Things in the Universe that are Trying to Kill Me

Tara Wilson
Written by Tara Wilson

(or merely just indications of my stupidity)

Our New Minivan – with some help from my husband

This one I never saw coming. On the surface it would appear that replacing a 10 year old death trap broken van with a brand new van with actual working parts would be a gift of safety. You see Nerdguy is very crafty. He also knew I wasn’t ready for Stow ‘n Go. I can barely carry a coffee and walk at the same time. I also have no patience for instruction manuals. And a dismal ability to resist the urge to pull the tab marked ‘3’ in a sequence of 1 to 4.

Folding the rear seat down on our old van was simple – pull the lever on the seat-back and give on ‘er. Easy. Operating the stow ‘n go requires NASA-grade training and the concentration of Tibetan monks. And is not something that should ever be attempted in the parking lot of the school.

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Tara Wilson

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