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Once upon a time I was asked to put butter in my coffee and the situation felt very Carly Rae Jepsen: “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but put some butter, in your coffee maybe.” I’m the girl who will try anything once so I did. Unlike that time I went bullriding in a seedy bar on a random Wednesday night it turned out pretty awesome.

These days, I’m ALL about the butter. In fact I wrote a little jingle about it (Bulletproof, call me!)

“I’m all about the butter, ‘bout the butter, no sugar” SING IT WITH ME. Move over, Meghan Trainor, I got this. In fact I feel like I got everything because Bulletproof Coffee is low toxin, high performance & full of healthy fats to fuel me. FAT? Yes, fat. Fat is not a four-letter word. I checked. It’s just three, so we are all good – no censor bleep required. It’s also a way better energy source than sugar because you don’t crash like a freshman studying for midterms.

The fat doesn’t all come from butter though. The fats also come from Brain Octane Oil, or BOO for short. Now nothing comes between me and my BOO. BOO and I are together for life. Why? BOO has 16x the healthy fats of coconut oil and it improves your health and wellbeing with every use. BOO and I just keep getting better and better together. It’s a match made in heaven.

BOO is also tasteless – but in a good way. It’s not tasteless in a tear-away track pants way or a tramp stamp over low rise jeans way or even those velour sweatpants with the word JUICY over your bum kind of way. It’s tasteless in that in blends seamlessly into any situation – smoothy, salad, whatever it BLENDS. I wish I had BOO’s social skills. I do not BLEND like that. You can also feel BOO right away – it like ANNOUNCES itself. It doesn’t lurk and hang around awkwardly taking it’s sweet time. It marches right up and says HELLLOOO TIRED LADY I AM HERE TO SAVE THE DAY.

But what about the low-toxin part? Well, low-quality beans from THE OTHER GUYS can actually contain mould. Gross. I don’t like to drink mould, it’s a rule, and it has served me well thus far. If Bulletproof Coffee can keep me from drinking mould then I’m definitely in. Also, Bulletproof’s Upgraded Coffee beans are certified clean. I read that and thought, what does that even mean? Well, you know when your mom would check to make sure you REALLY cleaned your room? Bulletproof checks too and your coffee is fine, you can go play with your friends with all this clean, sustainable energy.

The Bulletproof Coffee recipe only has like three things in it so I won’t forget and leave something behind at the store like the Ikea monkey.

  1. Upgraded coffee beans
  2. Unsalted, grass-fed butter
  3. Brain Octane Oil (my BOO!)

I really can’t underscore the unsalted part enough, friends. I might be a salty b*tch but my coffee just can’t be. Friends don’t let friends drink salty coffee. BLECH. * shudder * The other thing you can use instead of butter from your grocery store, is grass-fed ghee. Oh em ghee is it good. I bet they have never heard that one before, I should totally tweet that (ok, they have DEFINITELY heard that before and I won’t bother tweeting that.)

Good drinks (and good men) can be hard to find but not so for the ingredients for my Bulletproof Coffee recipe. You will be happy to know that you can find a broad range of Bulletproof 360 products online or in stores. It’s kind of like a good date – you can go out and get it or you can stay in and get it – either way, you’re going to have a great time (and maybe get to see a romantic comedy!)

Just like my favourite romantic comedy, at the end of the day, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a BLUNTmoms fan, asking you to try Bulletproof Coffee. I hope you do!



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