What Turning 50 is Really Like – One Woman’s Journey

Magnolia Ripkin
Written by Magnolia Ripkin

Hey BluntMoms Readers,

You are in for a treat starting as soon as we pour ourselves a double expresso and hammer down at the editorial desk.

One of our BluntMoms cadre writers is doing a special series for us, and you DO NOT want to miss it. When Kristine Laco goes full-on as the untethered wildling she is and goes flying at Tesla speed toward her 50th birthday, we all need to hang on for the ride.

Watch for her series and the videos that will make you want to get out and start your personal bucket list. Don’t miss a single BluntMoms post. Subscribe here:

(And don’t say I didn’t warn you)


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Magnolia Ripkin

Magnolia Ripkin

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