Then She Slept With Her Best Friend’s Husband

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Their life was pretty fucking sweet. Four adorable kids, a lovely home, nice cars and holidays, lots of friends, financial stability and, best of all, laughter. They were a seemingly happy couple, and lucky enough to have both sets of parents living nearby. So despite having four kids, they managed to get out for lots of dinners and weekends away.

Kate and Tony met in their teens and had been together ever since. They were the kind of couple that still held hands, poked fun at each other comfortably, and had tons in common. They were both into the theatre and baseball games. They loved their home and spent tons of time together keeping it in pristine condition. They really were a cute couple and their relationship made me think that perhaps marrying your high school sweetheart wasn’t such a bad idea, after all.

And then, Kate fucked her best friend’s husband. In fact, she and he hooked up on several occasions until Tony found them together when he came home, unexpectedly, for lunch one day. Her best friend’s husband has always been a player. Everybody knows it, too. 

And now, Kate and Tony’s four adorable kids are wondering why Daddy has moved out and why they can’t hang out over at their best friends’ house anymore. Kate hasn’t told them that it’s because she and their best friends’ daddy made some choices that will affect all of them for the rest of their lives.

The kids have no idea why their parents are not together right now. They know only that their mom and dad are taking a break.

And, for the first time in his life, Tony is depressed. Not only has he lost his marriage, he has also lost his high paying job and is struggling to find a new one. He has moved into an apartment, and is completely down and out.

My husband and I had no idea what was going on in their life. We’d called a few times but hadn’t heard back from either of them. It took Tony months to build up the strength to call us back and when he did, he could hardly hold it together on the phone. Apparently Kate hasn’t even said sorry but instead has remained cold saying merely that the marriage had been “over for a while.”

Kate is my friend, though I haven’t seen her in year. I can’t help but wonder how she and Tony got to the place they are now in such a short period of time. What events brought them down this path?

Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting Kate for a lunch. She’s going to “fill me in” on everything that has been going on.  And I am going to listen and do my best to understand. It’s not my place to judge and I’ll try really hard not to because I am her friend but I cannot help but wonder, what the hell was she thinking?! I guess, I’ll find out tomorrow…

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    • Well… She made some excuses about him being away all the time for work and kept saying: “you only live once.” Sounds like the “other man” would like to attempt a future with her if his ex doesn’t kill them both first. Tony (fake name) on the other hand, is a broken man. Back at work but still down and out. They have yet to divide their assets and make it official. Not a nice situation at all and I cannot help but feel like she’s in denial about the weight of her choices.

      • She absolutely is. My soon to be ex did exactly this. High school sweetheart and 20 years together. I kicked him out and filed for divorce, and a year later he calls me up crying all of the time that he hates himself and he ruined all of our lives. I feel so bad for her husband and kids. She will regret it.

  • Microwave running on overtime, making popcorn so I can sit back and enjoy the comments once the follow up story airs! 😉