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Not many of us women know what goes on in the “private Dad’s Groups” that some of our husbands belong to. I mean, it’s only fair that they get groups like we do to talk about the wild shit our kids do, what kind of wine we are having this evening, or the misfortunes of our vaginas.

And let me start off by saying that not ALL men in these groups are pigs, but from what I have seen after perusing my husband’s Facebook pages, majority of them are. These groups may have started out like ours but have turned in to something VERY different.

We had a baby a year ago, and recently my husband became a SAHD. After some encouragement, he found a few “Dad Groups” on Facebook to join because I belong to the greatest Mom Group ever and love writing for and trolling sites like Sammiches and Psych Meds. After a week or so, he began making comments to me how a couple of the sites were starting to make him feel uncomfortable. The guys in the groups were constantly posting pictures of their wives. I’m not talking about Pollyanna pictures where she is sitting in an ankle-length dress drinking tea. These are pictures that ANY woman would be pissed that their husbands were sharing.

What started out as a Dad Site has turned in to a Wife Porn Site. If they are not posting risqué pictures of their wives or applauding the tit size of a fellow dad’s woman, they are complaining. The trash talking that alternates with the raunchy photos consists of what bitches their wives are, the nagging they are subjected to, their favorite porn sites so they don’t have to have sex with their wives, and their general unhappiness in their marriages. Oh, and apparently every guy thinks their wife is cheating on them.

Every now and then a decent guy will share a sentiment about his kid or post an appropriate meme for a good laugh but these are few and far between and are usually taken in a bawdy direction in the comments.

Now, we all need a safe place to vent. But what is happening here is a violation of privacy and downright crude. Perhaps there are “Secret Moms Groups” where women go to complain about their men but I guarantee you they would NEVER be anything like this. To know that my tits and/or ass could be floating around the internet and downloaded by some creeper who is MARRIED with CHILDREN does not give me the warm and fuzzies. I’d at least want to be paid royalties. Kidding! Also, if my husband took advantage of something that we share in private, we would have some serious convos about trust and respect. This whole thing leads me to one thought for these creeps: If it’s so bad, LEAVE. No one is making you stay in a relationship you are unhappy in. Also, think about how you would feel if your wife posted a pic of your gross dick on a Mom Page. And believe me, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS IMPRESSED WITH YOUR DICK. After finding out about your participation in these indecorous Dad Groups, your woman might not even think it’s great anymore either.

Fear not, good citizens. There are new Dads Groups on the rise and they have standards, m’kay? They will be places where dudes can post funny memes, get advice, and have general camaraderie over a cold beer. No one will try to sell you shit and there will be no negativity. These sites are about being a man with kids. There will be grilling, video games, drinking, fast cars, farts, and other shit dudes like. Most importantly, NO wife pictures will be posted unless they are flattering and come from a place of love. Maybe just no wife pics at all, hopefully. So, if your man needs a home, tell him to keep his eye out for these awesome groups so he too can hashtag it out and post memes during nap time. And, let’s hear it for those upright, honorable men.


Rebecca is a #millennial living outside Washington, DC with her totes adorbs baby, a naughty Puggle, and a husband who graciously puts up with her shit. When she is not rotting away in her cubicle, she is usually eating snacks, drinking wine, or wiping baby puke from her clothes. Her writing has been featured on Sammiches and Psych Meds, Sweatpants and Coffee, BluntMoms, and Kathryn Lee Photography and you can find her leading a pack of wild women in her Facebook group or the Dads Group

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