Why Your Bathroom Law is Bullshit

Written by BLUNTmoms


Legislation to dictate what bathroom you have to use? Seriously?

Personally, I don’t care where trans people pee. As long as it’s not on my seat. You know who else has to follow that rule? Everyone in my house, no matter what genitalia they were born with, currently have or aspire to have one day. It’s a good rule. Our other rule is hand washing because germs are gross.

Those are MY rules,  and these are all the reasons why YOUR bathroom rules are BS. 

  1. Where exactly do you think trans people previously peed? Do you think this bill was borne from an emerging need for them to now urinate, and anyone who didn’t gender conform to your standards historically did so by mail? Odds are pretty fucking good you already shared a bathroom with a trans person. GET OVER IT. People pee. Repealing your bill will not open you to a “new reality”, it just gives you back the old one. 
  2. Do you randomly ask people in the supermarket aisles to describe their junk? That would be rude, hey? Yeah, it’s not your business (even when they have to pee). 
  3. Who died and made you the ultimate judge of who looks likes they should be in which bathroom? Judging the extent to which someone “passes” is extremely subjective (also classist.) Good luck enforcing that and I kind of hope someone judges your stray chin hairs and unwaxed upper lip . #ThisIs30 Why do you get to decide what a ‘legitimate’ transition should look like? 
  4. Do you think someone who wants to attack you in the bathroom and do unspeakable things to you will refrain from doing so because there’s a law about not going into the bathroom? The law about not raping people wouldn’t do it, but the bathroom bill will? Y’all have some strong feelings about gun control and how gun laws don’t protect people, so you seem pretty incoherent with this. Gun laws don’t keep people safe, but legislate the shit out of where people shit? Your logic is unloaded and apparently the policy on transphobia is pretty open carry. 
  5. Newsflash: Women rape and abuse also. It might not be as common, but you are not necessarily safer around someone you perceive to be a woman in the ladies room. What IS common: Assaults of trans people. Suicides of trans people. Your witch hunt may kill people. When I hog the bathroom and prevent folks from getting in, the worst that can happen is a puddle of pee on the rug. Genitals do not criminals make. Prejudice and hate though, those will do the trick every single time. 
  6. You’re so scared someone is going to be pretending to be transitioning to access the bathroom and rape you, as if not having their own “appropriate identification” would stop some poser-cis-predator. Because someone who thinks raping people is ok would be squeamish about stealing someone else’s identity. Also, the extra identity theft charge would be a serious deterrent. Get a grip. 
  7. If having a birth certificate that matches the sign on the door is your threshold of safety, how are trans people more dangerous the day before their documents come in the mail than the day after? WHAT IF THERE’S A MAIL STRIKE? How are people more dangerous before they can afford the legal documents and surgical procedures (if that’s what their transition includes) than the day after? How is your risk assessment not inherently classist?

My advice: stop focusing on other people’s genitals and look at the asshole in the mirror. Flush your shitty attitude. Figuring out where people should pee might be hard, but I can easily tell you EXACTLY where you can put your transphobic, hateful legislation. 


This author has chosen to publish anonymously due to the sometimes hateful and abusive comments made by people who crawl out from their caves to grunt homophobia on line. 

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