When I was living in Canada, I found myself missing good quality bread. For some reasons nothing I bought even begun to meet my expectations. So I tried making my own bread. For some reason, I was afraid to use yeast and first tried using baking powder, but soon had a better idea. I found some recipe for bread that called for beer. I tried it. It wasn’t great, so I threw my arms in the air and gave up. 

A few years foward, I am living in the Netherlands and am again having the bread problems. Dutch bread basically consists of 2 ingredients. One of them is plastic, the other one is air. I want more in my bread. But this time, I had more experience, more courage and found a great recipe. I started making bread and now I can confidently say that I got really good at it. And then the Blunties opened their boozy recipes section. 

I got reminded of my Canadian beer making adventure and of my newly found skills and told the Universe: “challenge accepted.” I experimented with different kinds of bread. The first one was too sweet. In the next try, I reduced the amount of honey but then, the crust was too hard. I added milk but the bread was too gooey. The third time’s the charm, they say and the third time, it worked. The bread was perfect. The taste was divine, the inside was moist but not too much so and the bread worked perfectly with homemade cheese (yes, I know, I got a little crazy) and honey.

Oh wait. This bread tastes wonderful with a great number of things… oh wait. This bread is perfect. It just is. 

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Olga is a Polish woman, living in the Netherlands with her German husband and three children. On her blog, she writes about the challenges and wonders of the expat life, but on BLUNTmoms, you will read her musings on parenting, people and life in general.

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