13 Signs You’re a Badass Mom

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Badass moms. They’re a bit like folklore, you hear about them, you know about them, but do you actually know one? Hmmmm….celebrities like Beyonce or Angelina Jolie who clearly don’t count because well, they might as well be folklore as far as I’m concerned. The real question is…where are these REAL badass moms? Are they in our midst? Could you…yes YOU…reading this perhaps be a badass mom? I reckon that if you meet the below criteria you probably are a badass mom:

1. You do and say what YOU think is best and secretly, or perhaps, not so secretly want to punch anyone in the throat that offers up unwanted advice. No means NO in your world.

2. You teach your children to be independent – they work for it, they clean up after themselves, they have responsibilities from as soon as they’re able.

3. You call your children out when they are obviously trying to take you for a ride, or are faking it.

4. You will do all the “bad stuff” with your kids first so they are doing it safely at home (or at least, that’s the plan), rather than taking a chance with it in the outside world.

5.You support and cheerlead your children’s passions and dreams, not squish them. You teach them to go for it! Not matter how big or small….

6. You love your children to within an inch or their life but allow and teach them to be free, be themselves and never a slave to anyone else.

7. You’re tough, you’re mean, you’ll piss people off, but you also dish out the best love, hugs, pratting around and laughs.

8. You always, ALWAYS stand up for your own..You don’t like anyone in your den to be taken for a ride. You’re proud. You are the lioness!

9. You get involved, get your hands dirty, relish in the moment and try to own this motherhood thing, not letting it pass you by because otherwise why bother surviving the darkest days?

10. You haven’t lost yourself. You’ve still got your personality, interests, a sense of humour, sassy style and friends. There’s more to you that just this motherhood gig.

11. You’re not afraid to talk frankly about the icky things like bits, sex, death and drugs with your children.

12. If your then grown up child called you in the middle of the night in dire straits you would simply….book her an taxi home…

13. You still feel sexy…..yes….sexy! OK not all of the time, but some of the time, at least!

Does this mean I think I’m a badass mom? Well, that really depends on the day you ask me…because clearly a mom crying into her coffee is not so bad ass.

So are you are a badass mom? A wannabe badass mom? Or perhaps a lame ass mom? Drop me a comment and let me know who and what is in the house….

(This post originally ran on Motherhood: The Real Deal.)

About the author: About the author: Motherhood: The Real Deal is run by Talya, a mum to a very intense, amazing little toddler gal who most of the time specializes in driving her round the bend. Having given up the working mum role when she hit 12 months (she was the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief for an online lifestyle platform) she’s sat on both sides of the fence as a working and then stay-at-home mum and like many, has grappled with the issues which come hand in hand with both scenarios. You can find her on facebook page here,  on Twitter here,  on Google + here and on Pinterest here.

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