7 Horrible Things I Would Rather Experience Than My Back Pain

Woman with back pain holding her aching parts - retro style

I injured my lower back. Bad. I wish I could say I hurt myself doing something awesome, like my husband and I trying out a new, erotic sex position, but sadly my story involves a big, heavy piece of furniture and a misguided notion that I could move it all by myself (sometimes I take the title of “Super Mom” a bit too literally).

I have never felt a pain so excruciatingly intense – and I have experienced childbirth and had my gallbladder ripped out through my bellybutton. So, while I uncomfortably sit here, shifting back and forth in a desperate attempt to find a remotely bearable position, I’ve come up with a list of things I would rather do than suffer the horror of lower back pain:

My heart and prayers go out to all of you who suffer from chronic back pain because this mama doesn’t have time for this crap. Now excuse me while I go pop a Flexeril and soak my soreness in some lavender laced Epsom salts.


About the author: Erin Gunti chose to become a writer and mother even though she is allergic to coffee. Thank God she is not allergic to wine. You can find her on Twitter attempting to be witty but mostly begging people to publish her.