My Daughter Is Her Own Girl

Written by Jessica
While my eyes catch the bubbly, outgoing gals enjoying their friends in the school pick up line, my 7th grade daughter is standing off to the side, alone. 
She is a total introvert.
I wish I could have been a little more firm in my opinions at her age.  I love that she isn’t following the popular trail of some of her peers. This girl is forging her own way and I really dig it.  
Does your kid march to the beat of her own drum? See if you can relate – read on at The Dalai Mama

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Jessica is a wannabe urban homesteader, living in Portland with her blended family of 4 kids, 3 rescue dogs and 4 chickens named after Starbucks drinks. A former pharmacy student, Jessica decided she like baking better than drugs so went to pastry school instead. Described by her friend as a "Feminist Jedi Master", Jessica can be found spreading 'peace and wisdom' over at her blog, The Dalai Mama, at

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