I’m Not F*$#ing Hormonal

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As women, we have all heard it: “Is it that time of the month?” “Your hormones are raging!” “Pregnancy must be so hard emotionally with all those hormones” “Watch out, she’s super hormonal right now…”

Well, I’m here to tell you, WE’RE NOT F*$#ING HORMONAL!

You assume that because I am more upset than usual, it must be hormones, or because I yell at you when I would usually just accept circumstances as they are, that I must be mid-PMS or my preggie hormones are raging. Can you guess which finger I’m pointing at you?

Of course, there are times when women’s hormones rear their ugly heads. When we watch the freaking Budweiser commercial with the puppy who makes it back home and start crying uncontrollably, that’s hormones. When I stub my toe and simply fall down into a ball of tears and suddenly want to talk about life and love and family, that my hormones. When I want to stay in bed ALL day and read books or watch movies specifically intended to make me cry…yeah, those are my hormones.

However, when we yell about things we usually simply accept, or are frustrated with circumstances that we can’t control….

We act this way because we are exhausted, physically and emotionally. Because our bodies are betraying us. Whether it be because of PMS (can you imagine how it feels to have your body cramp miserably, cause chills, and lose enough blood over a week to cause anemia?!) or Pregnancy (just think of your body being invaded by an alien who saps all your energy, causes insomnia for MONTHS, and creates immense discomfort EVERYWHERE) our outbursts aren’t hormonal, they are simply due to a decrease in patience. We are too tired and uncomfortable to put up with all the BS with a freaking smile when we haven’t slept in days and feel like our bodies are betraying us.

For example, when we come home to the kitchen we cleaned earlier in the day, to find it covered in sauce and all the dishes caked in now hardened food, empty cans lining the counters and napkins all over the floor…you all assume it’s hormones when we pitch a fit and scream at you to act like an adult and clean up after yourself. It’s not F-ing hormones! It’s exhaustion, it’s having dealt with the same crap day in and day out for weeks, zipping our lips shut and cleaning up after you hoping you would get a clue!

When my sleep dips below a certain percentage and my body feels beyond my control, I may snap at you for things I normally just put up with because I simply don’t want to fight about it.

Women are amazing beings. We are strong, we are resilient, and we keep on trucking through the worst of the worst. But every now and then, we simply can’t handle one more mess, one more night of sports TV that is always on at the same time as our favorite show, we can’t face one more thankless errand.

Give me a body that has had 8 hours of sleep for a week straight, isn’t sick or full of discomfort due to PMS or pregnancy, and I can put up with quite a bit. I can run to Walmart for shaving cream and toothpaste even though I was just there earlier in the day, I can come up with fun activities for the kids to keep them from fighting, I can clean up the kitchen for the third time in a day and chalk it up to being a good mom.

Take away my sleep and my healthy body and I may kill you if you fight one more time, if you make one more mess or spend 5 more seconds reading sports articles instead of paying attention to me!

So no, we re not HORMONAL, we are overworked, exhausted, uncomfortable human beings who have simply reached our limit of BS for that given time period. If you want to add torture to your impending doom, go ahead and call us “hormonal” and roll your eyes…enjoy the ability to do so before we rip them out for being insensitive.


(This post originally ran on Big Fit Fam)

About the author: Brandi is a mother of 5 and workout enthusiast. She spends her time cooking and attempting to keep up with housework, but generally failing. She also works part time as a bartender and blogger. You can check out her blog at bigfitfam.com.

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