
    To do it?!
    All people need to feel love and its all its
    About. Its an expression to call something mom. I know that’s a dog is a dog and a baby is a baby. Still I called myself my dogs mom. He was my baby. Get a life and put your energy on something that’s really matters.

  110. A lot of hate here. Not from the article, but from the commenters.

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  112. If you people are so worried about what other people refer to their animal as, YOU NEED A LIFE!!!

  113. Annonymous Reply

    Get over yourself. Your children are going to grow up resenting and hating you, and you’ll regret having children. You secretly already do. A friend of mine with kids had even suggested having pets can be slightly more difficult. You can (unfortunately) bring a child anywhere, no matter how much of a crying, temper tantrum brat they are. Dogs are not allowed in most places.

  114. Wow. This was 20 minutes of my life I will never get back! I cannot believe I fell for the pathetic cry of the title…. Should have know better. But – I digress…
    This whole thread is just a slap in the face to anyone that parents or believes in sharing all of their love to someone or something. Really? I cannot imagine why any healthy minded person (female or not) would harbor any ill-will towards someone that cared enough about something else to provide it with all the love that they possible could. You “bluntmoms” or mom – seem to have a lot of time on your hands and or a lot of pent up anger and that this is the outlet you choose. Pretty sad and pathetic….. I thought a parent was supposed to guide and nurture?? Um “bluntmom(s)” ever hear of the pot calling the kettle black??
    A person that chooses to love something can be a parent if that is what they so wish. A “parent” is a word that we have defined Ourselves. I have seen “parents” treat their children like s–t. I have seen dog owners (or any animal owner for that matter) show such love and compassion it would break your heart.

    You do not have to birth a child to be a parent. I have nothing else to say about that…

    Choosing to give unconditional love to something or someone is obviously nothing you can even fathom. Because the feelings you harbor to post this – means you have a lot of other issues internally and I can say this… Your children are being affected by you, sadly.

    Ok – bluntmoms…. If you don’t want to hear your friends talk about dogs or anything for that matter and can’t even have the balls to say that – well, then my friend with friends like you – who needs enemies?!?!?!

    I do so hope that you can get the help you need and can share with your children some day that mommy was not perfect. Because your poor kids… Well let’s just say they have a long road ahead of them in therapy if you don’t.

    Ok – well this was my two cents that no one really needed to hear (I know – I mean who the hell and I right?) but I thought I would share. Cause this is what this forum is about right? Sharing our personal thoughts in public yet not wanting any rebuttals to our own opinions.


  115. Why not raise both???… I’m a dad btw.. for 2 Dogs 4 Cats and 1 Son

  116. Wow! What a horrid human being you are! Can’t believe someone can be so rude and disrespectful to animal lovers and animals. By the way you express, I can sense you’re full of hate and you don’t love animals at all, you just have them to use them for entertainment when there’s nothing left to do. They deserve to have a great life, love and respect. If you’re not going to be the human being your pet deserves, at least let other people show their love as they want. I prefer dogs over children a million times. Kids are loud, grow up and then become ungrateful, spend your money and leave you in the end.

  117. Thanks! I really want someone to realise that being a pet owner is a wonderful things and its ok to leave it at that. It is not the same as being a mom, just cause you feel love doesn’t mean you are a mom! so just say that you love you having a dog/cat/whatever, don’t call yourself a mom cause I went thru a 24 hour labor to ear those stretch marks.

  118. For me, it’s not about whether a child is a biological offspring, adopted, foster or any other situation. It’s the simple FACT that the awesome responsibility of caring for, loving, nurturing, educating a human being in NO WAY compares to loving and caring for any pet. I don’t deny that people love their pets deeply, that they are true companions, that people form life-long bonds with them. My problem is when people try to equivocate these two entirely different experiences. And that is what the use of this word – “parent” – seeks to do. It seems to me like pet owners are trying to validate the time/money/effort they spend on their pets. Why? Who cares what anyone thinks of your choices? Caring for human children isn’t for everyone – I have a lot of respect for those who realize that it isn’t for them, and make responsible decisions to live a lifestyle that works for them. Why do you need to adopt this “parent” label, then?

    • Fur babies Mama Reply

      Some animals require more care. I had a pitbull rescue , with terminal cancer, which required , everything , of me . I’ve had a bipolar child that required , everything of me, and no, I’m not bipolar. Lonely , grieving, in pain going through cancer. My fur babies can offer me something that some of my 5 children cannot.
      I have a friend who has an extremely low functioning, adult child. He cannot talk, wears diapers, eats with hands or laps food from a bowl. He has limited understanding of language, but knows love, just a thought. He will never grow up, stays about 2 for the rest of his life. My dog , as an adult, understands approximately 100 words, it is said that an adult dog has about the intelligence of a 3 yr old. It does not make her son less, nor her less of a mother. My dog requires much attention and I do not leave them , without a sitter. The emotional support, service dogs, never leave me. I love and have loved my dogs equally.

    • Here, let me translate this so we can all understand what you really mean: “So fuck you, women who can’t have children and are not financially blessed enough to adopt! You will never know what it’s like and a pet can’t help you with that feeling ever!”

  119. LOL!! Someone’s fucking bitter! I love how irritated it makes you. Let people be happy you little bitch! So what people like to baby their pets?! Who gives a flying fuck? Unless one of those fur babies affects you or yout children you don’t need to say anything. But wow, to post a whole article about it. You are so sad!

  120. After reading your article I still don’t understand why you’re so bent out of shape over whether or not someone wants to refer to themselves as a pet parent. I understand fur babies are not the same as human babies, but there is still a level of care, etc., similar enough to justify it. How heartless can you be to tell someone that the kind of love they feel is so inadequate that it doesn’t constitute any form of parenting for their fur baby? Everyone has the right to an opinion, but yours has too many holes for me to agree with it. After observing your hate filled responses I won’t be back if I get a reply, no reason to waste my time on apathy.

  121. I almost feel bad for you that you need to belittle others to justify your need to procreate. The need to live vicariously through your child to overcome the shortcomings that are your own life. That the only legacy you can leave on this Earth is by continuing your bloodline through birth. Being a Mom is not an award. There are a lot of terrible parents (and terrible pet parents) but the though of honoring yourself for acting upon instinct and having a child brings chills up my spine. So I hope when you read this the anti-depressants are nearby so you are not late to soccer practice. The truth of the matter is you are boring, average and not at all special and it just kills you that other people who don’t have children don’t share that hollow empty feeling. [Mic drop]

  122. Not everyone is lucky enough to become the mother of a human. How would you feel if you couldn’t have children? I am a dog MOM and that’s all I ever get to be.

  123. Furrybabies Reply

    wow, spit out a kid and suddenly we get all bitter and salty at the people who have unconditional love for their furry babies. Can’t wait to pop one out as well so that I too can get a venomous rage over something so insignificant and write a dazzling eye opening article about how my real mini humans are so much more work! I’m going to feel so superior to those who baby their pets. Cannot WAIT! 🙂 ??

  124. And all of what was mentioned, is why i no longer wanted a “real” child after 3 years of not being able to have 1 and when they wake u just about every nightat 330am when u get up at 5a, then the same amount of sleep whether pet or human still applies, that your not getting.

    • In that case, I’m glad you don’t plan on having kids. You would OBVIOUSLY beat them.

  125. And btw you do buy children, bc i wasnt spending upwards of 10,000 just to conceive one which is way more expensive than buying a cat or dog, and to adopt comes with its own costs too, so technically you are buying children

  126. I am wondering to know, who the hell are you to tell people how should they fell about their pets or children or whatever they decide to adopt.

  127. I am a fur/feather mama and this post is funny as hell, and if me being a fur/feather mama offends the snowflake mothers, then good! I hope this does offend them. You guys need to learn to stop judging people! My 2 furbabies and little featherbaby are my life just like your children are yours. Just cause I didn’t birth them don’t mean squat, they are my babies and will always be my babies.

  128. Wow super f’in bitchy. I will share something personal I miscarried and as result I am terrified to “try again” if callin myself a dogmother helps me cope so be it. My dogs do love me I do not care what anyone says about dogs not being “capable of love”. I have comforted some through seizures, I have carried elderly ones outside to relieve themselves when joints were to tender to move, they have kissed away my tears when I was crying, and so you “ladies” need to look inside yourself and see why it makes you so angry when people go about their lives.

  129. MeowicAngel Reply

    Furr Babies mums are mums when u can’t have human babies of your own. Get over yourself not all of us get to be a mother to a human baby. I know I would kill to be a human mother but alas I have to have my Furry Baby. And he might not be as demanding as a human baby but as your baby becomes an child you don’t change it’s nappy all its life (where I do kitty litter), you don’t have to feed it for the rest of its life (cats can’t open a can when they reach a certain age), you don’t have to pay in humain doctor bills cause your child isn’t human, you don’t have to guess what’s wrong with your child after it starts to talk, you don’t have to say goodbye before it’s 15 and you don’t know the pain of not being able to have your own child and seeing all these mothers with their little precious little mini versions of two people who love each other.
    Nor do you wish you could take all those children off the hands of humans unworthy of the right to be a mother or father.
    No you don’t cause you have a child.
    I’m not pissy with you cause you have a child. I’m glad you got your beautiful lil bundle of joy. I’m pissed because you say that furry babies aren’t kids. Yes, there are idiots out there who do buy crap like strollers and stuff for their furry babies but that’s them, if they want to do it then why not. Blame the people who made the crap. But not all of us are the same. I don’t buy that crap for my lil man. He gets maybe some Halloween costumes causes it’s funny to see him in them.
    I’m not saying that having a furry baby is more work than having a human baby, I’m saying not all of us is as lucky to have a human child and the closest possible love is a furry baby.
    From this Furry Baby MOTHER
    To be blunt

  130. Seriously, what a waste of time… Why can’t you let people be whatever they wanna be, huh? I’m not my dog’s “owner” — I’m her mom. I spend enormous amounts of time and money on her. She makes me unbelievably happy. She’s not my “best friend”… She’s my kid. Most importantly, she’s whatever I — not you — decide she is!

  131. Mean spirited; we’ve become a mean spirited society. That’s the real reason for unnecessary articles like this.

  132. So true! Although I’m not a mom and don’t plan on becoming one, our pet-infatuated society is a bit crazy! Pets don’t give back to society so I wish these people would see things for what they are.

    • Animals do give back in many ways. When was the last time a child pulled another kid out of a fire, detected bombs, sniffed out drugsome at airports, showed selfless courage in acts of service in the police etc. Also animals have huge psychological benefits for their humans – they give back a lot. Most children are highly likely to be a burden to the planet and less likely to be real positive contributors – which is the more selfish thing to do – get a dog or bear a child?

  133. Apparently “blunt moms” has never struggled with getting pregnant or infertlity bc sometimes u cant have kids so yeah a pet stroller and pet shoes is as close as it gets to a child stroller or baby shoes. and even though its wonderful you cant say adopting is the same as having ur own. You shouldnt speak without thinking of different types of peoples sides. Thats ignorance. Sometimes scrolling through ur news feed and seeing “#momlife” can be physcially and emotionally breaking. And a furbabies whether u don’t understand or do. Helps and they are dependent upon us and unlike a child which grows into a judemental person like us alp obviously pets have unconditional love. I have seen deathyly beaten pets still not wanting to leave their owners they have undying loyalty and love maybe they cant talk but they can make a hole in ur heart fae. So to all the “#FurMoms”moms out there. You are moms too. Sounds like “bluntmoms” have never had a true long lasting deep relationship of mutal respect with a animal.

  134. @BluntMoms, *slow handclap* congratulations, you’re a mother. You probably enjoy baking cookies, getting your children ready for dance class while you and the other moms gather together in your workout outfits and talk about the latest gossip on the other moms over coffee and brunch. You sound like one of those cliche judgmental moms who do nothing but gossip because being a mother is the ultimate definition of being a woman. I hope you enjoy your tea and crumpets while writing about your daily blogs on the internet.
    My questions for member of the moms only club, have you ever considered thought that as many as 10% of women suffer infertility? Some CANNOT have children due to infertility issues and perhaps adoption isn’t an option because of fees or of how long the process may take (years and years and years)? Perhaps that they can never experience motherhood like you can and so their method of coping is being a “fur momma”. So unless your ovaries don’t work you have no right being an asshole to women who aren’t mothers.


  135. How unconfident in your parenting to do you have to be to put down people who call their dogs their children? What does it matter to you? I feel like you are an extremely insecure parent masquerading as a self righteous asshole. Best of luck.

  136. Pam Saunders Reply

    It really is none of your business if someone considers herself a dog mom or a cat mom or whatever. Get over it and move on.

  137. As someone who was adopted I think that I have a good outside point of view of what defines family, pet or human wise. I know that my immediate family involves my mom, my dad, my brother, and my dogs. None if which I’m related to by blood. I have had the option of getting to know my birth-mother, but she is just a stranger to me. I know nothing about her. She did not raise me, she did not take care of me when I was sick, she did not come to school events, or feed me when I couldn’t cook on my own (and even when I could). Therefore in my point of view my mother will always be the person who raised me, and I will defend that till my dying breath. I don’t see how it’s any different for an animal. The point of a parent it to take care of their children’s needs and teach them. Pet parents do that just as much as human parents. If anything pets are more dependent then human children, because the pets will be dependent all of their life, while human children eventually leave the nest to live their own life.

    • Then try taking a tax deduction for one of those fur babies & let’s see what Uncle Sam has to say.

  138. Just like Nicole Arbor on YouTube with her ‘Dear Fat People’ video, this woman a coward for saying such egotistical and close-minded words behind a computer screen without leaving any connection to who she really is (article was written by BLUNTmoms) . She holds so much hate towards those who prefer to care for animals rather than children.

    Caring for animals and calling ourselves ‘Pet Parents’ doesn’t either emotionally, physically, mentally or financially hurt anyone.
    We are not taking food out of the mouths of her children.
    We are not sending our furbabies to get an education in schools in place of her human children.
    We are not teaching our furbabies to hurt others with words, comments or weapons. We are not replacing the human population with our furbabies. We are not damaging your children’s futures!

    We just choose to look after and care for our animals rather than human children. We are not hurting you with our words, so why are you hurting us with yours? We did nothing to you. We let you raise your children the way YOU want, so don’t lecture and belittle us for raising our animals the way that WE want!

  139. Also, The male human population CAN’T be parents because THEY DIDN’T PUSH THE CHILD THROUGH THEIR VAGINA! According to this BLUNTMom who wrote ‘this, you can only be a parent if you push the human out of your body! Sorry Dads, you need to grow a vagina to be acknowledged as an parent.

  140. So you’re basing your definition of motherhood on how difficult it is to raise said creature? You’re not a real mother til you’ve raised a dragon!

    Furbabies are more independent than human children… so people are no longer mothers once their children are fully grown and also independent? Are mothers of fully abled children less capital M Mother than those of children with special needs? You need to check your uppity self righteousness lady.

  141. As a mother to a human child and a self-proclaimed “fur mama”, I get what you’re saying; really, I do. However, to lump all “pet moms” into one singular group of sad, pathetic women without a dose of reality, perhaps you should think about the fact that there are women out there who desperately want to be what you consider a “real” mom, but for various reasons, they can’t. They can’t have babies and they can’t afford adoption, and they can’t qualify for fostering, so they’re stuck here on this earth with this huge mama heart and no human babies to spend it on. So they adopt pets – cats and dogs. Those animals DO become their children. They aren’t crazy; they know they “just” have a cat and/or dog, but it is their own way of being a mom. So, why can’t we let them call themselves Mom? I in no way feel offended (as a “real” mom of a human baby who spent over 24 hours in labor to get him here) when my best friend calls her dog her baby girl. I don’t mock her for buying the expensive treats because she’s done all the research to make sure she’s getting the most healthy things for her baby. So, yeah; go ahead and keep throwing your snark at the Moms who Mom their pets as best they can while dreaming day and night of having the joy of being “real” parents one day.

  142. If you still use outdated methods like rubbing their noses in accidents you
    shouldn’t have a pet. At all. All you’ve done with this is show your ignorance. I pity any pets you have and hope for your kids sake somehow they don’t end up being aggressive and confused the way the methods you’ve mentioned cause.

  143. What a horrible, peevish article! Why does it bother you so much? If someone loves a living creatures and says she’s his/her mom, why would it upset you? At the very least, you’re an awful pet owner…..tying an animal to a tree? Rubbing his nose in his mess? What a dreadful, hateful article.

  144. You’re not being funny, cute, honest or blunt… You are being damn rude. Get over yourselves, the same goes for the rest of the people below who are ‘tired’ of having to hear from childless people talking about thier pets. For millions of men and women, pets bring the love, comfort and happiness they want/need, so who are you as a person with children, or not, to judge, berate, or have to put down others in order to make yourself feel better, or more special. Some cannot have kids, some choose not to. Either way, if someone with ‘pet children’ wants to talk about thier pets, as much as you want to talk about your children, take the time to think about others and thier situations or choices, and just listen.

  145. A pet has a caretaker, it is not an object to own. My wife lost a previous child, and because of her health she may not be able to have another. She has devoted her life to animal care. Fuck off eat shit and die.

    • Umm, that’s wrong. Legally, pets are personal property; a possession one has ownership rights to.

      • Ummm they clearly don’t mean it in a legal sense. Legally humans were once considered property under law too. Does that make it valid and acceptable? Did that law make them objects? Of course not! Expand your mind.

  146. You made some very valid points, i’ll give you that much. We did not carry them for 9 months, we did not nurse, or any of the human necessities. Yes, a humans lifespan is longer than an average pet. However, just because you brought a child into this world does not make you any better than anyone else, or give authority to tell people how not to live their lives. I’ll admit, dressing your pet up is a bit weird, but i dont go around saying ‘hey, you shouldn’t do that because it’s weird and i said so’ if that’s what they want, then good on them, I wont judge. I love my pets just as much as you love your kids, and calling myself a ‘pet parent’ or ‘cat mom’ also doesnt make me any better than you, and it doesnt harm you or your child in any way.

  147. I was born with a heart condition which would make for a pregnancy that is too high risk to even consider. Adoption and/or surrogacy are both expensive, so yes, I have a fur baby. I AM a mom to my animals. They are living souls who depend on me to keep them safe and healthy. And I gladly make sacrifices for them daily. Sorry if I don’t fit you description of a typical “mom,” but this is the life I was given. I wasn’t afforded the luxury you were given to carry a child, BluntMoms, so these fur babies are my babies.

  148. Well if you want to be blunt..Many women with kids are not Moms either. Just because they “drop one” out of them doesn’t mean they are a “mom”. I am not referring to the drug addicts, alcoholic moms either. I mean the everyday mom who spend they day pushing the kids off on daycare, activities , ex husbands or their parents while they go to yoga and get Botox. They spend more time taking pictures of their kids to put on facebook than actually time with the kids. They are more involved with getting mommy makeovers than being a mommy. There kids are terribly behaved and the poor kids have a better relationship their teachers than their “moms” Those are not moms, just breeders.

  149. Adele palma Reply

    Very selfish from WOMEN who were fortunate enough to be blessed with babies. The issue is not black and white. Every time my fertility treatment failed, my husband comforted me with a rescue dog. After 4 miscarriages I accepted my role as FUR mom. Don’t judge! Love, appreciate and be a good example. KARMA is a very nasty bitch

  150. At the age of 32, due to borderline cancerous cells, I had a full hysterectomy. At that time, my husband and I had not decided if we would have children or not.

    Fast forward a year later and a cute Beagle we named Jax entered our lives. Jax is our fur baby. We feed him on a schedule the same as you feed your child. You could have fed your child the same thing at the same time every single day if you wanted. It’s unconventional, yes, but you could have. It would have been YEARS before your child even knew how unconventional this was!! We take Jax on walks and play with him every day, the same as you play with your child. And fyi, there are child leashes available for purchase. We take him to a professional when he is hurt or sick the same as you do for your child. Are there differences between your child and my fur baby? Sure. But there are differences between your child and other children as well.

    So please explain to me how calling Jax my fur baby hurts you in any way? It doesn’t! Isn’t there something more important that you should be worrying about instead of what I call my dog? Why the hell is this an issue? Why do you need to feel the need to be so cruel and heartless to those of us who, whether by personal choice or medical reasons do not have children?

    Get the fuck off your high horse and try to teach your children some better manners than what you have.

    • ” MY KIDS HAVE PAWS ” and I am lucky to have Seven of them !!!

    • I’m sorry, but I had to comment on your comment. I’m glad that you have Jax in your life but you seem dangerously close to equating humans to dogs. You say that you play with Jax just like the mother who wrote this article plays with her child, or take Jax to the doctor just like the mother provides for her child’s medical care? You are delusional. If you have any friends who are parents, you must be in deep denial if you think that your responsibility to Jax is even in the same ballpark as your friend’s responsibility for their child. Didn’t you have a mother? Do you really think that the only thing she had to do was walk you, play with you, and take you to the vet? That is so insulting to all of the work she did to raise you.

      I’m glad you’re a good pet owner. I’m sad that so many people like you are blind to the vast difference between being a parent and a good pet owner. Hopefully your mother believes that you know better.

      • Wow. It takes a special type of heartless cruelty to take a person’s admission of their infertility and the comfort they instead found in having a dog (who they also admit is not “the same” – but they do make some comparisons to relate to the author) and then turning around and severely judge them as “delusional”…. and then going on to give a kind of mock sympathy, saying that you are “sad” that she’s “blind” to the differences. She’s merely asking how her calling herself what she likes impacts anyone else. You know what – I’m sad too. Very sad that children are being raised by such callous, self-righteous and judgemental women, who somehow feel they have any right to disapprove of other women who don’t share the same life trajectory as theirs. Maybe try being understanding and supportive of different others and setting that example for your kids.

  151. Typical comment from an ignorant breeding sow who doesn’t know how to accomplish anything worthwhile.

  152. Eat shit Blunt Moms. Biology doesn’t mean shit. When you care for, provide and sustain life for any living being what does it matter if they are human or animal??? The kind of naive and insensitive content in this article just goes to show what a negative view your “children” will have on life. Teach them to love all and that a title does mean anything. It takes more than OVARIES to be a mother. Better yet keep them from growing up and becoming self entitled degenerates with a drug problem. Try writing an article on the declining intelligence, ungreatfulness and drug problems of the upcoming generations.

  153. You sound like one of those bitter moms. I like the kind of moms that don’t punish others for their own choices.

  154. Wow. So much hate. Being a mother of humans wasn’t an option for me. That was taken away when I was in my 20’s. I adopted my “boy” from a shelter – a “senior” cat who’d been abused and trusted no one. He had health problems and with a decent chunk of my money I’ve nursed him back to health. Maybe he doesn’t break curfew – I don’t help him with homework. So what? With my love and patience he’s a happy fella – loves to meet new people Wants to play. The lady from the shelter loves to see him How sad and upset he was to the loving healthy soul that he is now. He gives as much love as he gets-maybe more. Does he know I saved his life. He’d have been euthanized as he was thought to be unadoptable He gives me immense comfort. Love Compassion Patience What’s not “parent” like about that

  155. To the person who wrote “Dear Pet Moms, you are Not a Mom” You appear to be really insensitive and kind of a “mean girl’. I can’t help but think that you are in a very disatisfying time in your life? My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  156. As a mom to both humans and dogs, I think I have the moral authority to say that you are full of shit.

  157. Wow. How incredibly rude. You know, not all of us were “blessed” with the ability to get knocked up and pop out a child. What pleasure do you take in belittling us?

  158. I have a friend unfortunately I cannot have children and has been very depressed over this for so long she does however nurture and love and take care of a household full of very loving pets and for that SHE IS A MOM!

  159. Blunt Moms as in high on blunts? You must be high to write such an ignorant article. Ok, argue the title pet owner vs. pet mom. That translates to good Moms and uterus donors as well. You sound more bitter at the fact you have to watch your children. I will never have children and I will love my “fur babies and I will be their mom. I know they are not children, but atleast I won’t be breeding negative brats who have pretentious mothers. Sorry you couldn’t chain your kids out in the back yard while you drink you happy hour on the back deck. I’ll be enjoying Mothers Day with my baby, Miley Moo Muggles (the sweetest Shihtzu). So swallow next time….thanks

  160. I can only assume that you have no one in your life who has suffered from infertility and does not have the funds or resources to adopt (because treating infertility is VERY expensive). This article and your OPINION is the most insensitive thing I have read in a while. I hope that your children do not suffer from infertility when they are trying to become parents. The heartache and pain can be healed by a pet with more unconditional love than a human can provide. Loving as a mother does is not limited to the human race. Only ignorance and arrogance such as yours is part of “humanity”.

  161. Someone with a heart and brain Reply

    You ma’am are a jerk. My dog IS my child. I love her just the same. She suffers from epilepsy and needs to take meds twice a day. I have spent thousands of dollars on her medical bills. I feed her, bathe her, cut her nails, brush her teeth, play with her, exercise with her, teach her things, we cuddle she loves hugs and kisses. I have nursed her back to health after her brain surgery, I have seen her suffer, I have been there for almost every single seizure. I’ve taken her for pics with Santa and the Easter Bunny. She relies on me 24/7/365 for food, shelter, comfort, support and love. How dare you say I am not her mother! You are a nasty woman.

    • No, your dog is not your child, she is your dog. And you are a loving, devoted caretaker of your animal. Good for you! She is not your child, however. If you feel the need to pretend that she is, go for it I guess. But I think that being grounded in reality is important, and mothers out there who are raising real children are in a completely different league than you. As long as you realize that obviously there is an enormous difference between being a loving caretaker to a dog and raising a human child, then go ahead and call your dog whatever you want. This is not written to invalidate all of the loving care and time you spend on your dog. It’s to offer you a reality check.

      • Animals do give back in many ways. When was the last time a child pulled another kid out of a fire, detected bombs, sniffed out drugsome at airports, showed selfless courage in acts of service in the police etc. Also animals have huge psychological benefits for their humans – they give back a lot. Most children are highly likely to be a burden to the planet and less likely to be real positive contributors – which is the more selfish thing to do – get a dog or bear a child?

      • Oh yes! The league the same as people who abuse and even kill their own children! They are “parents” too you know. You, Jessie, are an example of what childfree and childless people can’t stand some parents. It’s not ok for you to assume the moral high ground. No one else thinks you have it. Try getting an advanced degree, or mastering a new language, or living in a foreign country if you haven’t- THOSE are eye opening experiences AND RRAL accomplishments. Pushing a baby out of your vajayjay – not so much. No one with an ounce of decency, or the ability to understand we all are different, with different perspectives and experiences, goes around putting themselves (not matter what their personal circumstances) in a “different league” to others and looking down their noses at others. Pure ignorance and arrogance.

      • I hope you understand that pet “ “moms” aren’t comparing themselves to you. Never were and never will. However “moms” of human babies like to tell pet parents that they’re wrong for calling their pet their baby, and spoiling their pet like a child. Or how pet owners talk about their pets, while that mother goes on about her kids and what they do, how they act, how hard they are to take care of. On both sides, no one actually cares. Why are you so butthurt about people calling their pets their babies? Moms like you talk about their kids non-stop, and y’know what that’s okay. Let pet parents do the same. We’re not hurting or invalidating you. But I people like you understand that they don’t get a big ol’ reward when they decide to pop out a child, or they have a right to insult others for calling their dogs their babies. You’re not that special…

  162. My ovaries did not grow fur however, at age 34, they grew tumors the size of footballs which turned out to be ovarian cancer. Upon discovery of this, a surgeon removed all my reproductive organs and I was informed of such when I awoke from surgery. I’ll never get the opportunity to bear children of my own but the puppy I adopted to help cope with this whole ordeal has given me the chance to love and care for someone like I would a child.

  163. Worst article ever. Just because you made the poor choice to have a disgusting human child, don’t rain on fur mama’s parades you sick piece of work.

  164. Seriously, thank you! I love love love my dog, she still cosleeps with me in bed and I feed her and walk her and take her to the vet! We play and go to the park and she really loves my son, but I am not her mother, I am her owner. I did buy her from a breeder and chose to raise her as my dog. today is Mothers day and NO this day is not about me, I am a pet owner! I have never given birth to a child, fostered or adopted a child. I hope to one day so one of those things, but until then today is not my day. Pet Owner day is April 18- go look it up. Pet owners already have a day. I get really hue when I see people posting about “Happy Mother’s Day ” to people with fur babies. Sorry no- you are not a mother because you own an animal. Look it up, you bought ir adopted for a small fee that animal and you now own it! My mother is my whole heart, she raised 6 happy and healthy children- today is her day, not yours. Stop trying to take away from what MOTHERS do every day for their children by justifying what you do for your pets. In no way will they ever compare.
    What a silly argument- and thank you for your article.

  165. Yes Blunt Mom you are right; we are not biological mothers to our fur babies it’s true. And it’s also true that we have not had the pleasure or have been blessed to have endured all that comes with being a biological mother and have not been fortunate enough to have your story to tell. Yup – some us, try as we may, just couldn’t have children of our own. So we take some solice in celebrating those that we have been fortunate to nourture, our “fur babies”. I dunno – maybe it helps us get through a trying day of being sidelined by the celebration of day where we remember that for some reason we didn’t get the same opportunity that you did. So please forgive us for being so thoughtless and insensitive to you biological Moms on Mother’s Day.

  166. You have idea. Those that can’t have children of their own I hope never read your heartless OPINION. Get a life. Instead of ranting about people loving their animals too much/caring too much, maybe spend some god damned time with your own your heartless piece of crap

    • Absolutely and right on!!!! People who can’t mind their own biz are disgusting!

  167. My niece is 21. She is married, and would love to have a child. She has Cystic Fibrosis, and two years ago was the blessed recipient of a life saving lung transplant. As such, she has been advised to NOT bear children, and has been informed that her chances of being approved as an adoptive parent are slim to none. Your words hurt her deeply.

    Gina has Griswold, a cute and loving and mischievous little Yorkshire Terrier. She lavishes on him all the maternal love she will never be able to lavish on her child, and he in return, loves her unconditionally.

    You can revel in your motherhood and delight in the joys and frustrations it brings without having to criticize and mock other people. You believe you are blunt. To someone in my niece’s predicament, you are just mean. Learn to embrace your blessings without walking all over those of someone else, then hug your kids, thank God for them, and teach them the same lesson. Thank you.

  168. Wow, this makes me so sad. I love my pooches and I would do anything for them and I do consider them my kids. I also consider the 7 intellectually disabled students I teach everyday as my kids. I have always wanted babies of my own but my husband’s cancer diagnosis has made this impossible for us, so to you I say…… hush. Be quiet. Be mindful. Be compassionate. You are so lucky as the Lord has given you that gift, but please don’t hate on, humiliate, and laugh at the people who have to love their pets as their own child. Be kind, be compassionate, and be flexible,

  169. My best friend claimed I wasn’t a “real mom” this weekend as I JOKINGLY pointed out to her she didn’t wish me a Happy Mothers’ day. She claimed there’s a special day for “Pet Owners” and she will recognize me then. My husband and I do not have children yet, so our little one is our child. I know there’s a difference between REAL CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. I’m not dumb, but this is my child for now. I love and care for him and do what I can for my little furbaby and yes I call myself his mommy. So for my own best friend to say these hurtful things to me. Women swear they are better than other women after they’ve given birth. NEWSFLASH YOU’RE NOT!!!! She claims it’s soo much harder. Yea I’m sure it’s hard to drop the girls off w/ your TWO baby daddies or your mom so you can go and have your girl time. Please SPARE ME.

  170. So you’re saying if a woman didn’t birth the being, she isn’t his/her mother? What about women who adopt human children? I mean…that adopted child didn’t sprout from said mom’s ovaries or live in her uterus for nine months or pop out her vagina either, but that doesn’t make adoptive mothers less of a mom! There are all kinds of ways mothers are mothers, including dog “moms”. For some people, a pet is all they have. Some women physically cannot bear their own children, and just as children grow up to one day be a mothers friend after being raised and taught how to live, so do pets. You may be a blunt mom, writer of this article, but you are also a very ignorant, narrow-sighted one at that. Those people who call their pets furbabies are not delusional…they are very aware of the reality that they did not birth an animal of a different species. Using “furbabies” or “dog mom” is simply a way of showing the love had for the pet and the importance its place holds in that individual’s life! I truly hope you can get over your bitterness about something so trivial. If you don’t like seeing the “dog mom” posts, unfollow the person(s) and stop whining like an actual child about it! No one is hurting you by enjoying their pets in their own way. Why don’t you talk about actual problems, like abused animals? So what if a human calls a dog their furbaby? That indicates the dog has a good home and someone who cares for them! Since you’re clearly in to making assumptions about types of people, it sounds like you would the type of person who buys a pet and then keeps it locked up its whole life just to look at it and complain about taking care of it…because clearly you like to complain as well. I don’t have anything else to say but get off your high horse and GET OVER IT.

  171. To the poster who stated that friends ate dinner at her house and kept bringing up tales of their animals when she and her husband would tell “kid” stories, I think I know what’s going on here. What happens is that when a couple become parents, they see how incredibly important and profound the responsibility of taking care of a human, versus and animal is. Pet lovers don’t get this, because they have not had to. They have not had to take care of their own infant, and travel that long, hard road, also with its rewards, of course. So all they know is the love and fun that they have with their animal. They also are of course resentful at any implication that one love is deeper and more important than another.

    At the same time, the parents are doing a more meaningful, harder and emotionally grueling work which will last for the rest of their lives. Most pets die at about 14 years or so. One’s child will (God willing) live to be about 80, and will out live the parent. So the parent’s job is a life long job. Basically, the truth is, being a parent is a real, honest to goodness human job. Being a pet owner is cake, compared to this.

    So you basically have two little new recruit foot soldiers at the table with two generals who have survived the battle of wars and are still fighting, and the foot soldiers are placing their rank and experience at the same level of the generals. The generals resent this, and the foot soldiers are simply clueless. It is now up to the generals to take pity on the soldiers and just let them be. Listen to their little stories of their poodles, and pretend to care. Simple enough! The soldiers are pretending to care about the kids, after all, because they really don’t care either. The couples are not going to be friends for much longer. This is why parents tend to be friends with other parents, and vice versa.

    In a perfect world pet owners would acknowledge that their trials and tribulations, while real, are a fraction of what parents go through. But this world is not perfect so this dichotomy will always exist.

    • Dear “General”. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF ABOVE OTHER PEOPLE. No one else sees it that way. Guess what? No one “promoted” you. No one looks up to you. No one listens to what you say simply by virtue of your self appointed position. You choose to have children. Like so many others. That does not make you special or mean you are doing anyone else any favours, or get to assume some moral high ground position. Honestly, what difference does what other people call themselves make to you anyway? No one wants to be in your ridiculous self made army with you. Let people be, live and let live.

  172. Complete waste of my time.
    I’m a dog mom, I never compared myself to a human mom. I would never say it’s the same.
    But there’s no need to criticize. Some people only have dogs, because they can’t have kids.

  173. The way you say this “unless your ovaries grow fur and you sprout a tail, Rover is not your child.” I think you are extremely uniformed to think that the only people who can be parents are those who give birth to children. Are you saying an adoptive mom is not a mom? Because she didn’t give birth to the child? What about a father – they don’t give birth either so they don’t measure up since they don’t have ovaries either. What about foster parents and step parents? All of these people are real mom’s and dads and parent. And just the same those that care for animals (some not all) can be pet parents. Have you stopped to think of others for a moment to consider that some of these people posting maybe can’t have children of their own? Maybe being a pet parent is just one way they deal with it. Maybe they are just great caring loving people. Please stop judging them and try to open your heart and mind.

  174. First, it’s means it is. It’s in the first line of the article, if you can call it that.

    Second, I don’t leave my doggies in the yard when I go somewhere (or even when I’m at home), and I don’t leave them all day with just a bowl of water.

    Lastly, I don’t feed them the same thing every day because that’s really not good nutrition.

    For your child’s sake, I hope you put more effort into raising it than you did your dog (and your proofreading skills). If you’re spending time properly raising your child, you really shouldn’t care if I consider my dog my child. I’ve given my pets shots, fixed wounds, researched proper diet (and feed them more than one thing), taken them on vacations, and I go home at lunch to walk them everyday. I that I take better care of my little boys than some people take of their children. Call it what you want, and I’ll do the same.

    • Sorry…I was out being a doggie Mom and walking my boys at 6 am, so typos are inevitable. If this blog had an edit comment feature, I would have at least fixed mine.

    • You’re right, the word “it’s” is improperly used in the article. I am seeing that more and more lately.

      I just can’t believe this “fur mommy” thing is really a “thing”, now. When exactly did this happen? Taking care of animals and raising children are two entirely different things. It’s like pet owners invite criticism when they call themselves “mommies”, or expect a “Happy Mother’s Day!” on Mother’s Day when they are not a mother. If you are a mother, great! Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re not, then why expect people to address you that way? I’m not sure who posted that complaint, that they weren’t wished a happy mother’s day, but it’s kind of the same thing if someone is expecting others to see them as a mother when they’re not. I’m not a doctor, even though I sometimes tend to a friend’s wound. I wouldn’t say that I’m a doctor or expect that rank and title. That title is earned!

      Good dog and cat owners are wonderful! They are taking care of a little innocent, beautiful creature. That is only a good thing. But by calling themselves mothers, they are inviting others to invalidate the real good work that pet owners do, because of course they are not mothers. Why not just be happy saying “I’m a terrific pet owner, and proud of it”. And stop there. Not elevate your status into the unreasonable, which actually invalidates all of the true work that mothers do. I welcome any explanation of this philosophy because I am at a loss!

      • This is not about “status” or “elevating” or “diminishing” or comparing against anything. Id rather not be the same as many parents I know!!! Your thinking about these things seems very warped. It’s about care and care taking, not taking life too seriously, and about not worrying what other people do or call themselves and realise it has zero effect on you or your life anyway, so why put your finite energy and time on the planet into something so trivial.

  175. Written by someone in their 20’s. When your children grow up and move out, you will still need something to “Mother”. Can’t wait to see how this person feels in 20+ years!

    • My children have left home. They are both my best friends, and I love them with all of my heart and my heart overflows with pride. I also loved my dog who lived with us for ten years. His death was rough on me, and still is to tell you the truth. However, even if I get a new pet, there is just no equating that love to the love I have for my children. I might jokingly say “I’m Lassie’s mom” but I would not mean it. I do have motherly instincts and feelings for my pets, but I know the difference between pets and kids. It bothers me that there seems to be a huge lack of perspective in society today regarding the importance of raising children versus taking care of a pet. People seem to be more and more entitled to claiming a status that hasn’t been earned. If you want to have a child and can’t, adopt one! Or foster one! Then you are a parent. Other than that, you are (hopefully) a wonderful, devoted pet owner.

      • Why does it bother you? Why worry? Does it really hurt anyone? Who cares?

  176. I am just wondering if any of you real moms have ever referred to yourself as a soccer mom? If so, how on earth did you give birth to a soccer ball? Why do you even have to have an opinion on pet parents calling themselves moms or dads? How in the world is it hurting you? This is the problem with society these days, no body minds their own business and everyone is so judgemental. I also would like to know do you make any money from blogging? If so aren’t you fortunate to for pet moms to help you earn your living. So what if we created a whole industry. If this is where we are willing to spend our money it is none of your business. We know pets are not human children, but they are our babies, they are crucial members of our families and they are loved and cared for with regards to their needs as pets as much as you take care of your birth children. Why don’t you worry and blog about more important things, like the state of the economy, world peace …then bitching and insulting people you do not know simply because they think of themselves as mommas to their fur babies. Get over yourself, why you try being kind and understanding and tolerant instead, maybe the world would be one step closer to being nicer if we all tried being more tolerant and get upset over things that truely should matter.

  177. Sandra Davis Reply

    This article is unnecessary, rude, & tacky. As a Mom of both humans & dogs I’m calling you out for insensitivity & bad judgement. Stop it. I am well aware I did not give birth to my dogs & comparing a human baby to a dog is asinine. Bluntmoms=catty/judgemental/competitive/meanspirited Moms. No thank you
    I’ll take the educated, kind, inclusive, & loving Moms. ❤

  178. I think that to be a parent is shown by the love you give to the little ones that you take care of. Whether its a child or a dog/cat you are still a parent to them. Your a required to love them and care for them. I have a son and 3 fur babies. My one fur baby i have had since she was a month. She had to be bottle fed and has seizures all the time. She requires lots of care as well. Now yes my son gets more and more of my attention because he is a person but that doesnt mean i dont love my dogs as their parent and that they dont look to me as their parent. When i get home they dont even like to leave my side they show plenty of love. I think its to each its own. No one should tell anyone they arent a parent because its not their decision to make for someone everyone is different.

  179. Guess you think you are some sort of special because you birthed a child. You have no idea. No idea at all. Of course as a pet owner, it is very clear we didn’t birth an animal. Duh. But most pet owners nurture and love, feed, teach, scold, etc our pets. The same as children. Oh, you want a cookie because children grow and become disrespectful and that warrents you a mother!? Get over yourself.

  180. So… “mother” is a badge of honour because parenting is such a blady awful ordeal. Is that really your argument?

    I think you’ve got it wrong dear. I agree that pets are a cuter, more rewarding experience which allow for far less disruption and a more enjoyable lifestyle. But, the fact that you’ve made a bad choice doesn’t give you ownership over a word.

    I’ll assume you’re just cranky about this because of a lack of sleep..

  181. If your dog or cat runs out in front of your house and under the wheel of my car as I drive by, the cops aren’t coming, I’m not appearing in court, and I’m certainly not doing any time for any possible negligence in my driving. Same scenario with an actual human child: different (and end of ) story.

    • That says more about how society values human life over animals. And so what? “My kid getting run over means the police will be called” therefore you cant call yourself what you like? What a baseless illogical argument.

  182. There’s only one true Mother and that is our earth. No matter what you say they are not yours to keep.

    “On Children by Kahlil Gibran

    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
    which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

    You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
    and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
    so He loves also the bow that is stable.”

  183. I am a mother, a teacher, and I have fur babies. It doesn’t matter what we label things. An ability to care for life is what it is. It makes you compassionate and means you are capable of loving something/someone more than yourself. If you care for anyone with all your heart, and you expect those feelings to be reciprocated, then I’ve got news for you…you’re kinda selfish. I have known kids with sever autism that may never express the traditional sense of the word we call love, so does that mean that the care we provide is null? What about women or men or can’t have children? Does that mean they can never be a true care giver because they can’t be “real parents”? My son loves his pets, and he affectionately refers to them as his little siblings. He might not have to share his toys (although even that can be a sacrifice occasionally) but he does share his time. Who cares about the funny little nick names we give them? Since you want to bring science into it, the chemical that is realeased when we “love” something is responsible for helping soldiers with PTSD in the form of rehab pets. For many, animals provide a connection they lost (or never had) with humans due to mental illness or other reasons. These chemical are literally lifesavers, because humans are social creatures and need that connection to be healthy. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all entitled to our opinions. But honestly sometimes “blunt” is just another word for “bitch” or “asshole”. And rarely describes someone who gives any thought to opinions outside of their own little passive-aggressive white picket fence world they’ve built for themselves.

  184. Wow how much time did you take out of your life to write a stupid article as to why “pet moms” aren’t “real moms.” Literally every pet owner who refers to themselves as a pet “mom” generally means it in a satirical fashion. Does using the word “mom” when referring to taking care of pets really affect you? I actually lost brain cells reading this article.

  185. Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.

    I’m not sure why this author would feel compelled to write this or what they hope to achieve by it.

    Possible outcomes it could achieve:
    – give a temporary sense of self righteousness  (which, when it ends just makes a person feel sad and empty and only reveals their own insecurity)
    – they think this may change how some people act – which they don’t approve of (unlikely, as belittling others is hardly persuasive, but even if it did – the reach is small)
    – to actually hurt other people (which is the saddest reason of all because to deliberately hurt others must come from a place of terrible pain)

    To the author – I am sorry you must have been hurting terribly to have concerned yourself with something so trivial and to feel the need to try in such futility to change something you can’t possibly change. That must be very frustrating for you. I hope you are in a better place now.

    Don’t cling to your self-righteous suffering, let it go. . . . Nothing is too good to be true, let yourself be forgiven. To the degree you insist that you must suffer, you insist on the suffering of others as well.

  186. Do you also get upset when people call their partners “baby” because they aren’t an actual baby? Oh brother.

  187. What about women that would love to have children but are unable to conceive? Did you ever consider the sadness they feel and that maybe a dog or cat comforts them? You’re an asshole.

  188. Most dogs actually have the mental capacity and emotions of a typical 3 year old. Your raising of them to their mental maturity IS the same thing as parenting. If you raise your dog poorly he will be a bad dog. If you raise your child poorly, they will probably be a shitty person. Same. Thing. I teach my dog, I love my dog, I make sacrifices for my dog (sleepless nights when she wont stop throwing up, cutting my nights out short so I can come home to make sure she is let out to potty, not going on vacation because I can’t find a suitable sitter for her). I clean my dog’s behind when she has diarrhea. I comfort her when she is ill. I spend THOUSANDS of dollars each year to make sure she is well cared for, healthy, and happy. I may not have carried her in my uterus, but I adopted her and waited months for the day I could bring her home. Sounds like an adoptive PARENT right? or are you saying parents who adopt their children aren’t really parents either?

  189. Leigh Skillington Reply

    The effort/movement to minimize Pet Parents reminds me of the heterosexuals idignation when gay couples first began being able to get married and buy wedding cakes and wedding dresses. Oh the outrage! That was a Straight Priviledge. How dare a gay couple claim that for their own?? You do not have the market cornered on love, dedication, selflessness because you followed the more accepted path and bore human children. I AM A PET PARENT. No I didn’t “push them out” of my body, but neither have the thousands of people that adopted children. I am Mom to 8 rescued dogs and Il care for them, consider how my decisions impact them, spend a considerable amount of money to make sure they have very high quality food, beds, toys, etc. ,know them and their personalities, likes and dislikes, and make sure they are safe, happy and protected. I love them incredibly and make sure every day that I look each onein the eye and let them know how much I value them. I also miss them terribly when I am away from them.
    Do I think that having and raising human children is much more difficult that raising dog children?
    Of course. But, for you to decide that I am not my dogs Mom is your right and OPINION, but that is all it is. Simply put, You just don’t feel the same way about animals that I and alot of other people do-so you don’t get it.
    If you want to continue for people to know your name and help you out of our obsurity, keep up with these opinions and articles becuase many people disagree with you.
    I know what I say next is not the kindest thing but your article is written with an arrogance and undeserved “expert” stance I see and hear from many current liberals. (yawn)

  190. I think any of you lucky enough to have human children should feel lucky and let us mums to animals do what we have to do, to cope with not being a human mum.

  191. You can definitely tell the people who think of their dogs as “children” on here. LOL. Ya having a dog is a responsibility but it is nothing like raising a child. Sorry I’m not sorry. Get over yourselves.

  192. neutral anonymous Reply

    I totally get it. Human mothers go through the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. See raising a child and an animal can be in some ways the same and in some ways different. Both get hungry, tired, sad, angry, happy, etc. The only significant difference might be the fact that your animals can’t speak to you using words and that they don’t often live past twenty depending on breed. But, even so, despite the differences, there is a loving bond between each. Whether it’s the situation of a human and another human or a human and an animal, the love is still there. And frankly don’t take it personal when someone you know calls their animal their “fur baby” because that’s just how they show their affection for their pet. it’s all just a big circle of sharing the love.

  193. It is not for anyone to judge. I have been woken up in the middle of the night to calm my FUR BABY’S nightmare, I throw her birthday parties, take her on vacations, care for her through illnesses. I make sure the right snacks and toys are packed for road trips. By over-judgmental holier-than-thou mom’s I am not a mom. But to them I say shop for your gluten free and get over yourselves! I am a mom! A fur baby mom. The opinion of a self-righteous woman with more time than brains isn’t the say all be all! You have a problem with me calling myself a mom? That’s your issue!

  194. Interesting…I came across via someone’s post. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what kind of person would take the time to write about such a non-issue. Well, I got my answer.

    Before getting to the blog’s content, first things first.

    BLUNTmoms are “an amazing collection of bright women who somehow manage to work, play, parent and survive and write blog posts all at the same time.” Really? REALLY?? Bright women who manage to survive? Wow. How privileged are you? If you live in fear of getting stopped by the police and losing your son, husband, or your own life, then you get to claim you survive. If you live in a crime and/or gang-ridden area where it is unsafe to even go outside, then you get to claim you survive. If you live where there is the possibility of you or your family being taken by ISIS or some other extremist group, then you get to claim you survive. But I am willing to bet you don’t. So, to be BLUNT, what a frivolous use of the word “survive.” Shame on you.

    That being noted, why does how people refer to themselves matter? How does it affect your life in any way, good or bad? Instead of “trolling Instagram” and writing about trivial matters such as pet MOMS or DADS (that’s right, I said it, in all caps!) who love and treat their dogs well, perhaps you can put your free time to GOOD use. If you want to stay on the topics of animals, how about, oh, I don’t know, bringing awareness about animals who are tortured, abused, or neglected? How about the Yulin dog meat festival? Dog fighting? Too extreme? Too real? Ok, how about adoption over breeders? The dangers of keeping pets in cars or outside on hot days? How about the dangers of and ineffectiveness of breed specific legislation?

    I really hope you don’t have pets anymore since it seems like you have no idea how to treat them. Rubbing a dog’s nose in an accident has been shown to be ineffective. Here’s another suggested use for all your free time while “surviving”: educate yourself on evidenced-based methods of training a dog. And tying a dog outside to a run all day? I bet if THAT dog could run away from YOU it would.

    And while I’m here, let’s talk about “unless your ovaries grow fur…” Uhm…what? Why would OVARIES growing fur change anything other than likely cause a medical condition? I can see if you stated “unless YOU grow fur…” but your ovaries? I may not be a veterinarian, but the last anatomy class I had did not show that animals have furry ovaries. Maybe while “surviving” you could also educate yourself on some basic reproductive anatomy…just saying.

    Oh, and for those with your kid stories who are rolling your eyes at the pet MOMS and DADS (that’s right, I said it again) for telling their dog/cat stories, NOW YOU KNOW HOW WE FEEL!! No one really cares about your kids. You can bore us all with your kid stories, but pet MOMS and DADS (yes, again; suck it up) can’t share their stories? You and your double standards can kick rocks.

    PS- to Amber who stated: “Pet *OWNERS. you mean pet owners because you didn’t carry you dog for nine months and push him out. Props for taking good care of your dog but you aren’t a parent.” By your logic, it seems then that HUMANS who adopted other HUMANS are not parents. And further, that HUMANS who marry someone who already has a HUMAN child (or children) is not a STEP PARENT. Carrying a child for 9 months and pushing them out does NOT make you a parent, it makes you a biological mother. Parents provide, among other things, emotional and nurturing support. You can kick rocks, too.

  195. This is quite mean! There are women like me who just can’t have children and it is already hard enough… so yes, sometimes I feel like my cat is my baby, I know it isn’t but it makes me feel better and helps me cope with not being able to have a kid, can’t you at least understand that?

  196. Can’t really leave a comment to this sad sack except ditto on all comments and pick on people that don’t take care of their children that shouldn’t have had them in the first place and leave us alone. Where not hurting you

  197. I understand where u are coming from, however you should never rub your dogs nose in accidents! That will only teach the dog to fear you. You should praise good behaviour, not punish bad.

  198. You are such an ignorant person. I am not a pet owner to my dog. I love her deeply, and care for ger endlessly. Something you probably haven’t experienced.

  199. You sound like a complete bitter a**hole. Pets do share similarities to children, they depend on their owners for love, food, shelter, etc. If children don’t receive this, they will attempt to find it elsewhere, same with animals.
    Most pets cannot be left out in the backyard tied up. Whether this is due to emotional/physical trauma that is inflicted during this time of isolation and neglect or simply a reluctance to treat another living being this way. I do not think that pet parents are saying they have biological children but that they feel that love and strong bond with their dog, cat, etc. Who are you to tell them what they feel towards their pets? No one is taking the parental status away from you by calling their pets their children.
    Besides, having a biological child doesn’t make you a parent, you become a parent when you fulfill the needs of a child (biological or otherwise) and give them love, care, attention, and help them learn and grow.
    What an awful and disgusting article. It’s sad to have so much hate towards people who truly love and care about another species. I don’t see how another persons love creates such hate and disdain within you.

  200. I love this!
    I actually got internet screamed at by someone who was going on and on about fluff. My comment?
    You know, I’ve had a dog around me since before I could walk. From Max, the ungrateful little Poodle my mom had that snapped at me whenever I looked at it, to Sissy, who was my best friend for quite a few years all the way to adulthood when Buddy became my constant companion and then to Sadie Mae, who grew up alongside my daughter. Each one will always hold a special place in my heart, and if there are dogs in heaven, I hope to see each and every one….except Max, he was a mean little shit.
    But they were not my children, and they could never take the place of them. Yes, I loved and cared for each and every one of these dogs, and can look anyone in the eye and promise them that I gave them the best home possible. But if it came down to it, I would have thrown any one of them in front of a speeding car if it would keep it from hitting my child. It’s that simple. Dog…child…two different things

  201. Wow, who hurt you to make you that bitter? Nobody asked you to agree about the whole furbaby thing. Then you just go on a rant, showing off how far your head is shoved up your own anus, just because you have kids. Good for you, dear, what do you want, a medal? No, animals are not humans, humans are animals, all lives ate important no matter the species, who’re humans to judge the worth of other’s lives huh? Pets are not human children, they are different, and must be treated differently in certain aspects, yes. This does not mean that the relationship and the bond there cannot be similar. Just like humans, animals can be adopted, adopting means that you CHOSE to care for another being, to love and nurture, and provide for another being. In reality, you dear know nothing about animals, while you may have pets, you clearly refuse to see them as nothing more than just things you own, rather than actually opening your stubborn eyes and realizing the true complexity of them. I recently lost my 15 year old dog to old age, euthenizing her just a few months back. She was with us ever since i was a young child, and ever since, she’s been my little sister, and has always been there for me. She loved so unconditionally, even when we yelled at her, punished her, or when her best friend, a cat clawed her, she still loved us all so much. Just a bit beforw she would be put down, and she was suffering, she couldn’t even stand up by herself anymore…and i went into a deep depression for three weeks, she would comfort me and lay by me when I couldn’t even bring myself off the couch. She was always there for us, and it seemed that she was willing to do so up until she just couldn’t anymore. If animals aren’t feeling, and loving, then why have there been so many accounts of them saving humans and other animals lives, even taking them in as adoptive young. Why would there be accounts of animals grieving, refusing to even eat when their families aren’t there, or they lose a friend. These things have been scientifically proven. Other animals have been shown to exhibit symptoms of depression as well. Just because they may be different than humans, doesn’t mean that they are less. They are living things that have feelings, and depend on us to care for them. They deserve love, and more respect than they get. Who died and made humans the king of deciding the worth of life. That’s just cocky and narcisistic in all honesty. Observing parenting, and children’s behaviors, and comparing to those of a pet, and I honestly realize just how similar they are. Not in every single aspect, no…honestly if you actually think we don’t realize that..then you really must be either just bitter, or dumb. Certain aspects, such as how you teach behaviors, how to bond in certain ways, importance of routines, and speaking to them, as well as creating a bond with them. Also just…don’t rub an animal’s face in their accidents, it’s just cruel, and doesn’t teach them anything.

  202. NO shit Sherlock ? Worry less about pet owners and more about birth control. You make being a real mother sound like hell. Get some therapy.

  203. Anisha Lakhani Reply

    I think how motherhood is defined can be personal to anyone. Of course a dog is not a child. But if someone wants to love their dog as a child, and is not hurting or interfering with your relationship with yours, why take the time to write a hateful, bitter little article. Respectfully, since you are “Blunt Moms,” let me be blunt: trolling Instagram and feeling such negativity toward someone who is showing an animal love is crazy. Love your human children. No pet parent will interfere. Call your human child a puppy. Do whatever you like, but when any human shows love and care to any species, it’s a beautiful thing. What a silly, senseless, inane piece to spew into a world already overridden with anger. Blunt doesn’t have to mean angry, or cruel, or insensitive. When I adore my dog and say he’s my child, I am loving an animal with all the love I have in my heart. I am not in competition with a caregiver who cares for a human child, or saying I am better, or worse, or that my dog is human. Any expression of love is to be celebrated, and what a sorry piece of writing to publish. I am sorry you published it, I am sorry I read it, but now that I have, the only thing I am not sorry for is taking the time to remind the author of this piece that blunt is not synonymous with silly, or senseless. Love your child. Let those who love their dogs and call them their children do so in peace. There is no competition. One does not negate the other. Expressions of love are the most valuable things in life, and sometimes all too rare. Take a step back and a good, long hard look at yourself and why you felt the need to get so upset and take such deep-rooted offense. If you had one particular run in, write about that experience and that person. If nobody calling their dog a child is hurting you directly, poise your pen in a different direction. Basta.

  204. Hmm… do you ever stop to think who you might be hurting or offending when you write such things? Did it ever dawn on you that for various reasons some of us may never get to be a mom? And having pets we cherish might be something that gives us at least a glimmer into that world? No, you are too busy having your head up your own tush, in a world that is created for couples and parents, and excludes those of us not in your club. Don’t judge what you don’t understand. It’s really not pretty on you!

  205. I can understand where you are coming from. Being mother to a human is tough, and it appears you see pet mothering with its growing in popularity as a threat to the social validation you would be otherwise getting for raising children. I’m sorry pushing one out was so painful–that sucks. Don’t be a hater though.

  206. Marie clara Reply

    This whole board cracks me up. Who the hell is so sensitive about women calling pets their babies or children that they post an article about it? There’s children dying and starving in various parts of the world due to war and famine But the first thing that irks them is women calling their pets “children”. Get over your first world personal issues and worry about actual problems in the world.


    I am pretty sure if you were standing in front of me right now I would punch you in the face. Nope, I am wrong. I am completely sure I would.

  208. You’ve never had a miscarriage, have you? You’ve never taken stock of your fertile privelege. I call myself my dog’s mom because I will most likely never have a human child. Thank you for denigrating my experience. I care for the only child I am ever likely to have.

  209. I am insanely in love with my cats and I consider myself a pet mum. Women need to be less bitter and harsh towards others. I pray your frustrations will tone down so you can appreciate instead of criticise. 🙂

  210. I think this is stupid, you definitely shouldn’t care about this issue this much, and you should recognize the label of pet”mom” or “dad” as something more figurative than literal. After all, animals do depend on their owners for resources and medical care and discipline… so their human caretakers are kind of like parents. Stop getting so worked up about something completely menial. I would also like to add that to women or men who can’t have children, due to medical reasons, but have pets and consider them their children, you are being extremely insulting.

  211. lol omg sounds like you’re just bitter. being a dog mom is way better than being a human child mom. and you know it. you just probably can’t stand happy, young, childless women who haven’t ruined their lives with children. yes, being a pet mom is different in the aspect that we can still have careers, social lives, adult fun without someone constantly throwing temper tantrums, active & amazing sex lives with our partners without having some little baby crying that they had a bad dream at the door interrupting. but what’s the same is the love. a love that usually doesn’t include as much sacrifice as a human child. which is fine. some women don’t want your life. stop being such a hater just because you ruined your own.

  212. I’m sorry.. are people really arguing about terminology? Calling people insane who call themselves a pet parent, when it’s more like this whole topic is insane! Pet parent, pet owner.. WOW now that’s something to get worked up about. This world will never harmonize if we keep arguing over the most absurd things. I get it, human moms want their respect. They pushed a huge glob of cells out of their body, constantly take care of it, and they want a little applause ?? but this is ridiculous. Go with what you FEEL. Some people are more passionate about animals so if they want to call themselves a mom, so be it. I see no issue. What I do see an issue with is judging someone for how they feel, simply because you don’t feel what they do. I, personally, never want kids. I hear much too often that it just doesn’t make sense that I wouldn’t want them. They may think I’m lazy or selfish, when really they’re probably salty that their life requires more responsibility than mine. That I chose the less stressful route. They say I’m missing out, but secretly they think they are.

    Misery loves company. & someone complaining about irrelevant nonsense (like the pretentious lady who wrote this) is ALWAYS looking for an argument.. which is utterly & completely immature. Now that’s not any way to be a motherly role model, is it?

    • I agree. This whole thing brings to light the maturity level some have and how judgmental they are as well. Be and let be.

  213. So glad I have pets and not children. Just wish the world would give a thought to those of us who are child free and stop making absolutely everything family-friendly and kid-centric. Nothing against kids, I like them as long as they are well behaved, respectful and not mine, my gripe lays with how the powers that be force family-friendly everything onto the whole population, despite a considerable amount of the population not having kids, and/or not having a partner.

    It would be nice if the world didn’t solely revolve around the ‘families’ and others were given a little acknowledgement.

    Fine dining restaurant – oh look, screaming child cause entitled parents feel they should be able to do whatever they did before kids (apparently sacrifices must be made by everyone else)

    zoos, museums and art galleries, oh look, kids work stations everywhere and screaming banshees pushing to the front of paying adult customers.

    Want to go to any sort of event in the daytime – 9/10 times it’s catering to families at the expense of adults

    An actual scary Halloween event just for adults – oh forget it, the best we get in Australia is 15+ and up events watering down the scares.

    Only thing generally free from family friendliness are events involving alcohol – guess what, not every adult wants to drink or finds drinking events fun. Some of us just want to enjoy life without constantly having to move over for ‘families’.

  214. Yeah I agree I’m not a mom. That’s that point kids are annoying and I’d rather have. Nice quiet life then destroy my body lose my personality and become snippy stuck up know it all mom machine. I’ll still to my cats. I can love them and not destroy my life as I know it.

  215. Lotsa butthurt future spinsters on here. Taking her words and twisting them in a very expected and unsurprising millennial mental attack. Humans cannot be parents to animals. Those pets had parents, grew up and traditionally would leave and start their own family. However, humans domesticated them for companions\helpers. It would be as creepy as grabbing a fully grown homeless person and calling yourself their mom. If the animals understood your mental disorder, they would not be pleased. A pet owner is what you are, you own a pet. You may not like the way it sounds, but if you don’t “own” it, then I can just come take it and it won’t be stealing right? You were not given a birth certificate, you were giving ownership papers. As far as adoption goes, she explained already. You are really sick in the head for comparing adopting a human child to picking up an animal somewhere. Humans are not animals, you are the ones that made that statement with your assumptions. Go ahead, pretend you are a dog mom, while you’re at it, list when the bitch is in heat and see if the dogs survive off your dried up teets. Wait, you have none. The pups will die because you ARE NOT ABLE TO BE THEIR MOM BIOLOGICALLY.

    • so all moms have to be biological?
      what about women who or are infertile and need assistance with egg or sperm donation or someone else’s uterus to carry said baby? what about women who adopt?
      Ever hear of bottle feeding (teets unnecessary for survival) or incubators for warmth. Ive helped rescue 2 litters of new born pups and 1 litter of kittens (eyes and ears still closed) who ALL lost there biological mom (dogs hit by cars, cat mom unknown) and ALL SURVIVED on bottle feed formula, warmth via hot water bottle or heating pad and lots of human contact with love until they went up for adoption 2-3 months later.

      I suggest before you ever post anything online, think about your ignorant and fact-less post above
      as well as your stupidity and turn your computer off before typing a single word, you complete and total wanker!!!
      PS. Up yours too!

  216. Dressing dogs up in fancy costumes isn’t my cup of tea. But I have to wonder why it makes some parents froth at the mouth. People should be able to focus their affections on anything/one/activity that they prefer to if it does no harm. Pffft – Crazy authoritarians patrolling other people’s word preferences and getting worked up about nothing.

  217. Shame on you bluntmom! Shame on you! Your personal experience or belief is irrelevant to the topic at hand whi