Spaghetti Olio e Aglio

Anne Radcliffe
Written by Anne Radcliffe

I know an awful lot of people are intimidated by the kitchen. Many think preparing a good meal takes a lot of time and energy, a massive grocery shopping trip, or a lot of culinary skill and an iron-clad recipe.

Today, say hello to my little friend Spaghetti Olio e Aglio (literally, Spaghetti with Oil and Garlic)–Italian’s original fast food. It may not look like it, but it’s a rock-star in the kitchen.

Don’t bother with the drive-thru! This recipe comes together in about 10 minutes—the same amount of time that it takes to cook the spaghetti. It takes no special ingredients. It’s elegant and delicious as is, but the real beauty of this recipe is its flexibility.

Read the recipe!

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Anne Radcliffe

Anne Radcliffe

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