Things I Have in Common with My Newborn

Written by Shawna

Things I Have in Common with my Newborn.


Neither of us have discernible belly buttons or waist lines. However, dressing the ‘H’ shape can be very simple…by not giving a hot lovin thought on if form might win over function these days. I mean, why wear a belt when 5 inches of stretchy elastic are an option?!

Our hair is luscious. I know it’s the careful concoction of pregnancy hair, dry shampoo and bed head but I am keeping point for point with this baby’s sweet locks. He was born with enough hair for all three of the kids combined. 

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Her friends know her has their nerdy girlfriend who gets day drunk at ladies' lunches. Shawna gave up her career to be a stay at home mom to three kids under four. She is online sharing the questions she is asking around simple living, simple style and simple health. Candid about marriage ish, momfails and God's grace.

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