The Christmas Kitten – A Book Fair Menace

Tara Wilson
Written by Tara Wilson

It’s book fair time.  Dangerous territory at the best of times.  Sure, reading is great…GO BOOK LEARNIN’ and all that…yada yada.  But let’s be real…that’s not why the kids really go is it?  It’s the erasers the size of my head, pencil sharpeners in the shape of hippos, and posters laced with cats that really draw them down the locker-lined hallways and into the library.  My kids love books too, but the book was definitely the afterthought in the presence of the almighty trinket.  Like the vegetables that I drag out of the freezer at the last minute to make my dinner look a bit more like a meal than something you would eat at a ball game.

This year I was happy to hear from Molly and Grace that the books were the star attractions for them.  I wasn’t sure what Maggie was going to choose, if anything.  So I agreed to take them after school yesterday to make their purchases.  I was clear that they needed to use their allowance to buy what they wanted though since we’ve got Christmas and birthday season on the horizon.  There may have been some muttering about not being made of money and how you can’t get blood from a stone in there as well.

Save yourselves from the book fair menace over at Don’t Lick the Deck

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Tara Wilson

Tara Wilson

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