No One Gives A Shit About The Kind Of Mom I Am

Written by NicoleM

I’m a good mom.

I’m a bad mom.

And the only person who really gives a flying fuck about what kind of Mom I am. Oh and occasionally my husband and children.

But, there are certain things you would never hear a good mom say.

A good mom would NEVER say:

1. Stop crying. No, she would never instruct you to do that, because a good mom would accept and encourage your emotional outpouring; she may even contend it is a necessary form of self-care. A good mom would tell you that crying is not weak, but rather a sign of strength and that it means you are confronting your emotions.
You know what I say? And I say it almost daily: Stop being such a cry baby!
You see…
—–> bad mom over here <—-

2. What’s wrong with you? A good mom would absolutely not ask this question of their child because good moms know that nothing is wrong with their kids; if anything, something is simply wrong with their behavior. A good mom knows much better than to make their child believe that there is a problem with them as a person.
You know what I say? And I say it every time I can’t imagine what the child was thinking when they did a thing: What the heck is wrong with you!?!
You see…
—–>very bad mom over here <——
(Ok, I actually don’t say this one because I’m not that bad.)

3. Or else! Because a good mom would never threaten her children, right? A good mom would never ever toss around verbal abuse inside of her home. A good mom knows that an “or else” threat is baseless and lacks credibility. A good mom understands the importance of steering clear of this because she knows how important it is that her children take her words seriously.

You know what I say? And I say it almost daily: “Do/Don’t [insert absolutely anything here] or else you won’t [insert absolutely anything here].
You see…
—–> bad mom over here <——

I guess after tallying my “bad mom” points from above, I surely am not that good. Still, I think there are worse out there raising kids too, the world is full of us bad moms. You see, the truth is I have set parenting expectations pretty low for myself so that I can achieve them

—-> That doesn’t make me bad, IT MAKES ME SMART.


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Nicole can be a smart-ass, but honestly, she's more just smart; smart enough to have gotten into law school and also smart enough to have dropped out. She's also smart enough to have weaseled her way into BLUNTmoms. Nicole became a BLUNTmom by simply bombarding the editorial team with her work until they couldn’t take it anymore and they haphazardly added her to the team with the hopes it would get her to chill the f*ck out a bit. Nicole can inadvertently or purposefully be a bit vanilla sometimes in her attempt to keep up her appearance as a respectful, well-mannered, well-spoken and proper mother of three, so when she’s raw and crass for us, her pieces are that much more enjoyable to read. Nicole blogs over at jthreeNMe and is regularly featured by Scary Mommy, FamilyShare, Sammiches & Psych Meds, Everyday Family, Motherly & many more. Follow her as @jthreenme across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

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