Why You Should Buy Your Man a Bud This Valentine’s Day

Smiling couple embracing while having a drink together against cute valentines message


I know ladies, it is usually the guys who wake up February 13 or even 14 with the sudden ball dropping realization that they have not given a single brain cell to the thought of the upcoming holiday for lovers. This often leads to hastily purchased plastic roses and stale chocolates from the gas station.

We hear you, sister.

Now for you dudes… I imagine that last bit of information is making you a little crusty and the struggle is real. You swore she looked happy over last year’s gift, but inside you knew the truth. We understand sweet guy, you were just trying to make up for the year you bought an iron and a frying pan. You got busted for that didn’t cha? We know you struggle too. If she buys you another pair of socks and a nose hair trimmer you are going to run them over in the driveway right?

We are here to help! This public service announcement will save the day for all you lovers out there.

Buy a case of Budweiser. (The gift with a message)

Now hear us out…If you want some context for the idea, watch the Budweiser Superbowl Commercial … go ahead.. we will wait.

You want to make a statement with your gift of love? Give the gift of brew with a slightly risque message in a card. Done.

Any wife or girlfriend who marched in protest recently will appreciate how clever you are. Maybe she will love your activist side long time that night…it could happen.

Ladies, you too can buy your lovers a case of Budweiser. They will either get the devastatingly clever message, or not. Either way, they will be happy… because beer.

Now the call to action – let’s make Budweiser the biggest beer seller on February 14th. Buy that shit for everybody and let Budweiser know their message was heard.



(In case you’re wondering, we didn’t get paid to write this post. Budweiser did something good, this is our way of saying thank you.)